German Government Falsely Accused Of Blocking Autopilot Software Updates


Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Model S w/ Autopilot

Tesla Model S w/ Autopilot

German authorities (as well as the governing branch in the Netherlands) last week shot down false reports made by the press on its interactions with Tesla. These reports claimed that Tesla was under investigation for its Autopilot system

This led some to believe that the German government might ban Autopilot.

However, that’s not the case as the German transport Ministry has stepped up to deny these claims. The German government admits to reaching out to Tesla after the fatal Autopilot accident, but says that it did so for “clarifying technical issues.”

A German Transport Ministry spokesperson released this statement:

“At the moment, it is a normal gathering of information on the status quo between the Federal Office for Motor Vehicles (KBA) and the ministry.” 

“There are no investigation proceedings against Tesla.”

So, nothing out of the ordinary, just a government agency trying to obtain information.

Tesla did release a brief statement on the matter:

“Tesla does its due diligence in making sure that its vehicles do not violate any national legal or safety regulations. It does not need to seek specific national type approvals in the in EU member states…”

Tesla vehicles obtain all of the necessary EU approvals from the RDW and PDI at its site in the Netherlands. Therefore, no specific nation-by-nation approvals are required for vehicles sold in EU member states.

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From European point of view

New drama at Teslie show . Should we prepare for WW 2.01 ?

The German government is Koch Funded.
They’ve set their subsidies to Block Tesla from getting subsidies. This, at the same time the US government subsidies VW and BMW EV’s.

The German government is corrupt in the management of the EU as well. STILL No Infrastructure build out in the Southern EU states, you know the states in DEEP DEPRESSION.

So it isn’t just our ridiculous American media huh??

Okay, I can no longer resist asking…

Where can we find a list of all the emoticons (smileys) it’s possible to use here?

I found a list of WordPress emoticons, but those aren’t the same as the ones appearing at InsideEVs.

Unicode baby!

Several current German cars have self-driving features as well.

Subtitle: Allows unassisted driving under limited conditions

Year Make Model
__ 2014 __
Tesla Model S
__ 2014-2015 __
Infiniti Q50
__ 2015 __
Mercedes C-Class, E-Class, S-Class
Tesla Model S, Model X
Volkswagen Passat
Volvo XC90 II
__ 2016 __
Volvo S90 II, V90 II, XC90 II
Audi A4
Mercedes GLE 550e

From European point of view

Thé difference with Teslie is that German don t call that “Autopilot”.

The Tesla directions *every* time engaged clearly tell you to keep your hands on the wheel. The DRIVER could ignore the Tesla directions but that is their freewill choice.
AutoSteer is part of the AutoPilot category in the Tesla. Configuration screen shows this as well.

This ad from Mercedes-Benz calls theirs “self-driving”!!

“Introducing a self-driving car from a self-driven company”

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From European point of view

Do you think that à feature where you must keep your hands on the wheel can be named “Autopilot”?
And on the other side the words “self driving” are not used by the German big companies but by the story writer

I don’t think the name matters. The DRIVER is using their own freewill to ignore the clear messages every time they enable it and drive however they want. Same with the Mercedes-Benz “self-driving” (MBs advertisement above) drivers.

I enable the button on my Tesla that says ‘AutoSteer’ in the configuration. See it here:

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Lots of Tesla directed misinformation floating around. I wonder who is paying for that?

It should be noted that the Netherlands already stated that the Autopilot-system is working correctly according to their information.
The German media is of course biased. The one that places advertisements is always right, and does not even have to ask for articles in his favor. As Tesla does not place adds, but the German manufacturers do heavily, there is no need for a conspiracy involving outside funding to badmouth Tesla in everyway possible. German media does that for free! For example, you hear NOTHING about that BMWi3 with REX that went up in flames in Italy.
Same goes for the government. They are always right, according to the “independent” media.

From European point of view

BTW the week is almost finished worldwide but M.Musk hasn’t completed his homework :
The “SECRET MASTER PLAN 2 ” keeps its secrets so far .

No neeed to worry. So far Tesla has always delivered, sometimes a bit later than announced, though.
There are a few hours left in the day, anyway.