Germany Maintains Nearly 1.9% Market Share For Plug-Ins In October

NOV 15 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – October 2017

Germany continues its outstanding run of plug-in electric car sales growth in October, achieving its second best result ever, right on the heels of September’s record.

smart fortwo electric drive

In total, 5,065 new passenger plug-in vehicle registrations were logged, good for a 1.86% share of the overall automotive market.

October’s plug-in growth rate of 94% year-over-year is also tremendous, especially compared to the 3.9% gain for the wider segment.

Sales breakdown:

  • BEVs: 2,180up 87%
  • PHEVs: 2,885 up 99%

So far this year, 41,914 new passenger plug-in vehicles have been registered in Germany, good for an average market share of 1.46%or one of every 68 sales came with a plug.

The three most popular plug-in registrations for October were:

  1. smart fortwo electric drive – 398
  2. Volkswagen e-Golf – 389
  3. Kia Soul EV – 380  (which we assume as we are nearing the year end, will now be shipped as “used” to Norway after picking up emission credits for the EU in Germany)

Of interest:  Tesla delivered 112 Model S and 49 Model X, Opel delivered 23 Ampera-e, while Kia registered its first plug-in Niro.

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – October 2017

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – October 2017

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10 Comments on "Germany Maintains Nearly 1.9% Market Share For Plug-Ins In October"

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And, intriguingly, another 27 pure electric cars from Porsche. Mission E testing is heating up.

Audi has 10 new prototypes on the road.

Look who’s behind, even in Diesel: FCA (Fiat) sold 111 Euro5 cars…

That’s an awfully fractured market. No single model even has 10% market share of EVs?

I think the new Leaf will fix that.

And that’s how it should be. Although I suspect dav8or is right about the new leaf

2% already! Hopefully nissan, bmw, tesla and others help it bust through 3% and go straight for 5% next year.

Amen to that my friend.

The article does not mention the 898 Streetscooter parcel delivery van registrations from October (which are registered as trucks, thus not to be found with the cars and vans, but with the trucks towards the end of the 35+ page statistics pdf).
In October, DHL became the 10th largest truck manufacturer in Germany with a market share of 3.2 % in the truck segment (consisting of ICE and BEV) (and >98% in BEV trucks).
How much further do they have to grow until they are properly recognized in the monthly overview? DHL only makes BEVs, the only manufacturer aside Tesla that never ventured into ICE making business and has established series production of >3000 vehicles so far (outside China maybe).

Also, I forgot to mention, DHL = Deutsche Post, a parcel delivery service who started vehicle production after noone would built them a BEV delivery truck when they asked for 36000 units…

Thank you for mentioning this regularly. While these kinds of vehicles are in the statistic of every other country (they are smaller than most vans)these are excluded here. Maybe Mark can include these in future statistics? They are quite a regular sight here in Germany and run 100% without an ICE.