Georgia Now Home to 3,000 Plug-In Vehicles


In this latest edition of what’s now become an InsideEVs tradition, we bring you plug-in vehicle sales/registration figures from the state of Georgia.

Atlanta is a Nissa LEAF Hot Bed

Atlanta is a Nissan LEAF Hot Bed

One by one we’ve been knocking out the numbers of plug-ins at the state level, which isn’t an easy task.  But ever so often these state figures pop up and, being the sales geeks that we are, we present them here for you.

In Georgia, there are now over 3,000 plug-in vehicles registered.

What’s more is that Georgia is considered one of today’s hottest states for plug-in vehicle sales.

Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, a Nissan LEAF owner, says that the state is seeing tremendous growth in plug-in sales, so much so that more charging stations are being installed right now.

Since February, some 60 ChargePoint chargers have been installed in Georgia, with at least 2 more going in the ground right now.

Back to sales/registrations.  3,000 is a huge figure, outdone by only a handful of states, so obviously Georgia is becoming one of the nation’s leading plug-in states.

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Just peachy!

Good job, Georgia! You put other states in the South to shame.

It’s surprising how the EV’s and plug ins are punching their way into gas car strong holds like Georgia and even Virginia despite there not being many plug in stations. It is also interesting in that these 3000 EV’s most likely the bulk of them most likely came on to the roads over the last year and half.

Yes, people like free money.

They have a very generous tax-credit there. Everyone should buying Leafs . . .they are pretty much free when you account for the Fed tax-credit, the state tax-credit, and the savings on gasoline from your current vehicle.

If you want to see EV sales really increase, make the Federal Pay Out an honest $7500 Rebate instead of a Tax Offset.

Leasing a Leaf S in Ga. is pretty much free even without the gas savings, total payments pretty much the same as the state tax credit! And the charging infrastructure is getting pretty good as well, we even have a few DC fast chargers and more on the way. Atlanta also has a pretty serious air polution problem and a substantial enviromental community. The thing working against us is sprawl, with no natural barrirers, cheap land, and lots of freeways many people commute 40 miles or more. If an affordable EV with a real world range of over 100 miles becomes available the Atlanta market will explode!

Leading market in GA?

Sure, since 50% of the power in GA is from coal. Georgia Power (sub of Southern Company) is a major coal burner….

Of Course, it would push for it…. SO stock has been doing great….