German Automakers Hope To Derail Tesla’s Dominance In Hong Kong


(InsideEVs/Alex Wai - Model S Event This Year In Hong Kong)

(InsideEVs/Alex Wai – Model S Event This Year In Hong Kong)

Tesla Hong Kong Sees Long Lines...And New Customers (InsideEVs/Alex Wai)

Tesla Hong Kong Sees Long Lines…And New Customers (InsideEVs/Alex Wai)

German automakers have taken notice of Tesla’s role as leader in the electric vehicle space in Hong Kong.

BMW, Volkswagen Group and Mercedes-Benz are no longer willing to let Tesla roll on in Hong Kong and are now ready to go on the offensive.

As South China Morning Post reports:

“German Consul General Nikolaus Graf Lambsdorff said “e-mobility”, whether in full electric form or its hybrid cousin, should be the “normal way of transportation” in Hong Kong and hoped German marques could offer new technologies and more choice for drivers.”

“In the end it should be the consumer that should decide who is successful in the market and who is not. But the government has to set the right framework,” Lambsdorff said. “It’s happening. Maybe a bit slow, but Hong Kong is moving in the right direction.”

“You can already buy electrically-driven BMWs … Volkswagens. They will expand these [offerings] to consumers.”

There’s interest in Hong Kong due to rapidly growing sales of electric cars there:

“The number of electric vehicles on the streets of Hong Kong has grown almost 60-fold since 2010 from less than 100 to over 5,800 as of this July.”

But one automakers controls 80% of that market and that automaker is Tesla, despite premium pricing on its cars. That’s why the Germans want in. They want to tone down Tesla’s dominance and they know that their offerings, which are often in the premium space, will find eager buyers in Hong Kong.

Source: South China Morning Post

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That’s really simple: offer a good product at an attractive price. It should not be difficult to do for established automakers with their resources. The problem is that they think they can get away with producing substandard products at inflated prices and relying on their brand. That only goes so far and certainly not when there is a competitor that does deliver the goods.

That’s so funny – they complain that they don’t have a level playing field, but don’t actually make ANY battery only car with anything like a 200 mile range.
They just have to get beyond making press releases and produce something for people have “more choice” with.

I find that really funny too. They don’t make an equivalent product, but rather an inferior one, so why are they surprised when consumers vote with their wallets?

It seems they want the regulatory cards stacked against their competitors. They may be used to that in their domestic Germany market, but funny seeing them expecting the same thing in foreign markets.

If these guys had any Balls , they would challenge Tesla in North America & come with a good reasonable EV for the North American Markets..& Quick! They will never compete with Tesla!

They will not even have food or water either.

Lots of auto makers have been promising to make a “Tesla killer” car.

So far, it’s all been just talk. Actions speak louder than words.

I would think that BMW might be trying to figure out how to electrify the signature Rolls Royce transfer cars at the Peninsula Hotel to avoid complaints that the cars are not advanced or luxurious enough by customers.

Once the Gigafactory starts spitting out the new size cells in the first half of 2017 at gigafactory scale, making possible Model 3 for $35000 and increasing profit on every Model x/s sold. Every other manufacturer will still be paying too much for their batteries like the Bolt($37500) small profit for GM for each unit sold.. Don’t think GM will be pushing the Bold as much as everyone thinks since they might have to sell them at cost! I don’t see battery gigafactories being built by other manufacturers yet..

You are delusional if you think GM are selling the Bolt at cost

You mean it’s more likely that they’re selling them at a loss? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Tesla sells an EV at the affordable price and with a good 350 km+ range.

Others don’t. That’s why Tesla controls 80% of the market.

Others just talk. A plugin with 25 km range is no match for the Tesla Model-S where you can drive comfortably for the full distance.

Germany 5-10 years behind EVs……and the mentality is still turbo-Diesel….pollution+who cares!!!)

Germany has the ‘no speed limit’ on the Autobahn problem. It’s like a public race circuit. That’s where the turbo-Diesel comes into play. U can drive at high speed with low consumption.
Even Tesla has a problem there because the range is small at very high speeds.
That’s the main problem in the adoption of EVs. And of course the fact that Tesla isn’t german!

That is exactly the German problem. I have been argueing like this for years.

And the “no Speed Limit” mentality in Germany (and around) will kill the German carmakers.

Germany banned sales of ICE after 2030, they are pushing their lazy automakers from petal heads to electric

Some entity proposed the ban. It’s far from becoming the law of the land… though it’s a promising start!

Federal council proposed it, so it’s a long way down untill that becomes reality.