Germany Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up In March But Only 11%

APR 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Germany continued its growth in the plug-in electric car segment, which last month resulted in 11% more registrations when compared to March 2015 – perhaps indicating a slight lull in anticipation of a pending national EV incentive program.

In total, 2,394 plug-ins were registered (1,104 pure electric and 1,290 plug-in hybrids).

The drawback of the most recent EV sales report from Germany is lagging BEV sales (-14%), so all the growth for March comes via plug-in hybrids, which were up 46%.  For March, plug-in market share reached 0.74%.

With Wednesday’s announcement of a new German EV incentive program that gives a 4000€ ($4,500 USD) rebate on an all-electric vehicle purchase, and a 3000€ rebate of PHEVs, sales are soon to soar much higher.  A slight hiccup may come in the form of the fact that the program doesn’t kick off until mid-May, meaning a ~3 week abyss of plug-in sales has now likely opened.

Three all-electric cars took over the BEV market in March – the Nissan LEAF lead at 293 units, the Tesla Model S set a new sales record of 267 sedans, which was just ahead of the 266 ZOEs moved by Renault.

BMW i3 stands at 211 (including 154 REx).

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – March 2016

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – March 2016

Plug-in registrations:

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – March 2016

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – March 2016

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10 Comments on "Germany Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up In March But Only 11%"

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Good news, but they have excluded vehicles with prices above $60,000 only to eliminate Tesla. Very sad.

They should appreciate the car that can go 300 miles on domestically produced electricity and should have included the rebate for this car as well.

Well, it’s not just the Teslas, also the BMW i8 and the Porsche PHEV don’t qualify. But I agree, it’s strange to say that a car for 59.999€ is not a luxury car.

Someone who buys a car for 60k and above won’t really care about those 4-5%. A lot of people in Germany say that a subsidy for EVs is a subsidy for the rich because even with those 4k off they are still a lot more expensive even if you take into account energy prices.

I myself don’t like the idea of those incentives because some bad PHEVs still get the 3k and the manufacturers have enough money themselves.

Instead of the incentives the german government should stop prefering diesel by putting less taxes on diesel fuel, get a better cycle than the NEDC (and also have better inspections) and install a more strict CO2 limit for cars.

Off topic … I am surprised you have not picked this up yet. I can’t see anywhere a contact by email, just to send you a topic for article ….

Anyway, our great government of Ontario always finds a way to piss people off. So they have done, and tey will wonder why people hate EV subsidies n general ….

Check the About-Page from the blue bar at the top 😉

Mxs said, “I am surprised you have not picked this up yet”?

Really? It is the absolute worst kind of story, one of misdirection and false conclusions.

The story basically is framed as “Ontario subsidizing million dollar Porsche Spyders”, but once you read it, you find out that it is was 5 Spyder 918s were subsidized for ~$5,500 a piece in Ontario, via a loop-hole on an older EV incentive program that has already been addressed and closed. Add to that it doesn’t mention that the Spyder 918 is now not available for sale.

The story is basically a sensationalistic news piece done by the CBC – fed by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, with an alternative agenda embed inside.

At the bottom of “news” portion of the story, Christine Van Geyn, Ontario director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation concludes that “The whole program should really be scrapped, We don’t need to incentivize people to be buying these cars (electric vehicles). It just doesn’t make any policy sense.”

…so given that IEV is a site dedicated to EV adoption, I think it is pretty obvious why we didn’t want to give this story the time of day

@ Jay:

I would add that the cars/owners listed account for less than 2% of the ≈$39 million referred to in the article.

A fine way to get a perfectly useful program killed by stirring up opposition with cherry-picked data.

What’s cherry picked about it, when a rich guy he’s incentive to buy a super car?? Can you pls explain that to me?

What’s preventing the dumb governments to get it right?

This is where you in my view consistently fail to to be objective. You are going the EV way at all costs, like the stupid Ontario government who keeps making the mistake by subsidizing anything EV to te extent of hand outs to people who can afford really expensive cars ….

I am certainly not advocating for scrapping the whole program, but you honestly believe that anyone who has 50k plus for a car should get an incentive???

Please tell me you don’t, before I start to think you are part of some sort of establishment, word so popular nowadays. Because that would really an EV adoption at all costs.


I can tell you are very passionate about this. Not running this story is not a reflection of our opinion on the specifics of the program one way or the other.

It isn’t being run primarily (99%) because it is about just 5 specific cars.

InsideEVs has a readership close to ~2 million/month, so a fringe story on five EVs, with incentives worth 27k, given by a regional incentive program (not national), that has already been solved (and thus has no future bearing), with a very strong/over-the-top anti-EV twist at the end…it just doesn’t play to the audience.

To be brutally honest, we get dog-piled everyday by small, niche stories like this everyday, as well as mountains of PR releases from all over the world.

Most days it takes a good 3-4 hours to go through it all (easily 50-100 emails a day); and even if we don’t run those stories, we always take the time to at acknowledge the sender and thank him/her for sending the story in…because not only is it the right thing to do, you never know what they might find next that could be really swell, (=