German EV Sales Finally Gain Traction, Double In January


Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – January 2017

BMW i3

Plug-in electric car sales finally have shown some significant growth in Germany this past month.

In January, 2,856 new cars were registered, which was 97% more than year ago, and one of the best results to date!

Market share grew to 1.18%

Encouraging is that both BEVs (all-electric vehicles) and PHEVs (plug-in hybrids) participated in the gains:

  • BEVs: 1,323 (up 177%)
  • PHEVs: 1,533 (up 57%)

The best selling model last month was the BMW i3388 (244 all-electric and 144 REx), followed by 282 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sales and 210 BMW 225xe Active Tourer.

Tesla delivered 151 cars (best ever January) = 96 S and 56 X, compared to just 57 in 2015 or 38 in 2016.

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – January 2017

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – January 2017

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17 responses to "German EV Sales Finally Gain Traction, Double In January"
  1. R.S says:

    It is kind of tragic that Fiat manages to sell more Euro 5 vehicles, than anyone can sell pure EVs.

    But 97% is impressive, keep that up Germany!

    1. R.S says:

      Even more important, Opel sold 13 pure EVs?

      1. Some Guy says:

        Them 13 EVs are Ampera-e aka Bolt.
        This is newly registered vehicles, not neccesarily sold ones. Could partially be gray imports from California, for benchmarking (reverse engineering) at Daimler, BMW and VW R&D. Or GM has to do some test drives on German roads. At least one is around that is used to give test drives to journalists for free press coverage.

        1. R.S says:

          Rather imported from Norway, than from California. Because otherwise they would count as Chevys, which fall under “other” in Germany. Even if those two are different cars.

          So Opel must at least have 13 Ampera-es that made it to Germany. Some, or all, of those could of course be cars registered by Opel, for tests drives and to show around at auto shows etcetera.

          1. an_outsider says:

            A little note here: DCFC port CCS Combo are not the same in NA vs EU …

            1. Milind says:

              Need ur help… How can i contact u pls…reg ..bev ,phev and its impact

    2. LOL says:

      The strongest player in Germany is Mercedes, currently deploying their E- Truck. Hopefully they will fully embrace wireless charging and flood all utilty companies across all of the Europe with all-electric trucks. They will probably aim for tourist centres also to even further promote their upcoming EQ lineup. Merc has plans to be the leader in EV field in Europe, though we still know nothing of their possible Tesla Model 3 rival.

  2. Someone out there says:

    Just wait until Opel Ampera-e is released. I expect it to sell at least 1000 units/month.

    1. Some Guy says:

      I estimate it will be only 500-1000 (total for the full year). They could sell way more, but they will not make them at GM, at least not this year. They need everything for the ZEV credits and to cover the Norwegian preorders.

      1. Someone out there says:

        No. Both GM and LG has said they can easily make 50k if they need to and if the market is there I’m sure they would push to go further than that.

        1. przemo_li says:


          GM (probably) truthfully stated that they can scale production beyound initial 30k in the first year.

          LG never stated that they can “easily” scale past 50k. Only that GM ordered so many cells and not more, but LG would accommodate bigger orders if they come.

          20k – 1,2MWh that’s tall order to scale up overnight, and unlike GM LG do not have idle capacity.

          OK GM aint have it either, but GM can free some capacity on the production lines quickly.

          1. Some Guy says:

            1.2 MWh is no problem at all.
            However, thats only gonna get you as far as 20 cars. For 20 k cars you need 1.2 GWh, which is not so trivial any more.

    2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      One of the InsideEVs’ staff (Jay Cole?) estimated ~5000 Bolt EVs will be sold as Ampera-e’s during the first year of production.

      “Someone out there” said:

      “Both GM and LG has said they can easily make 50k if they need to…”

      That’s a bad meme which needs to be stamped out. No LG spokesman has said anything remotely like that, and what the GM spokesman said was an off-the-cuff estimate in response to a question about how GM could react if demand is there.

      What an LG exec actually said was “more than 30,000”.

  3. jim stack says:

    Germany and Europe have been hooked on Diesel while the US and others are addicted to GAS. Once they see how much better electric is they all switch over. A ride in a Tesla can convince most.

  4. WARREN says:

    Looks like the i3 did well in Germany and Norway last month. BMW could sell a ton of 330e, but it looks like Europe is getting the bulk of them. Too bad we don’t get the 225xe with its gas motor in front, and electric in the rear.

  5. Milind says:

    What about SCEs inittiatives in PEVs and US being the lrgest consumer of PEVs on paper??

  6. Tina Egger says:

    Why the Renault Zöe is not a success in Germany as it is in France? It offers the biggest range other than Tesla.