UPDATE: GM To Shut Down Chevy Volt Factory: Volt Confirmed Dead

Chevy Volt


Is the Volt as we know it now dead?

It would seem to be the case that with the closure of this site, the Chevy Volt will exist no more. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a Voltec crossover in the very near future.

***UPDATE: General Motors has responded to our inquiry on the Volt and has confirmed, on the record, that Volt production will officially cease in March of 2019.

Just moments ago, General Motors announced the upcoming closure of several factories, most of which focus on producing passenger cars. The closure list includes the birthplace of the Chevy Volt – Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly in Detroit.

The other notable site closure is Lordstown Assembly in Warren, Ohio. That’s where the Chevy Cruze is built, which provides the basic foundation for the current Chevy Volt.

These closures all come as part of a bigger restructuring for GM. The move is from cars to trucks and SUVs, as gas prices have been rather stagnant and low in the U.S. of late. Per GM:

  • GM has recently invested in newer, highly efficient vehicle architectures, especially in trucks, crossovers and SUVs.

But here’s where it gets interesting:

GM now intends to prioritize future vehicle investments in its next-generation battery-electric architectures. As the current vehicle portfolio is optimized, it is expected that more than 75 percent of GM’s global sales volume will come from five vehicle architectures by early next decade.

So, the move is over to pure electric it seems and, more importantly, larger vehicles that will satisfy U.S. tastes. To us, this seems to indicate GM will transition over from small plug-ins like the Volt and Bolt to larger plug-ins that slot into the CUV, SUV and pickup truck categories.

So, we’ll lose the Volt, but gain potentially so much more.

It’s not a win-win. But it’s not the end of battery-electrics at GM either.

Full press release from General Motors below:

General Motors Accelerates Transformation

  • Transforming the global enterprise to advance the company’s vision of Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, Zero Congestion
  • Taking cost actions and optimizing capital expenditures to drive annual run-rate cash savings of approximately $6 billion by year-end 2020

DETROIT – General Motors (NYSE: GM) will accelerate its transformation for the future, building on the comprehensive strategy it laid out in 2015 to strengthen its core business, capitalize on the future of personal mobility and drive significant cost efficiencies.

Today, GM is continuing to take proactive steps to improve overall business performance including the reorganization of its global product development staffs, the realignment of its manufacturing capacity and a reduction of salaried workforce. These actions are expected to increase annual adjusted automotive free cash flow by $6 billion by year-end 2020 on a run-rate basis.

“The actions we are taking today continue our transformation to be highly agile, resilient and profitable, while giving us the flexibility to invest in the future,” said GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra. “We recognize the need to stay in front of changing market conditions and customer preferences to position our company for long-term success.”

Contributing to the cash savings of approximately $6 billion are cost reductions of $4.5 billion and a lower capital expenditure annual run rate of almost $1.5 billion. The actions include:

  • Transforming product development – GM is evolving its global product development workforce and processes to drive world-class levels of engineering in advanced technologies, and to improve quality and speed to market. Resources allocated to electric and autonomous vehicle programs will double in the next two years. Additional actions include:
    • Increasing high-quality component sharing across the portfolio, especially those not visible and perceptible to customers.
    • Expanding the use of virtual tools to lower development time and costs.
    • Integrating its vehicle and propulsion engineering teams.
    • Compressing its global product development campuses.
  • Optimizing product portfolio – GM has recently invested in newer, highly efficient vehicle architectures, especially in trucks, crossovers and SUVs. GM now intends to prioritize future vehicle investments in its next-generation battery-electric architectures. As the current vehicle portfolio is optimized, it is expected that more than 75 percent of GM’s global sales volume will come from five vehicle architectures by early next decade.
  • Increasing capacity utilization – In the past four years, GM has refocused capital and resources to support the growth of its crossovers, SUVs and trucks, adding shifts and investing $6.6 billion in U.S. plants that have created or maintained 17,600 jobs. With changing customer preferences in the U.S. and in response to market-related volume declines in cars, future products will be allocated to fewer plants next year.Assembly plants that will be unallocated in 2019 include:
    • Oshawa Assembly in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
    • Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly in Detroit.
    • Lordstown Assembly in Warren, Ohio.
  • Propulsion plants that will be unallocated in 2019 include:
    • Baltimore Operations in White Marsh, Maryland.
    • Warren Transmission Operations in Warren, Michigan.

In addition to the previously announced closure of the assembly plant in Gunsan, Korea, GM will cease the operations of two additional plants outside North America by the end of 2019.

These manufacturing actions are expected to significantly increase capacity utilization. To further enhance business performance, GM will continue working to improve other manufacturing costs, productivity and the competitiveness of wages and benefits.

  • Staffing transformation – The company is transforming its global workforce to ensure it has the right skill sets for today and the future, while driving efficiencies through the utilization of best-in-class tools. Actions are being taken to reduce salaried and salaried contract staff by 15 percent, which includes 25 percent fewer executives to streamline decision making.

Barra added, “These actions will increase the long-term profit and cash generation potential of the company and improve resilience through the cycle.”

GM expects to fund the restructuring costs through a new credit facility that will further improve the company’s strong liquidity position and enhance its financial flexibility.

GM expects to record pre-tax charges of $3.0 billion to $3.8 billion related to these actions, including up to $1.8 billion of non-cash accelerated asset write-downs and pension charges, and up to $2.0 billion of employee-related and other cash-based expenses. The majority of these charges will be considered special for EBIT-adjusted, EPS diluted-adjusted and adjusted automotive free cash flow purposes. The majority of these charges will be incurred in the fourth quarter of 2018 and first quarter of 2019, with some additional costs incurred through the remainder of 2019.

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There’s a reason GM is declining..

The Volt was always a transitional vehicle from ICE to BEV. I personally thought the transition period would be a lot longer, however. Looks like GM is all-in with the Bolt (and Bolt spinoffs) from the ZEV perspective. And people can finally quit bitching about the whole Volt vs Bolt naming scheme.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I don’t think it was always transitional. It was killed by the combination of consumer demand for CUVs and credit systems.

If credits were based on a less blunt formula, I think they might have released a CUV PHEV like the Buick Velite 6, but they favor BEV too much to bother.

From the ZEV perspective, don’t forget about GM partnering with Honda to build a joint hydrogen fuel cell car factory in Michigan in the near future, which to my knowledge has not been cancelled/killed and is still on track for production.



Investing in the hydrogen scene will just be another huge loss for GM. Hydrogen powered cars are an impractical dream. GM is known to be a fool and a sucker…here we go again…laughter. Lots of gunshot wounds in the foot at GM

Not if they’re using just California CARB credits to build these.
But, of course the market for hydrogen cars is 100 times smaller then the market for the Volt.

So, LOL, we’ll see how that goes.
The only thing that could save hydrogen would be California fleet sales.
And as no one wants it, because it saves you no money it’s dead.


Actually, investing in HFC is a smart move that could pay off in sales of large HFC vehicle, which would generate more profits. I’m sure GM is aware of Nikola Motors plan to install Nel ASA hydrogen fuel stations wherever its HFC semis will be going. Although battery power will likely be the way to go in smaller vehicles, hydrogen may prove to be the way to go in larger vehicles once the infrastructure is in place and HFC technology continues to advance. GM could partner with Nikola in the future if it makes sense.

GM is controlled by there big oil overlords and big oil want hydrogen.

GM putting all its eggs in every nest to see which will hatch, looks like the FCV or Foolcell will be ROTTEN EGGS.

They should make the volt fully electric and give it a second life

GM has its Volts & Bolts names all mixed up, somebody has to go back to Engineering and Vocabulary school.

How so? It’s referring to a lightning Bolt, which is electricity related.

> The Volt was always a transitional vehicle from ICE to BEV

Nice idea, but if demand was there they would have continued it.
Discontinuing a transitional vehicle when they have nothing to transition to is not exactly a sign of strength. The bolt, which they either can’t or won’t sell in any large numbers is not a realistic option.

Hybrids have always been a mean to delay BEVs. The Bolt and Volt’s names confusion was on purpose. GM never intended to sell many Bolts. Why not add to the existing plug-ins instead? Because posing as heavily investing in pure electrics is a pretext to get bailed out… again…

Volt wasn’t a hybrid but a range extender

Look up the definition of hybrid.

It never mattered if the demand was there because the Volt shared so much with the Cruze. The Cruze is down around 30% YoY and thus they are discontinuing that model. If the Volt was a stand-alone vehicle the costs would be even higher.

^This. Cruze is going away, Volt is built on same platform therefore Volt goes away. Simple economics.

If so THEN KEEP BUILDING IT. Most cars are still pure ICE so dropping the “transitional vehicle” makes no sense.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They aren’t going to keep Hamtramck open just for the Volt. Orion is being kept open for the Bolt and variants.

They’re going to move small car production to China and bring in junk.

With the China Trump Tariffs, that expensive small car won’t sell in the USA. Ergo, GM is abandoning another portion of the USA vehicle market where they can’t compete.

Bro. It’s more about going with the market

You must have not read the same story I did. These are the changes necessary for a large OEM to shift to EV’s that have a lower profit margin at this point. VW is doing the same thing.

GM is playing the CAFE regs, in favor of “light trucks”, like everyone else. The gap is almost 5mpg less, and growing. Less tech, more margin, more consumer costs throughout ownership. Yes, maybe a couple more EVs, but don’t be fooled. The whole reg game was to kill the 2022-2025 convergence, and leave trucks the pigs that they are. Touche’ GM. Glad I left, for Tesla.

At Inside EVs, maybe we could remind, this isn’t all about consumer tastes. These wheels have been in motion for a long time. It’s a quest for low tech and free pollution.

Well, when the Republican party is controlled by 15 oil and 15 coal companies, with unlimited campaign contributions thanks to the SUPREME COURT Citizens United Case, you don’t live in a Democracy. You live in an Oil State.

You might be right. However, I think it is also possible that they are trying to free up cash to fund the transition to their stated vision of Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, Zero Congestion. The success of the Model 3 and the recent announcements out of VW regarding a major EV push (with approved funding) have spooked GM, and they are now finally realizing that they are falling behind the California startup and the legacy big players alike on the EV front. All drains on financial resources – including the technically successful but financially disastrous Volt – are being sacrificed. The new emerging GM will likely be sharply divided – making a real push on the EV front while also still selling plenty of their big polluting SUVs and trucks – and not much in between.

They’re going to move small car production to China and bring in junk.

Been hearing this since when 2012. 2020 is right around the corner. Where’s the 5 EV being tested for thier release

Given GM has their own proving grounds and can test anywhere in the world you will not see it until they are ready for you to see it.

I agree, but I think it has a lot more to do VW than Tesla.

As I see it Americans want it all. An EV SUV that they can take to work,Take the kids to school, sports and the range to take on Vacation. With an EV they don’t have to worry about OPEG slowing down our economy since electricity can be generated from the sun, wind, oil, natural gas, coal, water power Geo Thermal etc. We just leave use what ever is most economical.

I bought a volt for my wife and she loves that car. I also have solar panels on the house. She was worried the Volt production stopping. I assured her she will be able to drive it for a long time.

I am waiting for my GM Plug in EVSUV.

They’re going to move small car production to China and bring in junk.

The Volt shows how far Lutz missed the mark with what EV buyers wanted. It is a great car, but not the future of EVs.

Lutz paved the way, GM had an opportunity to make the Gen2 Volt more desirable but continued with a FWD Cruise with T-Shaped battery…

I’m ok with FWD. it’s the US with different climates

Accept that the Volt is outselling the Bolt so far in 2018. (https://insideevs.com/monthly-plug-in-sales-scorecard/)

I think they missed the mark with Bolt. I wanted one, until I got inside it. Too small, too narrow, and ugly styling. I ended up getting a second Volt. It feels like a much more refined vehicle than the Bolt. Plus, I am averaging 60 miles on a charge over the last 1.5 years.

@John yep GM should just make the US public buy more cars rather than SUVs and trucks (currently 65%), definitely their fault. it’s not like Ford already made the same move or anything.

It’s kind of their fails when that all they advertise

When’s the last time you saw a Tesla ad? Or an ad for the Prius?

It’s dead.
“Update (Nov. 26, 2018 10:50 A.M. ET): It is official. A GM spokesperson told Jalopnik over the phone: “We are ending production of the Volt March 1, 2019.” When asked whether the Volt will return at some point, the representative said she could not comment on future products. ”

What about the Mexican Cruze assembly plant?

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Oh that’ll be fine. The Cruze hatchback is made there.

A lot of people in the area is going to lose thier jobs

Might be good news for Tesla and others since assembly plants will be coming available.

Indeed. Tesla desperately needs manufacturing facilities for the Model Y.

Doubt GM will sell to Tesla if they feel they’re a future threat to GM sales and profit.

Don’t tell gm this…if you do, they will promptly sell to TESLA…GM=Ship of Fools.

You think GM will hold on to pricey Real Estate? If they do they need a new CFO

Everyone has a price

Unallocated doesn’t mean they are for sale. For all you know they are just going to produce EV’s in the future. They just don’t need the capacity for the current mix of vehicles.

HELLO! what don’t you get that they are closing production and facilities? I live next to the GM PLANT and it feels LIKE A MORGUE,everybody don’t even look at each other, MY Neighbor looks like his mother died.

Fantastic point Mr. David.

It was the Fremont facility owned by GM & Toyota that Tesla bought and is building vehicles there.
Detroit Hammtrack is a very important plant and GM can sell it to Tesla and make money.

Perhaps, Tesla can redesign Volt as a full EV and sell it to the people. Volt is 9″ shorter than Model-3.

It is rumored that Toyota was pressured by a certain California congressman to sell the Fremont plant to Tesla for a song (way below FMV) during the midst of Congressional hearings on the trumped-up Prius unintended acceleration scandal.

Cock and bull

So you think US congressmen are honest and ethical, and wouldn’t stoop to such dirty underhanded tricks to benefit their districts and states? Really?

They are as honest and ethical as you are.

Touché douché!

Glad you liked it. Sitting here on the edge of my seat and waiting for your next conspiracy theory….

Sorry my friend. Please read about the Fremont factory.
GM intended to close the plant as the demand for Pontiac Vibe evaporated since people compared it with cars and found that its expensive and has lesser mileage. Actually Vibe has much bigger interior that you can load 4 big suitcases with rear seat up.

Anyway, without GM, Toyota could not operate it profitably and so they also quit.

And Tesla picked it up.

Before talking about US congressmen, look at the Japanese politicians, how crookedly they arrested Mr. Carlos Ghosn with baseless charges.


Please read this Wall Street Journal article about the real story of how Toyota came to sell a factory to Elon Musk at a knockdown price right.

If you don’t have a WSJ subscription, Googling the following should let you view this old article for free, whereas a direct link won’t.

Google: congressman toyota sold factory tesla holman jenkins

Direct link;

I’ll try cutting and pasting the news story in a separate comment.

A Dented Toyota Was Tesla’s Gain How the Japanese car maker came to sell a factory to Elon Musk at a knockdown price. By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. Oct. 7, 2014 6:41 p.m. ET The Toyota sudden-acceleration furor of 2010 was one of those colossal American dishonesties for which a reckoning never comes. No electronic bug was ever found (as government researchers attested). Among the many untold aspects is the Tesla connection. “If I don’t do it, somebody else will,” might be the personal theme song of Elon Musk, building his industrial empire partly on taxpayer subsidies. In just the past few weeks, he received commitments totaling $2 billion from Nevada and New York for his battery and solar-panel businesses. And legendary are the handouts, state and federal, to his electric-car business, only the latest (that we know of) being California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer’s grant of $34.7 million in fresh tax breaks in December. A little history: Back in 2007, Mr. Musk struck a deal with New Mexico to build his first Tesla factory, then reneged when California, largely in the person of Mr. Lockyer, offered a better deal. But where in California to build the plant? This is… Read more »

Aah: had that plant been sold to Hummer for the same price, wsj would have praised it.

Because its sold to an electric vehicle maker like Tesla, they wrote all nonsense, did they even talk about the trillions of $ of subsidies given to oil companies.

A closed factory has very little price and this holds true for any industry whether it be automobiles, computers, electrical products.

This article isn’t a news article, it’s a Tesla hit piece disguised as an opinion article. All this article proves is that WSJ had it out for Tesla long before 2014.

What’s your point? A real news article would have not “proven” his point, he can’t use that….it’s troll school 101.

Sorry, the electronic bug responsible for the Toyota sudden acceleration problem was found. I saw pics of the electronic throttle pcb with tin whiskers that shorted the electronics and sent a full throttle signal to the ECM. Toyota redesigned the pcb and coated it to prevent future occurrences of this problem. Sorry that the WSJ writer is so ignorant of root cause analysis.

Since when is the WSJ an impartial observer of anything electric? This WSJ OPINION PIECE can’t even mention Tesla or Elon Musk without adding, “… building his industrial empire partly on taxpayer subsidies.”

This right-wing zealot goes on to write, that plant situation was because “GM was abandoning as part of its Obama-engineered bankruptcy.” Gee, I guess it was Obama that caused GM to be such a money-loser. “Blame Obama,” as the right wing gleefully screams.

What a crock of an article.

Name ONE large business that doesn’t get subsidies for building in one district over another. How is this Tesla specific?

It is rumored you’re not an impartial observer.

I can entertain the idea of Tesla buying a(nother) GM manufacturing facility, but redesigning the Volt as a Tesla is a non-starter. Bringing it up to Tesla’s safety and efficiency standards would be at least as expensive as starting from scratch . . . and vastly more expensive than developing their own existing platforms.

I wouldn’t have bought my Volt if it wasn’t extended range.

Tesla will just build another tent in Sparks.

They don’t need a GM plant anymore than GM wants to sell them one.

Tesla can buy the Oshawa plant for 1 California Pesos to our 10 Canadian Pesos .

Being an oil exporting country, Canada would prefer to sell that plant to Ford or FCA and there is no way Ford will buy it given its own decision to phase out Focus, Fusion & Fiesta.
If FCA does not come forward, they will approach foreign buyers.

Otherwise they will come to Tesla grudgingly because 3,000 jobs are precious for their economy.

Milfan,Tesla Semi is one big stick and the Mod Y a delicious Carrot, I can see Premier Doug Ford drooling already.

It”s 1 to 1.325 today, and better to see BYD or some such company move in.

BYD is putting on hold or cancelling its small investment to produce E trucks, because of the Ford prov Gov’t canceling EV incentives ,you think they will come here? Only Tesla and Elon will have the cajones to swing a deal this big, at its peak in the 80s GM had something like 23,000 employees in this vast complex(it’s a quarter of that size now) , I live in Oshawa Ont.Can. A factory for the Mod Y and Tesla Semi would fit right in and Premier Fords knees would buckle if Tesla waved those CARROTS at him.

Tesla better go up and buy the lordstown plant

Yeah, yeah. In other words legacy auto goes bye bye.

How is this bye bye when GM had record profits last quarter. These are the things a legacy OEM needs to do to shift to EV’s. You have to lower your cost, becase with current battery pack cost you’ll have lower margins.

They’re shrinking. Shutting down plants and production, laying off workers in the short term will certainly help their bottom line, as will letting go of a third of your executive staff. I agree they are trying to do doing the right thing now, a few years too late.

How is it too late? Real EV sales haven’t even started yet. Tesla sales are good, but GM sells 10 million vehicles a year alone. The revolution is just beginning.

Because there is a disruption starting to stare them right in the face.

Justin Trudue and Doug Ford are talking to Elon right now ,all options are on the table

Absolutely but Sparks is the most convenient.

Well, maybe they can expect some help from the President, after all isn’t it a national security interest to keep workers making autos, but then again maybe he will just be a jerk, as usual:

The flew, GMs Cadillacs make for good Hearses,If Tesla can put EV powertrains on them they would be perfect.

Yes, it’s poor or zero push of the Volt into the market, with no advertising.
It’s dealer hostility to the Volt, now mean my next car has to be a Tesla.
Just as the Volt has gotten to Average Reliability in the Consumer Reports survey.
Which is when sales start to surge.

Yeah, I see this as a very sad day for EVs. The Volt was an awesome transition car. It was a car that people with range anxiety could buy, and then realize how awesome EVs are. And the Gen2 Volt really is so much better than the Gen1, which was pretty good to start with (we leased a Gen1; now drive a Tesla MS and Gen1 Leaf).

This is, truly, a sad day.

I love my Volt Gen2. Simple, reliable, fun, great range, good MPG for road trips and looks are not bad. A full BEV doesn’t work for some of my road trips, but I go 90% on electric. If I had one complaint it would be lack of AWD with low friction tires (screech). So…if Volt were replaced by AWD CUV or small SUV, I would be interested. Minor nits include visibility due to large C pillar and just ok heating.

Yeah to me it’s the perfect car, just needs a bit more rear seat room, a full hatch, and sure an AWD option might be nice (though hard with the battery position of the car as is).

I also don’t want a pure BEV. I like the strong PHEV model of the Volt, it’s far superior to the sad soft PHEVs everyone else (except Honda to their credit) is putting out. Just look at the garbage lifted Prius Prime Subaru is now trying to pass off now. 85% of my mileage is electric, including 100% of my daily commute. But I drive 8, 9 hours to Vermont or Quebec for skiing, and a BEV just isn’t compatible with that, even with DC fast charge — a giant hassle.

Long range Tesla S or 3 should be OK unless you’re talking about 8-9 hrs straight at 80mph with only time for one 15 min gas and pee stop

Sad to see the Volt go, I will definitely hold on to my 2017 LT model. It is a zippy commuter car perfect for my commuting distance, and for range-extended weekend trips to remote mountain and beach areas in my state with poor charging infrastructure. I purchased it strongly discounted and with full tax incentive for a little over $22k, almost half the price of the Tesla M3 I cancelled.

Bobby, there won’t be a Voltec CUV or SUV, because GM doesn’t have to make it and you will have no place to go but what many will call he “free market”. Even as i keep ranting about Tesla, they know they could make EVs the same color, with glove box touch screens, and still sell them.

The “era of lame” continues!

IMHO, it’s not the car, but, not only the Manufacture (GM) is also and most important, the stealerships. They absolutely don’t want EV’s on the roads, it’s bad business!.

Even when it had all the advertising and it still didn’t sell.

The theory that it needs to build tons of it so it can rot on the dealer lots is just stupid theory.

The period of time when they actually built them in quantities remotely similar in proportion to other vehicles so they could be similarly represented on car lots is none. They did ramp production and incentives and some advertising in early to mid 2013 (or 2014 can’t remember which year anymore), but that only lasted a few months before an extended idling and ending of promotions and advertising. They never made the attempt to sell it like they did with the Vette, Cruze, Camarro Malibu, Impala, and every CUV/SUV/Pickup. That is on the corporate level. On a dealer level it was by and large worse. A small minority of dealers were supporters and they sold it well. Many dealers sold very few of no Volts. From the point GM gave up promoting the Volt, it was relegated to a compliance and PR car for all intents and purposes.

Killing the Volt translation: GM gets all the CARB credits it needs with the Bolt.
GM has no intention of selling more than 30,000 to meet it’s CARB credit needs.
GM will go down with Ford.

Nailed it, just like Musk said!

What, GM goes around putting guns to people’s head to not buy GM EV? Fact is, it doesn’t matter if GM produced 1 trillion EV, they’ll still sell only about 30K/yr since even that level is sitting on dealer lots. With upcoming Kona and others, GM will sell even less, and that has nothing to do with GM “no intention of selling”.

If any company has no intention of selling, it’s Tesla. They haven’t fulfilled 400K+ reservation holders, yet they still refuse to make lower cost Tesla 3.


Tesla has no intention of selling? After they went to such extreme lengths to get their production up to 5,000/week? Making more in 2-3 months than GM makes of Bolt and Volt combined in a year?

They did in fact make a lower cost Tesla 3, haven’t you heard of the shorter range 3 they are selling now?

Once again, look at Bolt inventory vs Tesla. Bolt is overproduced and sitting on dealer lots while Tesla has many waiting for $35K model. GM is overproducing Bolt to sell while Tesla has “no intention of selling” $35K model any time soon, if ever.

Bolt needs it’s priced reduced to move metal. Other ‘hot hatch’s offer more car for the money. Over-pricing it compared to its category means that Bolt is a niche vehicle of people who explicitly want an EV and will pay more for it. Tesla on the other hand is selling as many Model 3 as they can make because their price/value proposition is solid vs. BMW or Audi even before the federal tax credit.

Tesla has stated their intention to sell a 35k base price Model 3 for years. I expect they will full-fill that promise early next year. Right now they can sell all they can make of more expensive versions and they are struggling to establish themselves as a profitable company, no need to rush the $35k version to market in the next couple months.

Hatchbacks cost more to engineer and build than sedans.

GM does not know how to sell EVs let alone make them at a profit . Do you know how much it cost to make a Bolt? what the profit margins are?why don’t you ask Sandy Munro and UBS bank?

I’ve never seen a Bolt ad on TV or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve seen countless ads for Cruze, Malibu, etc. If Bolts are sitting on Chevrolet lots, it’s GM’s poor marketing that’s to blame.

BenG that’s not the SR that was promised

If GM can sell in a year as much as Tesla sells in a month, then:
A. GM is intentionally limiting production.
B. GM’s products suck so nobody wants to buy them.

Take your pick.

C. All of the above.

Pure jabberwocky.

Agreed. Tesla has no intention of selling $35K Tesla 3 any time soon, if ever. Meanwhile, GM is overproducing Bolt since they are sitting on dealer lots.

If Tesla get to make and sell the base mod3 what are you going to say?

They’ll sell a short range Model 3. Just not at the promised $35k price point. Maybe $40k as a minimum.

Will they sell a 3 that costs $35k? Yeah, probably for a while. But if you want a 3 with more than 200 miles of AER you will probably have to pay $38k or more.

Tesla has been very clear, they have zero interest in product a sub 200 mile range vehicle. Keep in mind the Fed tax credit is sunseting for Tesla starting 1st qtr 2019. Unless congress changes the incentive plan, Tesla will have lower prices on the existing Model 3 offerings. Add in decontenting and less battery and you can get to $35K. That said, based on Tesla’s past I see them doing everything in their power to try to keep demand for the more expensive versions high enough to not have to produce the $35K or not have to produce it for long. The will certainly try to shift the demand at that price level higher, as every other car manufacturer would and should.

You win the most DUH comment of the day!

Is that any better than Meh?

You don’t watch TV do you.
GM spends Millions on Pickup Truck sales during Sunday Football. At the same time there are ZERO Dollars Spent on Volt advertising.

GM spent a lot of money advertise for Volt back in 2011 and got plenty of “free coverage” during the election year and guess what? They couldn’t sell more than 20K/year when their goal was 45K/year.

Go back and check how many were on dealer lots during that time. Also, if you didn’t actually visit Chevy dealers about purchasing a Volt then it’s hard to understand how much the dealers did to steer purchasing away from the Volt. GM, at the time, said directly that it was just a halo car and they priced it as such. It came out of the gate as a $41,000+ compact 4-seat Chevy hatchback. How many buyers, outside of EV aficionados, wanted a vehicle like that? A Prius, with more functionality (5 seats, bigger trunk) and arguable much less appealing aesthetically, was on every lot and in most iterations for 1/2 the price. Don’t kid yourself into thinking GM was ever trying to maximize Volt sales unless you believe the decision makers were that incompetent.

The CARB credits required ratchet up in the coming years by my understanding.

GM is lobbying through their lobbyist organization (along with all the major car makers) to stop that.

GM may have no intentions, but consumers also don’t have enough intentions to buy more than 20K Bolt in the US. Certainly not at the current price.

Most consumers don’t follow the auto press.
GM advertises Pickup Trucks and non hybrids, they just spend zero dollars on Volt and Bolt advertising. They’re Expert at not selling these cars.

Tesla don’t advertise and sell just fine.

Stop the stupid double standard. The problem is the crappy EV buyers. EV buyers hate GM so they don’t buy GM products. The few who don’t already bought nearly 200K GM PEVs. The rest people don’t care about EVs.

There aren’t any GM brand sluts.

The GM Volt was a huge conquest vehicle for GM. They brought in a higher percent of buyers from other brands than they get for any of their other cars and trucks.

Brand loyalty has little to do with this. EV buyers are brand jumping like crazy just to get the best plug-ins to suit their needs. Tesla buyers are majority conquest buyers too. Same with Nissan Leaf, who by far had more Toyota and Honda conquest buyers than Nissan repeat buyers.

Agreed – with EVs we have so little choice that brand is very secondary.

Strongly agree on brand jumping. In 2013 my wife and I, who had bought a long list of Hondas and Toyotas, leased a Leaf just to get an EV. We liked the dealership and the car, so when my wife wanted to replace her Civic in late 2015, her shopping started and stopped with a Rogue from that same dealer.

When I replaced that Leaf (which I bought with a hefty Nissan incentive) in March of this year, only two cars were real contenders: the Leaf and the Bolt. Wound up with a Leaf, which has been a great choice for us. But when we’re going to replace my wife’s Rogue, she wants a PHEV or BEV CUV/SUV, and will hop to a different brand to get it.

If I were an automaker, I really think I’d want to be ramping up my production of sedans/cars headed into a downward economic cycle. The reason trucks/SUVs are so popular right now is that everyone can afford one because of the historically low interest rates and good economic conditions.

When people’s paychecks are smaller and the interest rates are high (as they are starting to be now), then they cant afford that $35,000 SUV, but the can afford that $25,000 Accord. Back in the depths of the recession, cars were 50% of the sales of all vehicles in the US, now its down to about 30% but I would expect it to rise again if we hit another recession.

I do hope they focus on EVs as much as they say they will in press releases. But I have a sinking feeling they wont, they’ll falter by focusing on joining autonomy and EVs and just miss the EV boat entirely because this whole “Level 5” autonomy is not going to be as easy as they expect.

They have to focus on EVs for China. And thanks to the orange haired dumpster fire’s trade war, building those in the US, in US factories, with US workers is not viable.

Spot on…

Sub-Point: Republican Presidents seem to like to cause recessions.
You can have a trade war, but at some point you have to come to an agreement.
The longer you wait the deeper the recession, into a depression.


“$25000 Accord” & “$35,000 SUV”…Honda’s most popular CUV is the CR-V which has a MSRP below $25,000…

They sell a boat load of HR-V’s as well.

GM and others didn’t have efficient vehicles lined up to make that transition during the last downturn.

But they have been making their SUVs, CUVs, and Trucks more efficient by taking out weight and designing them to be able to adapt with hybrid and PHEV powertrains.

Also, many of the supposed CUVs, are really just small cars/wagons/hatchbacks that have been made to look like SUVs. And they get decent gas mileage.

Agreed… Even some of their trucks have 4 cylinder ICE. That’s a big difference than the V8’s they had in just about ever product in 2008.

During the last downturn, US market went from 17 millions to 11 millions. Even if they had efficient vehicles, it wouldn’t have worked.

Even Toyota needed bailout (loans) from Japanese government.

Consumer confidence has been at an all time high for a very long time. Consumers are buying and spending and splurging, pushing average SUV prices up year over year. Manufacturers are raking in record profits with these overpriced, low tech vehicles.

There is an end to that coming at some point. That black swan event will occur sooner than later. When people are that overconfident, it’s time to start planning for an over-correction. Shuttering sedan production by Ford and now GM will doom them. Timing couldn’t be more stupid on these companies parts.

There are low priced SUV/CUVs that are on par with those sedans that are being cancelled.

The tiny Trax costs thousands more than a Cruze and has a significantly smaller wheelbase.

Trax is made in Mexico, S. Korea and China.

Meaning even more profits vs the American made Cruze.

The Trax is a jacked up Chevy Sonic not a Cruze so add a couple of thousand to the couple of thousand…

A couple of years ago I read an article that Auto manufactures were laughing all the way to the bank at CUV buyers as the average MSRP of a CUV was 7,000 more than the car version it was based in…

I read something similar. The cost of raising the roofline and raising the suspension a couple of inches costs almost nothing to them. But what they can charge after doing so, is definitely comical.

Agreed. They are keeping their Gulf Streams on stand by, ready to fly to Washington to ask for a taxpayer bailout.


I’m sure in part, these changes are due to increased cost of acquiring components in the US. Making these lower margin products less attractive to GM. (See Trade War / Aluminum & Steel Tariffs)

I blame the Orange One for this.

I know, you much prefer the previous state of attrition, of all our jobs going to China and Mexico.

The U.S. trade deficit with China was $375 billion in 2017.

America slowly but surely turning into a 3rd world country. Let’s celebrate.

Another person with criticism and no solutions to this insane problem.

Everyone knows the Chinese dump steel in the US, cause they have a glut of the stuff, and even use Canada, and other countries to by pass US trade rules.

But yeah, lets blame the current President who thinks this is unacceptable, and is trying to make a difference to the US worker.

Before Trump’s actions, if you wanted access to the Chinese auto market, you have to form a 50% partnership with a Chinese company, and this is acceptable to people? Not one word of criticism from you about this.

And yet, it’s Trump recent actions, that this rule was changed, and Telsa got the go head to build their factory there.

But no, let’s blame Trump for what GM is doing.

Maybe your over paid barely-skilled union job was going to China, but not “all our jobs”. Besides, those overpaid union work coming back to US are being taken by robots. Maybe you’re rich enough never to buy made in China, but almost everyone in benefit from inexpensive (aka, Chinese tax payer subsidized) Chinese products.

Factory jobs are coming back in huge numbers since the orange one took office. 327,000 last year alone.
” The 327,000 new jobs over the last year represent the best 12-month stretch in 23 years. ”
Trump is a lot of things, not all of them good, but he seems to be growing the American economy.


Growing the economy vs old overpaid-barely competent union jobs coming back are very different things. I recently went to automated manufacturing trade show, and it is astounding what the robots can do, even compared to just 2 years ago (last time I went). Chinese almost-slave-labor is nothing compared to US made robots.

I’ve got News for you, China owns the biggest Robot Co. Kuka,now owned by Midea Group in late 2016. What the Chinese cannot make or invent they take by force if not by Money.

Single month vs. 12 month period is apples to oranges. Obama had good months and even a good quarter, but his policies dragged the economy down so much that even the CBO said that the US would not be able to sustain 3%+ growth again. Trump may have it over 3% for the year because of his policies. Or he might not. Time will tell. But Trump policies will undoubtedly grow the economy faster than Obama policies.

Union jobs are all “barely-skilled” that is why they are union. If you had skills in demand, you would never join a union.

Truly ignorant remark – repulsive behavior – go away

GM sources much of their parts from China and this trend will likely increase.

What I have noticed during my trips to the US is the over all outsourcing, and how the main street disapared in many cities.
The smaller special stores in the main street had skilled workers seiling US made quality products, and they had a range of those products.
I could buy a high quality towel, made in the US.. and high quality t-shirts. Some years later, most of the clothing/fabrics was from Bangladesh or China. The shoes were made in Indonesia. . And all the souveniers were made in China or Taiwan.
I would really not care that much what a souvenier cost, or a quality towel.. but many must have.. now it’s all Walmart and made in China.
I’ve got a kick out of New York written on one side, and made in Taiwan on the other side. The next trip, all the Taiwan made goods was replaced by Chinese made goods.
The only people who made a profit on this change was the really rich people, seiling Chinese made stuff, with workers on minimum wage jobs ..

Very true but the average US person would not pay 5 cents more for a made in the USA product even if it was superior…

The CEOs paid attention and then outsourced their jobs…

Wow, you’re selling the US consumer quite short there. I concur more with your “market long” on CEOs than the triple short on consumers.

Our trade deficit with China has increased, not decreased, since the trade dispute began.

Exactly. Trump bashers are completely in the dark. The average American hasn’t the faintest understanding of the world. Even top actors in politics and trade can’t find Austria on a map and constantly confuse Austria with Australia….It is sad how ignorant Americans are. Trumpians hope to open their eyes before we lose our country. It is a serious problem.

@ogden – Right. Because Trump is so massively intelligent. You mistake pomposity for knowledge. Trump is absolutely the one guaranteed person in this world who doesn’t know Austria from Australia.

The real America is already lost as the school system is faltering…
Kids will thow chairs or keyboards or whatever and when the teacher tries to gain control of the class they call the bleading heart liberal teacher a racist…
Comical absolutely comical…
Stories from in law teacher…

Furthermore the country that makes nothing is nothing…
Bye bye American pie…

Right the US is absolutely falling apart. Worst economy. Worst air quality. Absolutely the worst in everything. Oh wait, the most vibrant economy. The center of entertainment and technology. The home of Tesla, Google, Apple, even Facebook. The country with the best natural resources of any democracy in terms of arable land and energy.

Making towels doesn’t make a country strong/powerful/good etc.

Now making large things probably helps. Too bad we don’t manufacturer airplanes or boats in the US….

Obviously we could do better with transitioning, but the sky isn’t falling.

My kid is in school. I can assure you he doesn’t throw things at his teacher.

Democracy gets in the way of getting things done. There no planning and it’s a lobbyist paid system every 2 years. That’s why we can’t get good things. Google and Apple are mostly foreign born employees. We dumb down the school system and focus too much on getting kids pass instead of teaching them ideals and creativity

Trumps failure is increasing the trade deficit. Not reducing it.

And blowing up the Budget Deficit too. LOL. Remember when that was a problem for Republicans?

Also, their Tax Cuts for the Rich have never paid from themselves.
Not during Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, and Trump.

How long before the Fantasy “Economics” lesson gets learned?

Wall Street is telling Trump his Trade War is causing a Global Recession.

These layoffs are occurring in states that Trump won in 2016 (Michigan, Ohio). So much for all those extra jobs he promised people in those areas. These layoffs may help turn these states blue again come 2020.

Yeah – since Trump is not that dumb, this all may be a play for GM to get something from the US government. With auto layoffs, there is zero chance for reelection. Absolutely zero.

Trump is trying to jerk us into the Reality Arena. We have to isolate our country in order to get back all the trillions that the Dems allowed to leave the country. Manufactuing has to come back to America…no other way to solve our 21+ TRILLION $ DEBT.

“Turdburglar” is a derogatory term for gays. Did you know that?

That’s been Republican and Wall Street policy since Reagan to move jobs to China. Did you just wake up yesterday?

Where were you when Mitt Romney ran against Obama.
Did you forget that his jobs transfer to China was in the economic debate and helped Obama win?

😂😂😂😂 u are 🤪

Like Dems will sell out to the rich and bankers raise your hand 🖐

Meanwhile he wants to spend more money on a useless wall that will increase our record level debt even more – truly idiotic. Trickle down doesn’t work – get over it.

His actions were certainly another nail in their coffin.

Interesting that GM is killing two of their EVs just as they pass the credit threshold. Clearly they’re not going to be doing the huge ramp in the last quarter of the credit like Tesla did.

Two EVs? Which two? This article only mentions the Volt.

The Cadillac CT6 PHEV was killed earlier this year. Trivial numbers but it was still a model.

Only Volt is killed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bolt follows if EV tax credit is not renewed. In face of $7.5K cheaper Hyundai and Kia, Bolt simply cannot compete.

Caddy CT6

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Sure they can compete.
One: the Koniro will only be available in small numbers.
Two: they can drop the price by $7.5k, which is only $7.5k/4 credits = $1,750/credit. It’s still cheaper than buying credits.

Yes, BOLT is going to be a ho-hum performer. GM just doesn’t seem to get it. The car is essentially another ugly compact. GM needed to take on Tesla out the door. Luxury, innovation, outstanding looks…..all terms that cannot be applied to BOLT. The $35,000 price promise on Tesla’s Model 3 was one of the most brilliant marketing strategies ever. BOLT is an effort to try and meet that price point. GM never realized that the Model 3 didn’t have to meet it. It was a “suggested” price, a goal somewhere in the future (IF EVER) GM took the bait and has sorely underachieved with the BOLT.

The Bolt is an insult to America green buyers.
Plastic Interior, poor seats and bad rear suspension.
In essence GM want’s to Punish the buyer of the Bolt.

You think GMs straegy is by accident?

Except it will be easier to get a Bolt in the US market than it will the Kona or Niro. And Bolt will be less expensive at an MSRP based comparison.

The answer to Who Killed the Volt? is Congress. The stupidly worded EV tax credit law that tied the credits to the manufacturer instead of the industry or a date has made it impossible for Chevy EVs. I love my Volt but it’s not a $40,000 car, aside from it’s advanced drivetrain it’s just a Cruze which is a car that sells in the low 20s not at 40. Tesla can probably weather the loss of the tax credit, the Model 3 is stealing customers for Mercedes, BMW and Audi so the $60K price looks like a bargain. But Chevy’s are sold on price and if a Honda Clarity is $7500 cheaper than a Volt how do you sell the Volt?

Nope. What killed the Volt is most Americans’ refusal to consider compact cars at all.

I think a large part of the problem was that the Volt was a compact car built by Chevy. That is a huge negative after 40 years of crappy Chevy small cars. I used to drive my Mom’s Chevette when I couldn’t afford to put gas in the Silverado. Like night and day for quality. The Silverado was a tough beast with good finish quality. The Chevette was a toy. Then they built the Sprint, the Aveo and the Sonic. Each with poor quality and an ugly look, to boot.

Yep, Chevy compact cars are not known to be particularly desirable. Then you take away the 5th seat, a bunch of leg-room, and a bunch of storage space while jacking up the price by $15,000 or so … no wonder the Volt was only ever a niche vehicle.

The date for killing will past the date that GM reaches the threshold.

GM could have produced plenty of inventory for delivery by then.

Also, the way it works is that GM can produces tons of them sitting on the dealer lot waiting for delivery. So, the delivery date at dealership is what counts, not when GM produces them.

Well GM my next car will be a leaf or a Tesla unlike the generations before me I owe you nothing.

I really was considering getting a used Chevy volt but that is dead today.

You guys are at record profits and get a 3 billion dollar tax cut and still they fire the bulk of their workers.

There are a lot of stories saying it’s he electric car’s fault for firing all the workers but this story is kind of a punch or a joke in that they are also killing the Chevy Volt.

They are not firing “the bulk” of their workers, far from it.

Can you come here to Oshawa and say that to comfort the assembly GM line workers?.

Why would this prevent you from still getting a used Volt? Makes no sense.

It’s mainly getting parts for it if it breaks It’s why I wouldn’t buy a used Mitsubishi i-miev.

I also found out they are killing Impala which to me was one of the best Sedans on the road.

It seems Tesla is the only one that cares about the Sedan.

You won’t have any issues finding parts for it. You can get all parts for all recent GM products very easily. Parts are even easily available for shuttered brands like Saturn and Pontiac. There is zero concern about parts availability.

“I also found out they are killing Impala which to me was one of the best Sedans on the road.”

You and rest of the world don’t agree apparently since nobody buys the Impala.

Actually you not being Volt “new” is exactly the reason why they stop building them.

The impalas are great cars. I rented one for a rental and thought I was driving on clouds

Might be a principle thing or concern for resale. I suspect that when a car is not made anymore, resale falls even if parts availability isn’t a huge issue.

I suggest staying away from Leaf. They are also delaying 60 kWh Leaf and sticking with EV embarrassment crap Leaf.

You mean the vehicle that is outselling the Bolt 3 to 1?
Sure it is limited in many ways, but at least Nissan is selling it instead of just putting out enough to hit compliance levels.

The Leaf is outselling the Bolt 3 to 1 in the US? That’s news to me.

And where did he say US. Without even looking up the numbers, it is pretty obvious he means world.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They aren’t eliminating BEVs. They’re eliminating the Volt.

Not only not eliminating BEVs, but focusing more efforts and money to developing BEVs in the future.

With weak light truck regs, GM will pull some 48V crap out of a hat, that nobody wants so they can say “nobody wants it”.

The BOLT is headed for failure also. It is NOT what the public wants in a BEV…..

The Volt was Chevy’s best car in many decades, it brought me back to Chevy after 30 years of driving Chryslers because my 1980 Chevy Citation was such a piece of junk. Been thinking about a Model 3, now it’s almost certainly my next car.

I loved my 80’s era Citation.

I had an 85 Citation and replaced it with a Volt in 2011 🙂

Mechanical engineers were never very impressed with the VOLT. You will see very few VOLTS on the road 5 years from now. It will be relegated to the Edsel museum.

You’re delusional and probably live in a fantasy world.

Mechanical engineers whose jobs are threatened by a move to EVs don’t like the EV(ish) vehicle? I’m shocked.

(The Volt’s drivetrain is actual amazing mechanical engineering….but it might be a bit over-engineered…KISS principle ignored.)

Volt has been in production since Dec. 2010 , next year Mar 2019 is not quite a Decade? ,and my uncle had a Chevy Citation with a 2.5 4 cyl . lump of metal for a motor.

After this volt craps out. It’s the Clarity or i3 REx Done with GM


Old Caddies make for nice Hearses ,ala Ghost busters.

Deja Vu. GM has beautifully engineered plug-in car that’s adored by everyone who owns it. It could be the basis of their company’s future. And they kill it.

I’m glad I had the pleasure of driving a Volt while they were available.

GM learned a lot from the Volt when that it applied when developing the Bolt. Ceasing production of the Volt doesn’t mean everything learned from its development is gone. A lot of it already lives on in the Bolt.

Actually, GM learned from SparkEV. Bolt bottom plate battery thermal management is pretty much the same as what was in 2014 SparkEV. There’s also CCS DCFC that’s not much faster than SparkEV, despite Bolt having 3X larger battery.

Learned from the Spark EV, which learned from the Gen 1 Volt.
Did anyone ever test what the max DCFC speed (kW wise, not useless % of battery-wise) of a Spark EV was? Curious if it could charge faster than 50 kW like the Bolt.

Why isn’t % irrelevant? To the contrary, it is the only logical way to measure charge and discharge rates across varying battery sizes.

“by everyone who owns it. ”

Yes, but not by everyone who don’t own it.

That is the problem. Lack of owners!!!!!

Sounds like GM is doing what Ford did, concentrating on the most profitable models to invest more heavily in EV development.

Which is exactly what Barra said they were going to do.

I don’t think GM is building EV’s the Bolt was a side show and if I was running GM I would have built a EV Impala with 250 miles of range.

Why the negative headline? This is good news, as GM is now fully committed to an all electric future. They had to make some hard choices in terms of closing plants that were loosing money. We will see a new electric GM come out of the ashes.

Cause we have an entire generation of depressed people, who have been fed a life time of negativity by the news networks.

Many people are incapable of seeing the positive, but most important of all, are too mentally lazy to see any solutions.

It’s all knee jerk, negative reactions. Everyone is an expert, by criticizing every thing.

The Volt is the best PHEV on the market. What they should do is move it into SUVs, crossovers, pick-ups, minivans, etc.

GM’s not going to built EV’s these are the same people that went insane ripping all of Americia’s electric Streetcar systems.

One of the truly great transitional vehicles was canned. Negativity is understandable. Hard choices after a very profitable quarter seems hard to swallow – even though we know it is more complicated than that.
“fully committed to an all electric future” – that is super crazy optimism. There is no pathway to all electric that doesn’t involve PHEVs in the short term.

Hope they use the voltec platform in something else. Cant stand all the suv n mini suvs but i guess thats all you will be able to buy in the near future as far as american made goes besides a tesla. Idk as expensive as vehicles are getting soon were gonna have to take a mortage out on a vehicle and say goodby to doing your own repairs th co dont make much money when you do that. The almighty dollar reigns supreme

Ford is keeping a Focus variant and the Mustang. The Mustang will have a hybrid option, and a BEV is in the works. The Escape hybrid is coming back, as will a hybrid version of the Explorer, F-150, Ranger, and Bronco. Ford (Lincoln) is keeping the Continental (for now). The MKZ is on it’s way out with the Fusion.

Chrysler/Dodge is keeping the 300/Charger and the Challenger. The rest of their sedans and non-SUV/CUV hatchbacks are already gone.

I am surprised that GM is doing this. Unless they are having really serious financial problems, it would seem to me that they should wait for Ford’s sedans to end production to see if they will actually increase their market share. They would be the only traditional US manufacturer with sedans, where all the other ICE sedans are European and Asian.

They cancel the focus for us market

I find this very hard to believe. The Volt is THE BEST PHEV on the market.

Maybe the feel the Model 3 proves pure EV is the future for light-duty cars? Maybe they’ll (FINALLY) move the Voltec drivetrain into SUVs, pick-ups, crossovers, & minivans?

But dropping Voltec completely would be beyond stupid.

Yep, hopefully GM gets smart and moves the Voltec into bigger vehicles like trucks, SUVs, crossovers, etc LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE YEARS AGO and they would dominate these markets!

However, I’m not holding my breath waiting for them.

A next-generation Voltec system could be good, if put into a purpose-designed platform. Shoe-horning the traction battery inside the passenger/storage space cannot be the approach going forward, though.

Battery has to go into the floor, go forward from there with both pure electric and plug-in options in popular body styles.

The T-shaped battery that intrudes into interior cabin and storage space has to go. It was a compromise design from the start, to shoe-horn the Voltec system into a non-purpose designed electric vehicle.

GM absolutely should be investing in their next generation battery packs and purpose-designed electric and plug-in vehicles.

RIP the Volt. It was a good car, but over-priced for the amount of space and performance it delivered, and so it was only ever a niche vehicle.

I love my Volt, while acknowledging some real flaws (I’ve never had a car that was remotely so hard to drive in reverse at night: the backup camera is often completely useless and vision out the rear is very bad. Interior space, storage and utility are bad compared to my 2007 Prius.) I hope GM moves forward with a purpose with the electric and plug-in vehicles … it’s all been low-volume stuff so far. Will they aim for a true high-volume plug-in? I hope so.

Meh. The T-shaped battery is safer in bad crashes as compared to door-to-door rectangular battery found in the Tesla. Tesla has had multiple instant carbeques from crashes, while the Volt had had no instant carbeques from crashes.

Check how many vehicles Tesla sold in relation to Bolt/Volt. Accidents are also caused by other person hitting Tesla.

If you are a Volt supporter, I am sorry for you.
If you just another gas mobile supporter, please note that 5 of them were axed. CT6, XTS, LaCrosse, Impala, Cruze.

Well, the shape of the battery is not exactly a fundamental aspect of the design. It was shaped that way to fit into a conventional low-slung sedan. But you can make the battery any shape you want for other Voltec based vehicles. The relevant specs from a battery are charge-rate, discharge rate, thermal system, etc. The shape is utterly irrelevant.

The shape of the Volt’s battery has absolutely been relevant to it’s success and lack thereof so far. It intrudes too much on interior passenger and storage space. Period.

Uh…OK…my point is that they can make the battery into any different shape for many different Voltec vehicles.

A T-shaped battery pack won’t get breached in a very bad side impact with a pole, while a rectangular battery would.

I have no problem with that observation, but there are tradeoffs. No car can be designed solely with safety in mind. The public is not used to giving up so much interior and storage space, and I think they’ve pretty much spoken as the Volt goes out of production. I, for one, as a Volt owner and a 2007 Prius owner, really notice the difference in usable space between the two.

The two Caddy Voltecs both had space and usability issues.

EVs have to compete well on any front that it’s possible, and putting the battery into a well-protected floor rectangle yields a car that has interior space advantages over it’s ICE competition vs. the Voltec implementations with their disadvantages.

The real reason is that the price of oil would be really cheaper and the more profitable SUV’s and trucks would be all the automakers would care about. Americans have very short term memory about the oil price sting. They want to have their trucks if the price of oil tanks. It is happening… GM is positioning to capture those profits while they can and move into full EV when their hands are forced. But as for me, I have vowed not to buy any new ICE vehicles for future purchases.


The real reason is that the price of oil would be really cheaper and the more profitable SUV’s and trucks would be all the automakers would care about. Americans have very short term memory about the oil price sting. They want to have their trucks if the price of oil tanks. It is happening… GM is positioning to capture those profits while they can and move into full EV when their hands are forced. But as for me, I have vowed not to buy any new ICE vehicles for future purchases.

The real reason is maybe GM sold too many Volts and Bolts for the likes of Exxon, with less demand there’s a surplus of gas on the market, while oil barrel prices are still high.

Seems like the death of the Volt is really just collateral damage from closing Hamtramck rather than an intentional ending of the program. Hard choice for GM.

Current line up at the plant:
Buick LaCrosse 2017–present.
Cadillac CT6 2016–present.
Chevrolet Impala 2014–present.
Chevrolet Volt 2011–present.

None of which sell in very large numbers.

Cadillac CT6 which was built with lighter stiffer steel that made it more fuel efficient and interior space than XTS did not sell as much as they expected because of the $6K higher price tag.

XTS was mainly sold for fleet and sold higher this year. Probably those are not profitable.
So Cadillac will have just 1 sedan: CTS and 1 coupe: ATS.

And Buick will become Crossover only brand like Jeep & Landrover.

Buick have the Regal

GM and its dealers never actively sold Volt and they just put the blame on customers. When people can pay $50 K for a vehicle like Model-3, why won’t they pay just $34 K for a car like Volt which can go another 300 miles on gas driving 53 miles on battery alone.

This discontinuing of the VOLT validates my predictions. GM never saw a penny of profit from the very beginning. The VOLT was a terrible idea. A BEV was indicated but they ignored that market.

Ignored the market?

They still have the only BEV capable of 240 miles of range for under $40k.

It was a fine idea, and the Volt served as a fine practice run for GM to make a significant number of electric cars. It ultimately ran into the limitations of it’s compromised design.

“Compromised design” yes but, the Prius Prime and its “limitations” lives on? And, also not to mention the early success of the PHEV Clarity.

So Toyota is missing something, or GM is onto something.

I wonder which ICE OEM is making the bad call on their PHEV program?

The Prime does also have a compromised design with the battery pack intruding too much into storage space, and the lack of 5th seat for the sedan’s weight limitations. But Toyota designed the Prime to be affordable to mass produce and sell at a competitive price. After tax credits, the Prime is the cheapest Prius, and even without the credits it’s a mid-priced option.

If Toyota is smart they’ll beef up the suspension to offer 5 seats, and bump up the roofline into a slightly more CUV profile to regain the storage space they lost to the battery.

But Toyota will need an improved design in the future, no doubt. Too much of a compromise in the Prime for it to be a big hit.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“and pickup truck categories”

I thought Gooberment Bailout Motors said they will not make an electric pickup?

They said they had no (current) plans to make an electric pickup. Doesn’t mean they won’t or can’t. Also, it was a weird comment, considering the chief engineer for the Colorado Pickup said it was designed for all powertrains, including PHEV and BEV.

This is nothing that a 1 dollar tax increase on gas couldn’t fix.

which should have been last year.

They will just import the chinese version.

Probably, and that may turn out to be a piece of junk.

Why announce the end of the vehicle that you plan to keep on building until March 2019? It seems like they are going to Osborne effect their sales. I guess labor requirements to announcement lay-offs?

The Volt amphibian is finally dead, less than a decade?the Cadillac Hybrid “KILLER ” of Tesla? how long did that last? Hey BOB PUTZ where are you? Need your words on this.!

What about Bob?

Just always wrong Lutz.

As usual Mr. PUTZ is hiding inside an oil barrel. Check where some smoke comes out, that should be from his cigar.

Very unfortunate. We’ll need PHEV’s for several years as the charger infrastructure matures and battery tech improves.

Tesla fan boys disagree with that point.

Yes, we will need PHEV’s for many more years, and in more larger classes of vehicles. We need much more selection, not less selection. We need as large a variety as ICE cars. Lack of variety is significantly holding back EV’s and PHEV’s. Losing options hurts all EV’s/PHEV’s.

We need more options to keep plugins from becoming a limited niche vehicle, like the Toyota Prius had become for Hybrids. Traditional ICE vehicle makers need to step up their game and spend their money to FIX any sales problems, instead of spending their money on lobbyists calling on the gov’t to gut clean car regulations.

Sad day for EVs

Sad day for sedans. The EV was collateral damage.

1 USD = 1.33 CAD (Canadian $).
Tesla can buy the Oshawa plant in Canada and make vehicles at a lower price.
But they don’t have much cash, but Canadian government has tons of it.
Its time they approach Tesla to buy, renovate and start manufacturing something there.

Either that Semi or Roadster or upcoming Model-Y.

There is merit to that idea….

Tesla clearly needs a 2nd production facility fairly soon; Oshawa is closer to the Buffalo Gigafactory than Fremont is to Nevada; The GTA area workforce has higher than average skills and technology capability (was on HQ2 short list); The new CETA agreement allows car exports to Europe; NAFTA/USMCA still enables vehicle exports to US; Canada is less impacted by trade wars when it comes to materials.

(Bonus point: Oshawa is just down the road from where Elon went to school…. he knows the area)

Volt is a marvel of American Engineering, capable of running on both the motor (battery) and the engine (fuel). Very sad to see it going down. Ideally they should have reduced the price which should have boosted the sales.
Even the Cadillac CT6 plugin is closed.
Now, GM has only these models as alternative fuel vehicles.
Chevy-Bolt (Electric)
Chevy-Malibu (Hybrid): This one is not a big seller.

All their talk about electrification is just vacuum.

i’M usually not startled by any corporate releases but this one startled me. As well as my Canadian friends, of whom many work for GM in Oshawa. Mary Barra better plan on hiring a few more body guards if she intends to visit Canada anytime soon.

Discontinuing 2 of the 3 ev’s GM makes does not sound to me to be in the spirit of “20 new ‘electrified products’ in 5 years”. March 2019 for the last Volt ever is just around the corner.

The Bolt ev (although I enjoy mine), is simply too much of a niche product. Most GM buyers purchase larger vehicles, and now for the EV offerings they will be forced to look elsewhere.

Yes, the motto GM created after the EV1: “Can’t Trust GM”,
looks like it still holds.

Apparently Pres Trump got very vocal with Barra yesterday “You Better have something to put in LORDSTOWN!”..

This is one thing I like about Trump – he reacts the same way everyday Americans do. UNIFOR head JERRY DIAS called GM’s new policy a
‘Betrayal’. Trudeau is ‘disappointed’. But only union leaders, Unifor workers who went on strike yesterday, and Trump appear to be the only ones ANGRY about this since expansion continues in Mexico and China.

I’d like to see at least a ‘hint’ of the 20 new vehicles in the next few years that are supposedly ELECTRIC. In general I HATE when a company discontinues a product before they have a replacement. You never get any continuity that way.

This announcement is about a transition away from passenger cars towards SUVs and CUVs not about a transition away from the Voltec technology in favor of BEVs. The Volt’s biggest weakness–as almost everyone acknowledged–was the Cruze platform on which it was based. This transition has been anticipated for some time, so there’s no real news here, except that it happened about a year earlier than anticipated.

Without an immediate transition vehicle with the Voltec drivetrain, it is going to be hard for GM to bring the Voltec drivetrain back from the dead. Having parts available “off the shelf” is a huge deal when it comes to building a new model. Stopping Voltec drivetrain production means it is no longer “off the shelf” and just makes it harder to introduce into a new model compared to doing it now.

Even when they were bringing the Volt to market, they had to change their plans and use an “off the shelf” 4-cyl instead of the planned 3-cyl engine because it was going to cost too much to emissions qualify a 3-cyl engine.

IF they were going to transition to a different platform, the time to do it would have been long before deciding to kill the Volt.

They are still building the velite in China. So they still have the “parts off the shelf”.

People tend to forget there are a few Auto bankruptcies every 10 years or so. Basically during every economic cycle, a couple of automakers go bankrupt, because they run out of capital. We are getting close to the end of the current cycle, and it remains to be seen who will go down in this game of musical chairs this time. Ford and GM are both planning for this, but it appears GM is in better position to survive due to previous bankruptcy. The weakest automakers are those who are not currently profitable or have high debt loads, and their product pipeline is not well prepared for the downturn, probably Tesla, Mitsubishi, Ford, and Jaguar/Land Rover.

Despite Chevy website displaying about Malibu Hybrid for 2019, its not available for sale.

So Chevy-Bolt is the only electrified vehicle in entire GM lineup that will soldier on.
I hope they at least sell it well.

The BOLT ev will basically die when the $7500 tax credit expires. I like mine, but I’d be nuts to buy another one when I could get the superior Hyundai for $7500 less.

So what happens to all the electric tooling? Will they move Tim to other facilities and use for other EV models?

Also, does GM have that short term of a memory about the last bailout due to their lack of small vehicle diversity?

It is a shame to hear the death of the Volt, and frustrating too. Calls for GM to build a larger vehicle with the Voltec drivetrain date all the way back to the original introduction of the original Volt back in 2011, and have only become stronger and more relevant in recent years. A wider range of Voltec vehicles sharing the same drivetrain would have made the Volt cheaper to build, and may have actually brought more buyers to the Volt if they could have gotten more buzz around the Voltec system by building more variants.

Success breeds success, and the success of a “Halo” Voltec CUV/SUV could have brought in more buyers to the Volt.

Sadly, the death of the Volt with no immediate replacement is going to be used against the entire EV/PHEV sector as an attack against plugins by the variety of people interested in bashing green cars.

In china,Buick Velite 5 is still in production.

With everyone transitioning to SUVs, CUVs, and Trucks, maybe we will finally see a PHEV version of one of these from GM.

too little, too late

That’s Toyota’s tagline.. but nice try. Their EVs die before they are born.

ALL ice based car sales are dropping.

Two thoughts occur to me, after reading the GM gobbledygook:
1. I’m pretty sure “unallocated” is not a word.
2. “staffing transformation” = “Soylent green”

No. It’s to going with SUVs and trucks. They are going to die soon as well and this time no one is going to save them when they fall. Especially here in Ohio since they are closing the factory

GM should have built this afte gen 1 with gen2 https://insideevs.com/volt-crossover-may-debut-in-2015/

While the Volt goes to the graveyard, the propulsion system is not. Some more detailed stories have brought up that GM plans to re-appropriate that power-train to an SUV in 2020. The question is, if that is the case, where will it be built? Seems like Detroit maybe out of the question since they are closing the plant.

“Detroit may be out of the question” that is until Trump just recently stated his objection to ongoing GM subsidies from the Feds. These include the $7.5k Bolt rebate. This will absolutely hobble Bolt sales going forward, if enacted by the POTUS.

GM is already very close to triggering the phaseout of the federal tax rebate through sale of 200k subsidized cars.. Trump’s threats on this front are absolutely toothless. Very doubtful that he could pull the subsidies for one US carmaker prematurely while every other carmaker foreign or domestic still gets them (though with Tesla’s starting the phaseout process already).

While GM / Chevy may be ending production of the volt. They will need to continue pursuing EV, PHEV, and hybrids in their business model to continue to be relevant.

Someone mentioned earlier that GM’s Chevy Volt was “a marvel of American Engineering, capable of running on both the motor (battery) and the engine (fuel).” While the Volt does incorporate a fair amount of advanced engineering, the concept for it was very simple.
Since 2016 power to the wheels has been provided by two electric motors (one up to 2015) which get their energy from the primary battery pack. For that reason it is – drive-train-wise – and EV. The small gasoline-powered engine is essentially an on-board generator used to charge the primary battery pack when it runs low on juice.
Get rid of the gas engine and gas tank, add more battery capacity in their place and – voila – GM would have a pure EV. Market it aggressively and it would sell.

ummmm..and what about the average person who clearly rejects the idea of solely battery power because of their experiences of their smartphone going dead or their neighbor telling them that the electric grid is going to be overloaded and collapse.

The Volt was never a pure serial hybrid like you describe. There has always been a mode of functionality that lets the gas engine directly drive the wheels at highway speeds … for efficiency.

Also the Volt is not remotely designed to become a successful EV if you just take out the gas engine, tank, etc… and add more battery: one of it’s main flaws is that the existing battery takes up too much interior passenger and storage space.

They need an all-new design to move forward with a new EV, or they need to base it off the Bolt, which incorporates a modern battery in floor design that works great for EVs.

I’m assuming President Obama is rushing down to his Chevy dealer to buy a Volt quickly before they’re gone? He said publicly in 2015 that he would buy a Volt when he left the White House.

The Volt has been on or near the top selling EV spot every year..and the only car with the extended range system. If GM doesn’t want it, I’d say that ‘s a great opportunity for someone else. Whom ever that may be, I would just recommend making it a little more spacious in the back seat and affordable, and make a crossover sort of version like the Chevy Trax with a longer range like 80 miles.

Volt could have been much better IMO… It could only seat 4 people, sure it had 5 seat belts but that T-shaped battery took up so much interior space…
GM should have used the Spark EV skateboard battery, which would have given it more range(about 75 miles under *normal* driving, not hypermiling). In addition, they should have boosted performance(CT6 plug-in had more performance, but that was enabled purely by the firmware). And it should have had 7.2kW charging from the beginning of the 2nd generation….
Lastly, they should really have put in Cadillac SuperCruise.

There you have it, a:
True 5 seater sedan with 75 mile AER, charges in 3 hours, has sports-car performance, and level-3 self driving.

P.S. a serious advertising campaign, just like their gassers, would have helped.

I’m pretty sure the original Volt prototype design had an in-floor skateboard type battery. But it was lost during the transition to production when they decided to base the Volt off the Cruze platform, and had to figure a way to shoe-horn a big battery inside that existing space, coming up with the T-shaped battery.

It was an okay compromise, I’m sure it saved them a lot of money to not have a fully stand-alone car that didn’t share design with other models, but if they’d wanted to build a car that actually could compete on equal footing with the gas cars, they needed that fresh-sheet design.

The Bolt is a good platform to build off of for compact vehicles. Hope they move forward with the Buick compact CUV based off the Bolt, right quick.

Maybe in its next life the Volt will come with a Hydrogen range extender like Hydrogen First is championing.