Genesis Commits To 2021 Launch For First EV

AUG 29 2017 BY MARK KANE 35

Genesis will wheel out its first pure electric vehicle by 2021.

That’s like a decade behind competitors such as Tesla, so we doubt Genesis will find immediate success out of the gate, but we welcome the addition to the ever-growing EV segment.

Genesis GV80 Fuel Cell Concept

The Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury brand Genesis intends to introduce several new plug-in hybrid and all-electric models in the coming years.

The South Korean brand also unveiled from the New York International Auto Show a hydrogen fuel cell concept GV80. So, it seems Genesis, like its parent company, isn’t quite sure where its future lies, so it’s covering all forms of alternative propulsion.

The plan for Genesis is to have a six model lineup, including G70, G80 and G90 cars and GV70, GV80 SUVs. The sixth car is to be another SUV, but a smaller one (think compact crossover) scheduled for 2021.

The first plug-in hybrid powertrain is expected by 2019, while the all-electric dedicated model is very late to the party with an arrival year of 2021.

Source: Automotive News

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By 2020+ I will be looking to trade up to a real BEV SUV. Will be a Ford, a GM, a Genesis, a Tesla, an Audi, etc. I don’t know but it’s starting to look like I’m going to have lots to choose from.

I would gladly take a Genesis over a Tesla. Much better ride, interior, etc.. It will also probably cost less.

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/agreed, fixed
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For the same range, better interior and worse handling it will cost at least 50% more than Tesla.

And no proprietary network. Tesla can use CHAdeMo and Supercharger Network.

Tesla isn’t a sitting target.

Yep….and only four years to go, if true!

Are we talking Peter Gabriel Genesis or Phil Collins Genesis?

Chung Ju-yung Genesis.

Remember Genesis is Skynet. Maybe that one


It’s just a Trick of the tail.

Well, it better hopes for a “competitive” DCFC charging network to support the BEV.

Tesla’s clear advantage today is its Supercharger networks. Even that is getting crowded with new launches of Model 3.

If other manufacturers want to compete, they better do something (like either build their own or push for others to do it) quick because once we have far more choices in 2020, the existing CCS/Chademo network would be effectively useless due to lack of charging locations as well as crowding at those single/dual station sites.

By 2021 Electrify America will have built out a fair number of higher power DCFC stations along interstate cooridors and lots of local destination charging.

1) Tesla’s will be able to use all Electrify America changers in addition to Superchargers.

2) After VW spends its court ordered $2B will they continue to fund Electrify America to continue to build out the network and conduct repairs?


a huge DCFC network is mostly unnecessary as it long road trip miles only represents a tiny fraction of trip miles. A decent network of L2 destination chargers (hotels, businesses, etc) would probably be adequate.

Fallacy – How do you propose to charge the EVs of apartment and condo dwellers? At least Musk is expanding the Supercharger system into urban areas.

Where will CCS be for multi-unit dwellings? There goes that fallacy.

We should be requiring L2 charging for all long term parking spots (apartments, business parking lots etc), especially on new construction. The costs to install these types of systems would not be prohibitive and will be needed in the long run.

I agree with Paul. Apartments/condos need to start installing L2 charging.

DCFC is not a good model for everyday charging. Those chargers are expensive, it’s slow (compared to gasoline), it stresses your battery, and it stresses the grid. Nice slow charging overnight is the way to do most charging.

That’s not a problem that needs to be solved in order to see mass EV adoption. For every apt/condo, there is a home with a garage. Why not go after the low hanging fruit (homeowners) first?

Agree 100%. At Genesis level pricing, you expect certain level of luxury, not wait for Leaf that’s tapered to 2 kW using 50 kW DCFC unit. Even if there’s no waiting, Genesis level car would have large battery (75 kWh+), and charging using 50 kW units is going to be awful experience, let alone using many 25 kW units out there.

But I’m not sure how “yet another charging standard” will be accepted. It might be easier to just go with PH, but most of the power coming from the electric motor (like i3Rex), but still powerful enough gas engine to drive 100 MPH+ and charge the batteries (like Volt).

I perfectly knew that climate change group were weird because they want luxury evs and everybody know that luxury consume more energy and resources. Your science is deeply flawed.

Before you can say “Your science is deeply flawed” you need to have the capacity to understand the science. Stick with your Barbies, Gor.

HEY! That’s an insult to Barbies.

Actually it is your constant trolling here that is deeply flawed you anti-EV, pro fossil fool.

All anyone has to do is look at Houston right now to see how record-breaking “500 year” storms are happening every decade now.

So you’re blaming the hurricane on AGW? But I thought weather was different from climate. Like when there’s a cool spell during the summer and some people say, “see, there’s no global warming” then others (believers in AGW) will say “that’s weather! Don’t confuse weather with climate.” So, which is it? Must we keep weather and climate separate or are we allowed to intermingle the two? I’m just asking for consistency on this issue.

How many standard deviations from the statistical norm do you require before you would believe there is a problem?

AGW does cause hurricanes but the increased heat makes them stronger, the hotter air can hold more moisture thus they cause more rain, and sea level rise means the storm surges go further inland.

Harvey would not have been as problematic if not for AGW. Also, poor land-use use…we paved over too many wetlands that provided natural defense.

Sure, warmer water has grater volume but i think the main issue in Houston is how and where subdivisions are built. In such areas you need to leave floodplains untouched, they have a purpose.

“Harvey would not have been as problematic if not for AGW”

This is completely wrong. Hurricane intensity is no different than before, and frequency is less. Blaming some weather event on climate is simply wrong. That gives true deniers (you know, tin foil hat people) a valid reason to doubt the science, because relating singular weather event to climate is NOT SCIENCE.

I laugh at tin-foil hat wearing senator claiming there’s no climate change due to polar vortex. I also laugh at those who point to Harvey or Katrina as evidence of climate change: a weather event is not indicative of anything.


Probably wasted on you because of your self-identified science-denying, rigid ideology so heavily funded by the Koch Heads and other fossil fool billionaires, but here you go:

Yes, record-setting 50 plus inches of rain is a clue for even the deliberately clueless.

The unchangeable nature of basic physics means that rapidly increasing amounts of heat (which is after all energy) are making these storms much stronger/devastating.

Harvey, Sandy, Katrina are/were ALL 500 year storms ans there has been SEVENTEEN “500 YEAR” TOTAL STORMS IN THE USA SINCE 2010!

So when you bitch about insurance rates going up or federal spending, guess what?

The unstable right-wing sociopath Trump that you so joyfully voted for just rescinded all Obama era flood regulations right before Harvey hit:

This last one is precious. But don’t worry, all will be resolve with a…wall (paid by Mexico as this came from Mexican Golf)!

Any time someone doesn’t agree with you, they are automatically Trump voter? Why stop there? Why not assume anyone who disagree with you on any topic is cross burning, Jew hating, want to kill babies and rape women that should be killed or hit over the head with bike locks? There are those who do that, you just might be one of those anti freedom terrorists.

Isis belief is pretty much the same as yours. You really belong in middle east.

“your self-identified science-denying, rigid ideology so heavily funded by the Koch Heads”

If you think weather event is climate, you are the one denying science. Weather is not climate!

As for storms, between 2006 and 2016, there has been ONE cat 5 hurricane. Between 1926 and 1936, there has been SIX cat 5 hurricanes. If you’re so gung-ho on relating weather to science, there are fewer high intensity hurricanes with increasing CO2. But of course, you’re a science denier, so you make up whatever fact that’s convenient for you.

How much are you getting paid by Al Gore to push anti science nonsense?

I said basic physics you right wing-nut job.

Massive amounts of additional heat=massively increased energy for weather events.

I guess you missed the part about 17 total “500 year” floods since 2010 in just the US.

I even threw a bone your way suggesting that since you hate taxes and the government then you might want to draw the basic conclusion that we will ALL be funding these responses through higher government spending AND insurance costs.

And yes, I think its safe to say that RWNJ people voted for the Trumpster and other extremist RWNJ politicians.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but…

“Until it’s selling in Pennsylvania, it’s just vaporware to me.”

Absolutely. That means the 500e, which can be bought used and serviced at Fiat dealers in Pennsylvania, is more real to me (although useless as I have 3 kids) than the e-Golf or Ioniq.

(I could drive 40 miles to a dealership in New Jersey for e-Golf service, but if the battery has an issue I don’t think I’m going to want to pay for a 40-mile tow.)

Strange that a brand named Genesis not among the first to do anything and resorts to copying everyone else.

Oh yeah? Two can play this game! By 2021, I’m committing to curing cancer!

What? No, I’m not a doctor or a scientist yet, but I will be! For realsies!