Citroën Teams With TOTAL Germany, The New Motion and e8energy to Install 3 CHAdeMO Chargers In Berlin

MAR 21 2014 BY MARK KANE 9

Citroen C-Zero Also Effected By Recall

Citroen C-Zero

Germany has over 50 CHAdeMO DC quick charging stations, but three more will soon be added at Total filling stations in Berin.

The first is already installed thanks to cooperation between Citroën, TOTAL Germany, The New Motion and e8energy.

The French manufacturer and CHAdeMO supporter intends to use this stations for its fleet of 350 Citroën C-Zero in Citroën Multicity Carsharing Berlin.

But these stations will also be available for public use via The New Motion and e8energy charging network, which has over 11,000 charging points (mostly AC) in Europe.

The installed DC charger has just 20 kW of power, but it’s enough to fill a C-Zero to 85% in 40 minutes. The units also features a AC Type 2 connector with 3-phase 22 kW.

“The charging points are located at three different Total stations. The first is in Berlin-Mitte (Holzmarktstraße 36-42), the other two will be in Friedrichshain (Margarete-Sommer-Straße 2) and Prenzlauer Berg (Storkower Straße 174).”

Source: e8energy via Green Car Congress

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20kW? That’s, rather rubbish. I’d be expecting to get the average amount of 50kW in 20 or so minutes. What would have ever reduced their power?

It is nice that it also has an AC connector. Too bad the charging rates aren’t higher.

I thought the Europeans were phasing out CHAdeMO?

That are only dry dreams of Germany’s car makers.

On paper, yes. In reality? Not yet. Who knows what might happen.

For a city car it’s not bad. Can’t they always bump ’em up later? Anyway I think it’s another baby step towards what will eventually become the triumph of electric transportation.
Also plugging it in at a traditional filling station has some psychological important and impact. To philosophize: sometimes the seeming is more important than the real.
To illustrate this point consider the impact of both ev, and ice, drivers filling up their vehicles at the same location. Encounters might occur, words exchanged, shots fired, well hopefully not. People, who love paying less for things, will be amazed when they compare how much they are paying to fill up, and it will be in their face every time they get gas at those stations. Also it tends to lend an air of legitimacy to e.v.’s drawing them more into the mainstream landscape, that we, as habitual creatures, become accustomed to.

nice metal kidney lol

Simple Question:

Why ist NEVER a roof over the EV-charging Point, but ALWAYS at Gas Stations ?

All the German car-makers have backed SAE-CCS. This will not end well.