George Takei Discusses Electric Vehicles On Episode 12 Of Takei’s Take – Video


Takei Takes On Electric Vehicle On Takei's Take

Takei Takes On Electric Vehicle On Takei’s Take

George Takei and Chris Woodyard of USA Today talk electric and driverless cars in Episode 12 of Takei’s Take.

“With his signature wit and charm, host George Takei explores the world of technology, trends, current events and pop culture. From the adorable to the riveting to the absurd, Takei’s Take delves into our shared experience and navigates the strange, ever-changing online world.”

The highly followed Takei doesn’t often discuss electric vehicles, but when he does the whole world seems to take notice.  So, in zeroing in on electric vehicles, Takei spreads the word to the masses, which is always a positive in our book.

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George has 100k subscribers and this video has 66k views so far.

Not exactly masses but every bit counts I guess.

Not a lot of details.. but probably good for an AARP audience.

George Takei is “senior citizen cool” like Betty White is. Kids ARE watching and paying attention.

I wish my channel had the advanced editing and backing of a big player like AARP…. his youtube numbers puts him as a mid-major of a channel… very good…. he gained 13,000 subscribers the past month. It took me 4 years to gain 5,000….


you are not consistent with your uploads.those who interested in electric car(or what you got ) are very less in number so don’t think you will get lot of subs.

your pronunciation is not very clear all time and you lack passion or feel so ..there is no jokes or sarcastic opinions …..just cold blooded news reporting ..i think these may a factor.

i watch lot of your videos atlas t i have to unsub cox there is no update.why do not you watch some well watched videos about “what you got” and learn from those……ie try to just copy cat those may work for you .most of the time you are sitting on a desk and explaining these….its looks more formal …and i do not think you dnt even mention your real name or so ….so lack of honesty is also an issue…

you may not like the criticismm,but the point is do not have to.

Of course it’s legit to voice criticism. There can be different views on the mentioned issues though. Many might think it is great to see a person whose interests obviously go past “me, myself and cars” (the mindset that can be observed so often here on InsideEVs), as he seemingly cares deeply about the environment, about reducing the use of oil, about healthy and organic foods, and all these things will help a lot of human beings who are suffering now and/or might in the future. My impression is that instead of using the expression “MrEnergyCzar”, it could have been “Preparing4PeakOil” or “LiveBetterUsingLess” or similar, as not all topics covered, f.e. gardening, have to do with energy. “those who interested in electric car(or what you got ) are very less in number so don’t think you will get lot of subs.” Of course it is obvious that a regular joe who cares about human beings might not get as many subscribers as a Hollywood actor known worldwide and former member of Startrek. Taking that into consideration though, 5000+ already seems very good. There are a lot of YouTube channels having less subscribers. “you lack passion or feel so” Many might… Read more »

Hmm.. For some reason George seemed almost like an amateur when doing this.. I really expected a better, more natural persona when talking to the camera from a seasoned actor like him.

Ohhh myyy…

That were funny…

He would make a better starship captain, than a news anchorman…