General Motors Workplace Chargers – 401 Charging Stations Installed In US – 5,900 Chargers At Dealerships


According to General Motors, the automaker’s installed count of workplace chargers is now at 401:

“Based on growing employee demand, General Motors today announced that it has installed 401 electric vehicle charging stations at its U.S. production and business facilities. More than 20 percent of the stations use electricity generated from solar canopies to help charge employee vehicles.”

Chevy Volt Grabbing Some Sun-Powered Juice

Chevy Volt Grabbing Some Sun-Powered Juice

Most of the workplace chargers are in Michigan, where General Motors conducts the majority of its business:

“The majority of the stations are located at GM’s large engineering and corporate facilities in Michigan, where employee EV ownership is growing steadily. All charge stations are available free of charge to GM employees and visitors.”

Britta Gross, director of GM advanced vehicle commercialization policy, commented:

“GM’s commitment to installing a workplace charging infrastructure is among the most expansive of any corporation in the U.S.  Workplace charging is one of the most important things a company can do to raise plug-in electric vehicle awareness and energize employees.”

“Once employees see how easy it is to plug in at home and work, and they realize the fuel savings, plug-in electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt begin to sell themselves.”

“Workplace charging is now part of GM’s corporate sustainability plan and our employees want to be part of this positive change.  The key for any company is to take the first step and make it simple for employees to engage – in our case we started with outlets and free charging.”

According to General Motors, the 401 workplace charger pale in comparison to the number of chargers installed at Cadillac and Chevrolet dealers in the US.  That dealership charging station figure is ~5,900.  17 of those dealerships have solar canopies installed.

General Motor concludes its press release as follows:

GM’s charging count follows the U.S. Department of Energy’s announcement that 75 businesses have committed to participate in its Workplace Charging Challenge to install charging stations for their employees.

The Workplace Charging Challenge, of which GM is a founding member, seeks to persuade America’s employers to commit to provide electric vehicle charging access to employees through partnership, advocacy and promotion.

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20 Comments on "General Motors Workplace Chargers – 401 Charging Stations Installed In US – 5,900 Chargers At Dealerships"

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Ryan H

all fine and dandy besides the GM-vehicle only signs posted at many of these… I will be sure to post a “anyone but GM” sign on my personal infrastructure


Iguess you are angry at Tesla too.

Ryan H

I don’t fault Tesla for developing a charging standard that is faster than other technologies out there… GM is installing basic “entry-level” chargers utilizing an industry standard slow charging technology


You fault GM for not allowing non-GM vehicles to charge at its headquarters and plants, yet, don’t fault Tesla for doing the same thing. Got it.


Yes Tesla should allow everyone to charge with SC. I want to see the first non-Tesla doing it 🙂


Tesla does have non supercharger charging stations . . . however, they are also incompatible with other EVs. :-/

Joshua Burstyn

I don’t think the Merc B-class has the right hookup, but it should have been made to be compatible with the option to use the SCs at a cost. (Similar to the Model S 60kW.)


The battery on the B-Class Mercedes is probably too small to use the supercharger.


I dare you to turn up a GM factory parking lot and demand to charge your Leaf. Good luck getting out alive. 😉

Joshua Burstyn

Actually all the Ford/GM dealerships I’ve been to have been glad to allow our Model S to get some juice.

Many of the sales and service people at both brands have been very kind, actually.

I don’t see why corp GM needs to get all anal about their charging stalls…


I dare you to show up at any GM factory (not dealership… FACTORY) with any non-GM car and park close to the turnstiles. You will return to find your car keyed (or worse). They’re kinda horrible about that.


It’s not like that anymore and many stories are very exaggerated. Auto plants do make competitor vehicles park farther away. I experienced this at a Honda plant.


How about installing some publicly accessible SAE-CCS fast-chargers, GM? It is the fast-charger standard you decided to back . . . put your money where your mouth is.


I sure hope they will. That would be excellent.


Not enough to make a difference.

I am visiting my son’s college today. They have four L2 chargers on campus and 15,000 students and 4000 staff and faculty. We can do better. I donated to have more charging stations put in. I did this early in 2013. The new ones have not broken ground yet. Bah!


The bottom line is that consumers are unwilling to pay for chargingat a rate that recoups the costs involved and makes a profit worth a private corporation’s time.

The subscription model and/or dc fast charging may be the only profitable path.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Given how slow all GM products currently charge on AC, the stations really only make sense for multi-hour parking by visitors and/or employees anyways.


Their chargers in CA often seem to not be public on Plugshare, anyone know why?


Because they are private?


Most people who have this issues are just “crazy”…

Most work places have restrictions to allow public using their “private” charging station on their “private” ground for non-employees…

If you don’t want GM car on your private property, then that is fine. It is your right. Making a big stink about it just shows that hatred among some people here.