Germany Will Reach 1 Million Plug-In Cars Two Years Later Than Expected

SEP 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 35

There will be a million plug-in electric cars in Germany, but when?

The German government was once hoping for million plug-in electric cars on the roads by year 2020, but a slow start in the early years of EV revolution makes that impossible now.

According to latest reports by the German National Platform for Electric Mobility, two more years will be needed to reach the target in 2022.

There were some 131,000 plug-in cars registered in Germany, as of the end of 2017.

Our sales stats show that between 2013 and August 31, 2018, some 169,000 plug-in cars were sold, including over 54,000 in 2017 and over 45,000 so far this year. In 2018, we expect at least 70,000, maybe 80,000 sales in Germany.

Part of the promotional actions in e-mobility in Germany are subsidies and support for the charging infrastructure (plan for 100,000 points).

“Sales were helped by the launch of a German subsidy scheme in 2016 worth about 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion), partly financed by the German car industry, to boost electric car usage.

However, many consumers have been discouraged by the cost of the cars, their limited driving ranges and the lack of charging points.

Germanyโ€™s coalition government plans to ease the tax burden on drivers of electric vehicles, provide at least an additional 100,000 charge points across the country and subsidize car-sharing to push a shift to greener transport.”

Source: Reuters

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Perhaps if VW had released their new BEVs sooner than they did… or rather, had released them at all.

What do you mean “they did”? Their cars are still in “i have a dream” stage!

Still waiting to pre-order my Audi A1 e-tron (presented in Geneva in March 2010).

Majority of european,particularly German drivers like aggressive,fast driving…evs are just not good enough yet for this purpose,and driving philosophy….

I’ve smoked Porsches, Audis, and BMWs in my Tesla. If German’s aren’t satisfied with EV performance, it must be that they like slow cars that lose races. Perhaps Tesla should advertise “chill” mode and the ability to lower the maximum speed more – it could make the car perform more like the garbage that Germans are used to.

Sorry, You may will just Need 3 seconds to 60 mph but of you Go from Hamburg to munich with your Tesla even my wife with her VW Polo will beat you

As your Bolo spews out pollutants that slowly poisoning you, your family, and your country just so you can save 10 minutes.

how sustainably produced is the 100000 โ‚ฌ car??? CO2 production in the production of a 100 kWh battery is approx. 20 tons. Please do not tell me about sustainability! you may like to be a Tesla fan but do not try to twist the facts. a car of this type can not be environmentally friendly. Moving 2.5 tons of material costs far too much energy to move it. this is a luxury vehicle and not an environmentalist!

CO2…that’s all you got?!
Troll are getting dumber by the minute…

to call me a Troll is all you got? no, serious …no argument but to attack the opposite dubious? What else do you want? CO2 is not everything I have but it does make my point clear.

How much CO2 are you producing in your life? What are you going to do about it?

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Pollutants. As in the stuff that causes respiratory diseases and kills people.

Are you just bitching because of the falling resale value of your particulate pump? -18.8% drop in the German new diesel market in 2018H1. To think there were analysts forecasting a recovery. Diesel market share hasn’t been this low since 2000 (we can exclude 2009 since manufacturers couldn’t meet newer emissions standards yet and hadn’t yet gone into full murderous-cheat mode).

Nobody seems to know for sure how much energy battery production really takes. Virtually all attempts at lifetime analysis I’ve seen agree though that EVs have a positive CO2 balance, especially with a reasonably clean grid.

(Germany is not very good on this score, but still a very clear win.)

This is not about facts, it’s about what people want to believe. These aholes with their diesel cars cold do us all a favor and reroute their exhaust through the car cabin…for filtration purposes.

He is talking about fast driving, not fast acceleration. I do see a few Teslas on the Autobahn from time to time, mostly on the right lane, because if you floor it, it will be empty in 30 minutes and limit your speed. But you can basically drive fast for sustained periods with a cheap ICE at high speeds. It just takes longer to reach top speed (possibly lower than Teslas).

Not everyone drives fast on the Autobahn though. The ones that do stand out because they blow past everyone else so a lot of people see them. I bet their numbers are a bit exaggerated.

I lost a friend when she was only 19 to this kind of driving on the Autobahn. Maybe the Germans in charge of the road system should stop killing each other and visitors to their country by putting safety first.

Many countries have weird fetishes that no one else understands. My German friends can’t fathom why anyone would want everyone to be allowed to own guns. But then most of them can’t fathom why they shouldn’t be allowed to drive as fast as they want. Neither makes sense, but both are fun and well established, so in the meantime the status quo remains and people die. A German would argue that the Autobahns are still quite safe on the whole. An American could counter with the point that at least guns aren’t a major contributor to climate change… Both should probably change their ways, IMHO.

Difference is countries with limits on gun ownership have less deaths, but Autobahn deaths are on par with Highway deaths in other countries.

Germany is not the country with the best record regarding deaths related with cars, but it’s among the best.
Per example in the US, deaths per vehicle is about twice, and even per mile driven is considerably higher too.
I think German drivers are very conscious ones.
(source wikipedia – years around 2015)

Renewable sourced electricity reached 40% in Germany during first half of 2018, in the US was 20%. Germany burns a lot more coal though. Both countries are growing renewables at a good rate but giving they are both very wealthy countries they could be doing a lot better.

I don’t know if I agree with this. Some certainly do, as some do here in the states. I certainly feel like I’ve dealt with more aggressive drivers in California, especially LA (SF is pretty bad too), than I have ever encountered in Germany or the UK. Maybe it’s all relative?

Is there an official mechanism to report typos on IEVs?
Germany’s efforts to encourage more EVs may have been ineffective so far, but we can’t accuse them of having resorted to “hopping”…


They need to sell 830K more EVs… that requires them jumping from ~2% of the market to 10% of the market. Model 3 beginning Europe deliveries isn’t going to be able to make this happen with so little time.

The main reason for low EV sales numbers in Germany is that sub โ‚ฌ60,000 EV models from German brands (VW e-Golf, BMW i3) just aren’t good enough to make people switch from ICE to EV.

The VW I.D. Neo just might be able to break through that barrier.

Otherwise, Tesla Model 3 will have to do that.

That’s only half true… Last I heard, models like the e-Golf were production-limited.

It’s not just that, Germans don’t like electrification.
Porsche talked about that, saying 60% of their worldwide Panamera sales are now hybrid, but in Germany less than 10% of buyers choose the electrified Porsche.

Kia Niro will be the Golf sized EV lots of Germans wants. Fits well under โ‚ฌ 60K.

Lower the tax on the Tesla Models!

Tax wise Tesla is a domestic manufacturer since final assembly is done in the Netherlands.
Only countries with strong incentives have high plug in adoption.
Shorter lead times on Ioniq, Kona, Zoe and Smart would help though. They are supply limited.

Sales look to be doubling every two years it will need to pick up to every 12-15 months as many markets are.

Will depend on when the model 3, vw id, bmw x3E and.60kwhr nissan leaf hit the market.

Who cares about the 1 million EV target?
The interesting target is to reach 100 million diesels.
The diesel is clean and it’s not dead yet.

VW got taken to court for $22Billion because their “diesels are clean”???
This is the most willfully ignorant comment to date on IEVs.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

…and after clean diesel runs out we can use clean coal…there’s plenty, we just have to wash it with baby soap.