Germany Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report June 2014

JUL 17 2014 BY MARK KANE 32

BMW i3

BMW i3 – best selling plug-in car in Germany

Sales of plug-in cars fell a little bit in Germany last month, but still June was one of the best months to date. 810 fully electric cars and 317 plug-in hybrids were registered. 0.3% market share is now the ceiling for EVs in Germany, as only once registrations hit 0.4%.

We could assume that BMW i3 is leading the market in June with 211 registrations (including 94 non-REx) and Volkswagen e-up! is second.  BMW also sold 23 i8s during June, for a YTD total of 55.

However, without the revealed split between e-up! and e-Golf (all we know as of now is that there were 231 VW all-electric registrations), we can’t be sure of where e-up! places. Most are e-up!s but probably not enough to overtake i3.

Third best will be smart ED – 140 registered in June. Only Renault ZOE (122) and Tesla Model S (102) were able to exceed 100 registrations that month.

Nissan LEAF remains relatively strong with 80 registrations (above average this year), and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV after a peak of 293 in May now fell to just 77 (perhaps waiting for another shipment as fulfillment has been sketchy due to demand).  Volvo sold 44 V60 Plug-ins.

In the first half, 4,188 EVs were registered in Germany and 1,575 plug-in hybrids. BMW is leading the market again with 1,378 registrations YTD, while VW is second (1,115 EVs) and smart third (645). Those three German brands have 3,138 registrations out of 5,763 total which is well over 50% share.

Tesla… where is Tesla… Tesla Model S with 446 registrations is just behind Renault ZOE (513) and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (490) in YTD standings, but ahead of 380 Nissan LEAFs.

Plug-in registrations in Germany – June 2014

Plug-in registrations in Germany – June 2014

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Not buying an EV or hybrid has Negative Consequences for Europe. Exxon to spend 1 Billion Dollars upgrading a refinery in Belgium to process Canadian TAR SANDS.

You’re getting royally screwed.

Its getting slowly better. Interestingly more 100% electric ZOEs than BMW i3. Was it all just a hype ? Hey in GERMANY just so few i3 ?? Unbelievable.

Well… 3 big differences. The i3 is avaliable with a REx which makes it a better car. The Zoe is not and they would have a big chunk of those pure EV’s as PHEV’s/EREV’s is they would.

Second difference is that the they still outperform the ZOE 3 to to 1 in Germany and of course also in global sales.

And the third is that the i3 is still fairly new on the market. They ZOE has been around for quite a while and yet they barely sell any outside France.

The big question is rather, why so few ZOE’s?

BMW i3 sales are far behind Zoe sales in their home countries -> i3 is a flop in Germany and BMW loses massive money by producing it in Germany and not where they will sale the most, USA.

Actually, BMW is delaying German and other European orders to produce more supply for the US. It’s not a problem with demand but supply at the moment.

I agree. Furthermore there are no incentives for private customers. Other countries that offer subsidies are served first for these won’t be granted forever.
There is currently still a 6 month delivery time and litteraly no stock of the car in Germany.

Yea, we get it, you like the Zoe a lot.

Ouch. Tesla has flopped hard in Germany.

Musk promised Germany sales at a 10,000 yearly rate Not even close.

Even slashing the price on the Model S hasn’t helped.

“Even slashing the price of the Model S hasn’t helped.” — cherylG

Perhaps it’s time for Musk to start advertising the Model S. Most businesses have about a 6 per cent annual advertising budget.

Germany has a well deserved reputation for manufacturing quality luxury automobiles. The idea that an upstart like Tesla would come in and make serious inroads into the German luxury car market is going to be strenuously resisted.

Japan is “ditto” They are quite proud of themselves just like the Germans. I wouldn’t expect big sales of Model S in either country.

Wait another 6 months. It takes time. People haven’t understood yet.

Wait, wait, wait. Nope. People also claimed Germans are waiting for domestic brand EVs….and BMW, Smart and VW together can’t even get close to 1000 sales per month….which is absolute nothing on the German market.

I confess to utter confusion on this point. Germany has a strong cohort of Greens, much stronger than in the US. It also has a leading renewable energy sector with tons of solar power installed, as well as wind.

I’m not terribly surprised they don’t take Tesla too seriously, nor am I surprised they have little sympathy for French cars like the Zoe, but still, these numbers are pathetic for a country the size, income level, and green creds of Germany.

Insight from any German readers would be much appreciated.

Here’s some info from Germany. There are many reasons why the EVs are slow seller. The primary reason is that in Germany there are no financial incentives. So EVs are very expensive. Heres an example. The e-up! starts at ~27k EURO, the up! with ICE at ~10k. Same for e-Golf: 18k ICE vs. 35k EV. Then the Diesel-Faction is very strong. About 48% of new cars have a Diesel-ICE. There is lot of prejudice about EVs in public media. (range, slow charging, costs…) Small and mid-size SUVs are best selling. Second are station wagons. The lack of awd and a tow-bar is for (most) germans not acceptable. Maybe the Model X sells better here. And, of course, EVs are “slow” compared to ICEs on the Autobahn! There are a lot of Discussions like “… but i can’t drive 250km/h (~155mph) with an EV! I need this!” (no kidding…). Although you can’t drive that fast on 90% of the highways due to high traffic. Another reason is that new cars are bougth as business-cars (e.g. BMW 5 series over 90%!) or from individuals over 50. Those aren’t early adopters. Renault sells its EVs only with battery-lease. For normal milage it starts… Read more »

Good post.

Electricity can be even more than that… 50 cents a kwh in berlin. Thanks to green energy policies which still are not as good as french nuclear.

“Alonso Perez
nor am I surprised they have little sympathy for French cars like the Zoe!”

not a surprise for me because the renault zoe is just the second best EV car in the world behind the TESLA S.
the Renault zoe is better than the NISSAN LEAF!!!!!!!

but nobody wants the ZOE because its french ! everytime the old cliches the french car are cheap and nothing.

since the seventies with the rotten Renault le CAR in usa french car have made enormous progresses.

the Renault zoe is a great car….the Peugeot 308 car of the year is as good as the VW golf

its time to change your point of views about french cars !thanks!

I wonder why people are picking so hard on the German market. The German all electric sales are at about 0,4% of the market. It’s the same as for the US.

The big difference is that they are not selling almost any PHEV’s. Which will be very different later this year and early next year when the Golf GTE, Audi A3 e-tron and VW Passat plug-in have started deliveries.

In 6 months the German EV market will be ahead of the US EV market.

“In 6 months the German EV market will be ahead of the US EV market.”

I wouldn’t sign that. Yes, there are some interesting EVs coming soon (Kia Soul EV, MB B-Class ED and of course the e-Golf that wasn’t sold to private customers in the first half of this year). But i don’t expect sales rising much. First the price has to fall and range has to grow. AND of course the german car-market is very different to others. Thats because of the privileges for business-cars.
Private customers buy used cars.

Well… It’s way to early to tell in Germany. The superchargers that today barely let you get around half the country with some good planning have just been up for like a month.
And even with a few chargers added the two largest cities (Berling and Hamburg) can still not be reached.
In a few months the numbers connected to those chargers should be out and a decent increase should be seen.

And the EV market in Germany has been very small. Tesla has had it’s fair share of that small market (8%). It is increasing though and Tesla will be part of that increase.

10 000 a year is just silly though. Selling at the same percentage of total car market in the US would mean like 60 000 Teslas per year there.
Selling 3 000 Teslas in Germany in 2015 would be more realistic.

Mikael —

Good comment. I think your number of 3000 Model S sales for 2015 year in Germany is much closer to reality than 10.000.

Yes, electric technology is mostly unknown just about anywhere and everywhere you go, even in highly industrialized and educated countries.

When you say “It’s too early to tell in Germany…”

To that I must simply say that EVs represent a huge paridigm shift and are disruptive technology that

They were aiming for around the same sales as in the US for Europe and China, ie 20,000 for each market.

I don’t know how many were supposed to come from Germany of those but they are sure going to miss their target by a long way, and in China too.

We can be sure that had they hit their target it would have been trumpeted, so it seems reasonable to take due note of their missing it, early days or not.

Musk said 10,000 a year in Germany alone.

Germans are not known to be fanbois. Germans are pragmatic. When they realize all of the features that a Model S lacks compared to equivalent priced German sedans, they must just laugh and walk away.

Model S sales in Germany are absolutely dismal.

The only thing that tells is is that Elon has bad days too, just like any other humans. The 10 000 in Germany by 2015 is just so unrealistic that anyone in their right mind could understand that he got something wrong there.

Two things there… the aim of 1/3 in each market also came with the 35-40k total production. Which would mean 12-13k per market.

The US market will be a couple of thousand above that, the European market a couple of thousand below that and the Chinese market is doing good but was introduced way to late in the year to get those numbers.
As usual Musk is too optimistic about the time frame.

The production will probably be limited to 50-60k next year (which is a great expansion in reality year to year).
Then it will be closer to 1/3 each.. or my estimate is 25k in the US, about 15-17k Europe and about the same in China.

If Tesla miss big time in China too they are in real trouble, I would have thought. Everything including the second coming, whose name is Elon, is built into the stock price. I don’t know enough about stocks and shares to tell what effect a very large fall in share price would have on the company, but it seems safe to assume it wouldn’t be good, and new models presumably might be delayed and the Gigafactory shrink to more the dimensions Panasonic seems to envisage than that Musk bruited. In spite of my resistance to many people’s here attempts to write fuel cells off, that in no way indicates that I do not support Tesla and other battery car makers. I admit that although I hoped that they would make it, I was very surprised when they actually managed to produce the Roadster, let alone the S, as the last century of car manufacturing has made grim reading for those researching car start ups, let alone with technology as revolutionary as that. Long may Tesla continue to surprise and confound its critics, including me, but in my view the house odds are still heavily against, or at least turbulent times… Read more »

Well,they will be selling at least 15k in the US, 10k in Europe and 5k in China this year. Which is as many as they can produce.

The second production line plus the lesser battery constraints which are both supposed to happen sometime this summer will change that.
But then the Model X comes into the picture too which they have a load of orders on.
Which mean that next year will be a success even with little improvements in Model S sales. Which mean that they are pretty much set for 50-60k sales next year and a lot of money to expand and build the super charger networks that will lead to even more sales.

Things can always change but right now there is nothing even close on the horizon that would stop Tesla. Some smaller things might slow them down a bit, but the odds are for them. I would not recomend you to take a bet on Tesla not being around and not being bigger than today 5 years from now :).

Perhaps part of the problem for Tesla is the Megalomaniac proposition that “We are so good that we can’t be bothered with advertising.”

I never heard of a car company with just one model. What happens if that model doesn’t sell well or doesn’t ring a bell with consumers.

Then it’s game over.

Wall Street wisdom (if there is such a thing) suggests that the best investment strategy is to diversify your stock portfolio.

Tesla needs to bring on some other vehicles. Instead of putting all their eggs in one basket (the Model S)

Their advertising strategy has been to promote Musk, and that has been effective so far.
They have advertising and media presence, they just don’t have to pay for it.
Which is all fine as long as the sun keeps shining, but they will be taken apart just as thoroughly be the media as soon as things slip.

But Musk does not speak German, so the effect is lost in translation, as it were.

Now that LHD is available, the UK will serve as a benchmark for that theory.

One thing americans often forget is that cost is equal to drive a small diesel compared to a small EV (only fuel compared!).

Basic Calculation:
22 kwH/100km *0.3€/kwH = 6.6€/100km
5 l/100km *1.35 €/l = 6.75€/100km

15.000 km/year –> EV is 22.5 € cheaper by Fuel/year

Optimistic price for energy: 0.22€/kwH
–> EV is 275,- € cheaper per Year (fuel only)

Optimitic energy, very pesimitic diesel: 1.5€/l
–> EV is 400€ cheaper by fuel/Year

Sure EVs have
-less roadtax, so you save around 1500 € in 10 Years.
– less maintenance (~150 Year instead of 350), makes 2000 € in 10 Years.

But if you compare Prices you see that you will never get :
Zoe to Clio
Zoe 21.700,- (+60€/Month for Battery)
Clio (66kW Diesel) 17.000,-
Difference of 4.700 (To much, because in best cenario: after 13.8 Years the EV cost less)

Leaf (with Battery) vs. VW Golf BlueMotion
Leaf 29.700,-
VW Golf 22.200,-
Difference of 7.500€, also too much. After 18.7 years of ownership the EV gets cheaper.

And you have higher range and faster refueling with the diesel. I think thats the reason why so less people buy a EV in germany. I love EVs but their base price is still to high. Im waiting for Gen III and rising gas/diesel prices 😉


“Alonso Perez
nor am I surprised they have little sympathy for French cars like the Zoe!”

not a surprise for me because the renault zoe is just the second best EV car in the world behind the TESLA S.
the Renault zoe is better than the NISSAN LEAF!!!!!!!

but nobody wants the ZOE because its french ! everytime the old cliches the french car are cheap and nothing.

since the seventies with the rotten Renault le CAR in usa french car have made enormous progresses.

the Renault zoe is a great car….the Peugeot 308 car of the year is as good as the VW golf

its time to change your point of views about french cars !thanks!

@ Jessica

The Zoe I think is unpopular not because it is French, but because the obstinate, intractable French refuse to realize that battery leasing is NOT the way to go.