German Environment Minister Buys A Tesla Model S


It is very uncommon for Germany’s government officials to drive anything but German-made automobiles. The auto industry is key for the country, and it doesn’t seem to appreciate competition. Despite this, Johannes Remmel, a German Environment Minister, abandoned norms, and picked up a Tesla Model S for himself.

German Environment Minister, Johannes Remmel: Image Credit: Johannes Remmel

German Environment Minister, Johannes Remmel: Image Credit: Johannes Remmel

Public notice and disfavor of the acquisition was primarily fueled by the car’s hefty price tag (~$115,000 for the Model S P90D), which was paid for with government money.

Remmel retorted that there isn’t another fully-electric option with range that will allow him to carry out his governmental responsibilities, and the more expensive P90D had more range than cheaper Model S variants. Remmel’s state of North-Rhine Westphalia is Germany’s most populous, and fourth-largest, at over 13,000 square miles.

If one of Germany’s big three automakers (BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen) had a comparable vehicle, one can assume that Remmel would have followed tradition.

Tesla has recently creatively reconfigured base pricing in Germany for the Model S because the country’s incentives conveniently left out the vehicle, due to its high price point. Based on the way the incentive law reads, the $115,000 Tesla Model S qualifies, since the base model now falls beneath the pricing threshold.

Not only are the German automakers surely troubled by the fact that Tesla has “beat the system,” but now the rebate that Johannes Remmel and the Ministry of the Environment will likely receive, is being partly funded by the three German automakers. It looks like the three companies need to act fast on their promises to get with the program on long-range EVs. It should only be a matter of time before Remmel will be able to trade in his Tesla for a fully-electric long-range German EV.

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In 2014 our swiss minister for traffic e.a. Mrs. Doris Leuthard purchased a tesla model s instead of the traditional german car. A curageous woman! Glad to hear that Minister Remmel followed her example!

Given one of his eyes is an inch lower than the other, it’s understandable how Germans might find it somewhat difficult to see eye to eye with this guy.

Said by somebody who sees only perfection when looking in the mirror.

That doesn’t void the fact.

That ‘fact’ is both irrelevant, bitchy and smart-assed. And those are facts.

A govt minister buying a 100k plus USD vehicle on the tax payer dime. That’s quite disgusting.

And even more so that no one is bothered by this

All ministers with equal responsibility in Germany drive a 100kUSD S-Class, A8 or 7-series with chauffeur, allowing to work while making easily 60’000 miles a year.

Has anyone researched the TCO of both cars to give insight in the actual cost in euro’s and the environment?

I think he is doing his country a good service. This is largely a publicity stunt, but he is pointing out that as a good Environmental Minister he drives a pollution-free car and at the same time prods the German automakers to build an equivalent car and hints at a large government market for them.

Nowhere near the show that’s put on in America with the extravagant “beast” fleet that’s flown around the world at tax payers expense.

Quite amazing!

Corruption at its “best”. Sure he “needs” P & D, especially when somebody else foots the bill. Then people at this camp wonder why they all are called greenwashers.

Your read on foreign events comes across as “Corruptwashing” to me. 😉

So, serial Tesla basher zzzzzzzzzz expresses outrage, OUTRAGE I SAY! over a German minister being provided with an upscale car at government expense… but he’s fine with that so long as it’s a gasmobile, or in fact any car other than a Tesla.

Almost like hypocrisy.

Go Tesla 🙂
As to the German “legacy” makers, I’m not optimistic except BMW. BMW is 50% owned by the Quandt family (two heirs) so they have leeway in what they do. VW and Mercedes, well, there is a lot of Middle East oil investment in those two companies if I understand right. BMW seems to be moving in the right direction. VW and Mercedes are lagging behind, doing baby steps on electrification hoping for it to all go away one day.

Obviously he’s trying to to put a rocket up the rear end of German auto makers, well done.

Nice headline guys!
But wrong.
Yes, Johannes Remmel is German, bought a Tesla Model S and is Environment Minister. For the German State of North-Rhine Westphalia. So he is owly an Environment Minister for one of our 16 State Goverments.
Barbara Hendricks is still the German Environment Minister and she is driven around in a Audi A8 3.0 TDI L quattro. She is one of three Ministers how drive this car and share the first place for highest co2 emissiones in the German Goverment.

‘Audi A8 3.0 TDI L’
where L stands for ludicrous!

Heil Musk! The legions are gathering strength. E-Power, E-power, E-power forever!