General Motors Rolls Out EN-V 2.0 Fleet In Car Sharing Pilot Program

JUN 9 2015 BY MARK KANE 18

The two-seat EN-V 2.0 has an electric range of approximately 40 km and a top speed of 30 kph.

The two-seat EN-V 2.0 has an electric range of approximately 40 km and a top speed of 30 kph.

General Motors finds occupation for its EN-V 2.0 electric concept vehicles.

16 of them are now used in a two-year pilot car vehicle sharing program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

“The EN-V 2.0 pilot vehicles will be integrated into the multi-modal transportation system at SJTU’s Minhang campus alongside bicycles, cars and shuttle buses. They will help meet users’ “first mile, last mile” transportation needs.”

“Eligible drivers selected from among qualified faculty members and graduate students at SJTU will prepay a set membership fee to offset the cost of using the EN-V 2.0s. This will support a simple and seamless locating, renting and driving experience.

GM engineers and SJTU staff and students will work together to collect and analyze data from the vehicles’ operation and users’ input, and share learnings on usage patterns and vehicle requirements.”

The EN-V 2.0 is a two-seater, capable of 18.6 mph (30 km/h ) and 25 miles (40 km) of range.

GM Executive Vice President and President of GM China Matt Tsien said:

“This program will allow us to better understand how people could use an urban mobility vehicle such as EN-V 2.0 in a real-world setting and in a vehicle-sharing arrangement. It represents an important step toward transforming GM’s vision for sustainable urban mobility into reality.”

SJTU Vice President Dan Wu commented:

“SJTU attaches great importance to our cooperation with GM. Sharing vehicle data will support research at SJTU in related disciplines while promoting improvements in GM’s technology. Intelligent transportation, autonomous vehicles and electrification represent the key areas of our cooperation and the future as well.”

EN-V 2.0

EN-V 2.0

EN-V 2.0

EN-V 2.0 – almost like BMW i8

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Holy S*1t! They took a cool two-wheeled concept and turned it into the car from Woody Allen’s film, “Sleeper”…

Way to go, GM. We have enough dorky 4-wheeled golf carts on the planet already.


*slaps forehead*


So much for the Tomorrowland bubble cars…


I saw Tomorrowland, btw, and recommend it highly, especially if you have kids. No bad words, no questionable situations. Basically, the film is about positive attitudes towards the world’s eminent problems.

I didn’t have hopes up to see the Volt and yet there was a tiny bit more than expected. Right at the very end of the film the Volt shows up for a couple seconds – and on the screen of a GM engineer’s tablet.

I don’t get why the film got panned so much. When it’s out on DVD, I’ll buy it.


My impression of the movie was that it was a commercial for a new environment at one of the Disney parks, exit through the gift shop please.


It is a Disney movie after all…

Gene Baker
This NV is something the industry really needs, a different way to think about and use EV transportation. If we rely on the current EV models: Volt, Telsa, Leaf to drive EV adoption and infrastructure we are doomed and play right into the hands of Big Oil and Big Auto. The only way we are going to beat them is to change the model and attack them from all sides. Our industry needs an Uber moment where the current model(taxis)gets flipped on its head. Big Oil and Big Auto are already afraid that younger auto buyers don’t really care about owning a car. All forms of personal transportation(ebikes, personal blimps and submarines, Rascals, eBikes, skateboards, jet skis, eboats need to be able take a Level II charge. For the last 100 years the Tuk Tuk has been one of the most popular transport vehicles in the world. They currently use a noisy, heavily polluting, two stroke motor. There is tremendous environmental pressure to change all the gas powered Tuk Tuks to electric. Etuk is based in Amsterdam but they just opened up a US facility in Denver. If we could get them to incorporate level II charging into their vehicles,… Read more »



There are thousands and thousands of electric scooters and bicycles in China already. Both electric scooters and bicycles are capable of more than 18 mph; and park in a smaller space compared to these bubble golf-cart sizes cars.

Perhaps if these cars had a driverless feature like the Google cars, they would not need parking and could transport many people each day.


“first mile, last mile” great idea,

“first 10 miles, last 10 miles” would be even better.

Tesla’s fill one market
Volt’s fill another
Leaf’s fill another
This could fill yet another

The G7 have spoken, the target is zero in 85 years time. Lets start with what we can do today and then see whats left – this can be done today so lets give it a go and see if people like it. Works for me.


The suburban happy motoring idea was a disaster from the start. We need to make the switch now, or we’ll all end up walking.


Looks… expensive.
And when you see the price of a Twizy, which is already pretty hefty…


But the Twizy goes faster (25 mph vs 18.6) has twice the range (40 v 25 miles), and is far less dorky looking. WTF GM?

I would have gone with the Renault product.

Dave B

The European Twizy will go 50 mph. It’s been dumbed down to meet the US ridiculous low speed vehicle standard.

If you want to see these smaller, lighter vehicles in the US, we need a “medium speed” category – 40 – 45 mph max.


You are right about Woody Allen dud, it will be better at Disneyland, a game of transportation!!!!! Do not we have a better solution than that?

You are always welcome to see better solutions at:


This is certainly a better solution than simply asking for a better solution and posting a link while at home or office in an air conditioned room and doing nothing else…


E-NV 2.0 name is not much different for another electric vehicle … the eNV-200.


Could it have self driving Aspects? Note the lidar looking thing on the roof 🙂