Genovation Extreme Electric Corvette C7 To Enter Production Priced At $750,000

Genovation Extreme Electric (GXE)

OCT 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

Genovation released two renderings of a future production version of the Genovation Extreme Electric (GXE), and announced the opening of pre-orders.

The GXE is based on the C7 Grand Sport Corvette, but is re-engineered and electrified by Genovation.

Genovation Extreme Electric (GXE)

Genovation Extreme Electric (GXE)

Range is said to be 130 miles (209 km), while complete performance data when it comes to acceleration is not yet available (possibly because the car isn’t a real thing at this point).

Earlier this year, the company converted a Z06 Corvette prototype to electric drive Z06 and then promptly set a (then) 205.6 mph (330.8 km/h) land speed record.

All good right?  Not so much, here is the thing:

Any order requires a $250,000 deposit, while the final price is astonishing $750,000.  And wait, it gets worse…not only do we not have all the specs on performance (so you don’t know if the Model S P100D will be eating your breakfast or not), but the first deliveries aren’t expected until Q4 of 2019, which is three years from now.

Genovation says production will be limited to 75…but we don’t think that will be an issue for anyone who wants one.

Genovation states:

“The GXE will be produced in a limited quantity of 75 vehicles. Individuals that wish to pre-order the GXE can secure their place in line by signing up on Genovation’s web site. They will also be required to submit a deposit of $250,000. The final price for the GXE will be $750,000. Each GXE will be bespoke and unique, based upon the individual customer’s desires. Customers that choose to purchase the GXE can guarantee that their GXE will be one-of-a-kind as it will be based on their individual design and finishing requests.

Genovation anticipates that the first vehicles will be delivered in Q4 of 2019 after a 2-year design period and 1 year build time.”

Andrew Saul, CEO of Genovation said:

“We are very proud of what we have accomplished with the GXE thus far, pushing the limits for electric-powered cars beyond what most people thought was possible. We are excited to enter the next phase and begin offering this extraordinary vehicle to discerning customers. This is a truly unique vehicle on a number of fronts, and we are thrilled to be bringing it to market.”

Here are some details from Genovation on the GXE:

  • re-engineered C7 Grand Sport Corvette
  • all-electric
  • state-of-the-art battery management system, inverters, batteries and electric motors
  • 660-hp and 600 lb-ft of torque
  • range of 130 miles during normal driving operation
  • near 50/50 weight distribution and is optimized for a low center of gravity
  • unique and stylish exterior made from innovative green composites and custom interior accouterments

Here is a few videos with the prototype GXE:

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I was wondering the same thing. I like the idea but the price is just way out in left field….

Mercedes SLS AMG EV has four motors and costs just over $540,000.

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Just figured I’d pull this comment due to the correction you quickly posted, so that you could re-phrase/re-post if you wanted…but didn’t want to remove the commment (or the subsequent one) completely without an explanation. Just a note to others: the comment was not pulled because of ToS issue, just to give JJ a leg up if he wanted

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I believe the Rimac Concept One tops out at 220 mph.?

This would be $230,000 cheaper than a Rimac

Jay Leno might be interested.

Anybody who pays that much money deserves to pay that much money. Range slightly better than a stock LEAF. Let me guess? No place to quick charge it.

I’m in the wrong business.

I just saw the video… it has a transmission? A Tesla Model S could out-accelerate it?

Those motors look a bit like the ones from the Fisker (I’ve seen these in bus, trucks, etc). Anybody know who makes those inverters?

LOL more money than brains.

April 1st is more than 5 months from now…

I don’t see how $750000 for an electric Corvette makes sense, unless it’s really pushing the envelope but I don’t see that happening here. If you are going to charge $750k for an electric sports car, why not design it from the ground up? Then you would own the design and can alter it anyway you want. Basing it on a Corvette just adds an unnecessary limitation.

Or I could just buy a fully loaded P100D Model S AND Model X… and with the leftover $400k pay off my house…

The problem is, you’re adding $700K to a “bargain basement” $55K sports car body…