General Motors Granted Extension on CrossVolt Trademark


It’s still a possibility that General Motors will eventually launch a Volt-based crossover vehicle at some point in the not-so-distant future.

According to blog site GM Authority, General Motors has been granted a trademark extension on CrossVolt.  It’s believed that GM is holding onto this trademark just in case it decides to green light a crossover with Voltec technology, similar to the Chevrolet Volt MPV5 Concept that debuted way back in April 2010.  The MPV5 Concept featured seating for five in what was described as a mini-minivan setup.

Original trademark filing.

Original trademark filing.

Some deeper digging revealed that the extension on the CrossVolt trademark was actually granted back in August of 2012.   A portion of that extension filing reads as follows:

“The applicant has a continued bona fide intention to use or use through the applicant’s related company or licensee the mark in commerce on or in connection with all of the goods and/or services listed in the Notice of Allowance or as subsequently modified for this specific class.”

“This is the second extension request.   The applicant has made the following ongoing efforts to use the mark in commerce on or in connection with each of those goods and/or services covered by the extension request: product or service research or development.”

Trademark extension.

Trademark extension.

If GM wishes to continue to hold its CrossVolt trademark, then it is required to ask for extension approval every six months.  Since the last extension was granted in August of 2012, GM will either ask (and likely be granted) for a third extension by the end of February or lose its CrossVolt trademark.

Trademarked image.

Trademarked image.

As long as GM continues to hold this CrossVolt tradermark, then there’s still hope for the thousands out there demanding a five-seat, crossover Volt.



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Not a big fan of “CrossVolt” anyway. since this looks more like a Volt wagon than a crossover.

Also I don’t see how it could seat five if they use the existing Volt chassis and T-battery. Seems like the quickest thing to do would be to use 90% of the existing Volt design, but with a sporty looking wagon-body, then just add a third row of removable seats that face backward. Then I would call it the “Re-Volt”.

Should that be hard?

Too bad they couldn’t just refit an Equinox with the voltec powertrain. Do that and I’m in.

Combining this news with the info about the next-gen Volt platform change, I am wondering if they are holding out to get away from the T-shaped battery design before introducing the CU-EREV (I hope they get a better acronym).

I am happy to see this is not totally off the table.

Ive see this VOLT wagon so many times you would think its already a production model, lol! Talk about vapourware!

This wont be hitting the streets until Gen2 of the Volt, once the battery pack is redesigned skateboard style, probably 2016 model year at the earliest..

GM better hope that the Mitsubishi EV Outlander doesnt sell well at $45K or theyll be playing catchup again!

I want a “Voltamino…”

I’ve owned a Chevrolet El Camino and a GMC Sprint and they filled a niche in my life when I needed the ability to go somewhere “in style” or when needing to haul the dogs or a load of firewood.

I guess if someone rear-ends my 2012 Volt, I’ll do to it, what I did to a 2004 Jetta TDI wagon, and make my own Voltamino.

I am struggling in my Volt without five seats. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the sweetest ride I’ve ever owned… but I REALLY NEED five seats soon.
I can’t afford a Tesla, the Leaf doesn’t have enough range (and it’s ugly), and now that I’ve had a Volt the Ford Vmax and Plug-in-Prius are a step backwards in performance and class.
PLEASE GM make us an affordable five seat Volt… SOON. 🙂