General Motors’ Execs Discuss 2016 Chevrolet Volt – Videos

OCT 21 2015 BY MARK KANE 41

Here is a short video that highlights the 2016 Chevrolet Volt and its improvements over the first generation Volt.

2016 Volt

2016 Volt


According to Pam Fletcher, Executive Chief Engineer for 2016 Chevrolet Volt, the second generation Volt brings significant efficiency gains, not only from new propulsion, but entire car (aerodynamic, low rolling resistance, lower brakes friction losses).

2016 Volt is ratef for 53 miles of EPA all-electric range

Tim Mahoney (Chief Marketing Officer Global Chevrolet and Global GM Marketing Operations Leader) notes that the 2016 Volt will attract new consumers to the Chevrolet brand (70% new faces) as Chevrolet delivers what they were looking for (more all-electric range, more technology and better design)

Videos (below):  Just some stock exterior/interior design footage on the Chevrolet Volt provided by AutoMotoTV

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saw a new black volt today

wasn’t impressed by it.

literally looks like a civic, if you know cars you’ll be able to distinguish it but its really similar looking

first gen volt looks cooler. im sure 2nd gen drives a little better but thats not enough to sell me on it

I rarely pass judgement on a car till I drive it. An ugly car with a good ride will sell me ten times faster than a good looking car that rides terrible.

I enjoyed test driving a Leaf. But the bug-eyed wall of fugly, limited range and lack of thermal management kept me away…

I had someone tell me they LIKE the bug eyes. That was a first!

The Volt 2.0 is one of the most beautiful cars on the road.
Get you eyes checked.

I realize aesthetics are personal and therefore subjective, but I have to agree with Koenigsegg. The Volt 2 looks as much like a Honda Civic as a Model S looks like an Aston Martin.

Same here with Australian eyes.
The Volt 2 is a disappointment, they should have Volted a normal Cruze for the end result and saved the Cash.

I too prefer the Volt 1 and expected much more than a Japanese Honda with Mazda sides.

Still if this is what N/A wish for with that god awful Ford type Bling grille then so be it.:-) At least in Australia we won’t have to worry about it as Volt II will not be in Australia due to GM give up at the first signs of head wind on RHD.

Makes me admire the other manufactures for sticking with EV’s in WORLD Markets for the LONG haul vs GM

GM will learn no doubt, but the hard way I’m afraid.

You should take a look at the 2016 Cruze, it looks a lot like the 2016 Volt. I thought I was looking at the new Volt when I first saw it, until I noticed the lack of chrome. One difference is that the Cruze appears to have Corolla like tail lamps rather than the Volt’s Civic like tail lamps.

Someone needs to get their head examined.

If looking like a Civic would get Volt to sell at a fraction what Civic sells in volume, GM would have done its job.

For everyone that found the Volt 1.0’s ‘face’ to be bland, and its lines to be GM-Committee’d, the Gen 2.0 will be welcome – time will tell if the old design stands up, but from someone that likes the newer ‘sportier’ profile/lines & face, the Volt 1.0 looks very.. well, 1.0, and I’ve always felt that way — Great idea, design, engineering, but bland as off-brand white bread (can’t talk the better half into it, even when I offered to paint it a color away from off-brand white bread – even expensive cars have less singularity choices than a 1969 Toyota – Only GM could take a car and paint it White with Off-white pearl, sigh).

i think the gen1 volt has a very modern, even somewhat futuristic, design that strongly connotes aerodynamics. it is, however, not a “sporty” design, so if that’s what you are seeking in a car, the gen1 volt is not it. the other thing about the gen1 volt is the center stack design that flows from the floor console and is just a really nice looking center stack, which in my opinion is much better looking than that of the gen2 volt.

gm tried to give the public something that looked distinctive in the gen1 volt but apparently the feedback that they received suggested the public wanted a more conventional design, so i can’t fault gm for doing that in the gen2 volt.

i’m not in a hurry to ditch my gen1 volt, but when i do, i would have no difficulty in trading it in for a gen2 volt. in my opinion, the volt is still the best engineered phev in the market.

i do predict that gm will eventually go to body color on the lower front grill…

Most don’t like the stack in the 1.0. It was actually a deal breaker for me. 2.0 is much better.

When I hear “futuristic design that connotes aerodynamics but is not sporty” I think “space car” (or, less charitably, “Prius”).

Given the praise that Tesla has received by releasing a beautiful EV that looks nothing like a space car, I think GM made the right choice with the Gen2 Volt. While there is a certain market for drivers who want everyone else to be able to instantly tell that they are driving an environmentally-friendly car, I think the success of the Model S has worked to reduce much of the cachet of the ugly bubble car as a green status symbol.

the model s is a very conventionally designed car; the reason why you perceive it as being different is because of the electric drive train under the skin, but the design of the skin itself is quite derivative. so basically, what you are stating is that gm was correct in going for a more conventional design with the gen2 volt. i personally like the design of the gen1 volt better but i understand that gm has to make decisions with a view of achieving the widest market acceptance.

Looks pretty good. Clearly they are making an effort.

What customers want – Sold globally in volume (the planet needs this), RHD versions, and priced with a medium term view to develop the market (ie, fix up international transfer pricing disaster of gen 1).

What customers want – not priced just to create maximum yield for small volume sales

well said Malcolm and so true.

True but why shouldn’t it look like a proper stylish Volt as well.
Agree on the RHD, GM gave up too easy and folded.

I’m a fan of GM engineering team…..not necessarily of management though.

GM needs to get this Tim Mahoney guy off the stage. Pam is good, this guy is not.

I live in Baltimore Maryland and I ordered the 2016 Chevy Volt at the end of September. It is a summit white with the comfort package. I got a call yesterday from the dealer. He told me the car has already been manufactured and is waiting to be shipped to Baltimore. If this car was as ugly as the Toyota Mirai I still would want it because of the powertrain. I think GM has put a great deal of love and care in putting this car together, and it shows. This will be my first GM car. This will be a perfect fit for my transportation needs and I will be doing my part to help clean the air we breathe.

GM has DESTROYED Toyota and it’s Hydrogen-Edsel.

I believe that is a slight against Ford. But it is also a brilliant description of Toyota’s fuel cell folly.

LOL! Yes I wish this was true, but the US, Japanese & Korean Governments are working hard to ram this inefficient hydrogen crap Down our throats to maintain the status quo.
Dam sight more efficient and convenient to plug in!


So now, HE refers not only to high explosive, but Hydrogen Edsel too.

I think, for Mirai and its siblings, we need to bring HE into the green vehicle lexicon along with EV, BEV EREV, PHEV etc.

Come to think of it, these things do come in with a whimper and will probably exit with a bang!

But, I still want and NEED a Wagon Version with more cargo capacity and more rear seat headroom.

Kids are taller these days. GM needs to update it’s human body space requirements. It’s not 1959 any more.

Yes, agreed.

Voltec equipped Equinox would be a hot seller.

ModernMarvelFan, If you get something as big as the equinox it would need a lot more batteries to go 53 miles per charge. Would GM be able to sell it for less than $40,000? I don’t think so. If you want a full size SUV, probably the Mitsubishi Outlander is the one for you.

Well, it doesn’t need to get 53 miles to be good. Something over 25 would be nice. The more, the better but just don’t let it be a 13 mile system like PiP or the new European Compliance PHEVs.

I don’t think we need Equinox PHEV to go 53 miles. If 18.4kWh is used, then let us assume that 13kWh is usable at 2.5miles/kWh would still give it a good range of 32.5 miles. That would still be class leading range. I would be happy with only 25 real world EV range for an Equinox sized SUV.

Outlander is nowhere to be found right now and due to lack of Mitsubishi dealers, Chevy dealers would have made the sales better if GM makes it.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is no where near full size, it is a compact.

The Montero/Shogun is just big enough to qualify for full size by the EPA.

I prefer the looks of my generation one Volt, but generation two looks nearly as good. What I really want is a Bolt, though.

Yes, I prefer all-electric as well but I do like the aerodynamic look of the Volt … now if only GM offered the 200+ mile all-electric Bolt with the Volt exterior…

I’m quite eager to test drive the 2016. I’m curious about how it ‘feels’ when then engine starts, as the engine is now permanently connected to the wheels (in the sense that I mean it – i.e. the electric motors ‘control’ how much of the torque gets to the wheels and can reduce it by ‘overspinning’ the ring gear on the first planetary gear set.

But it does reconcile how most reviews thought the car was ‘smoother’ than the Gen 1 volt (which started the engine completely disconnected from the drive train), and the one reviewer who said in so many words he thought he sensed a shudder when the engine started.

I’m just curious as to the ‘feel’ of it with a very light pedal. Under normal or heavy acceleration, I’m sure it works just fine.

But overall, the Volt looks great. I just hope they increase the charging speed a bit with the BOLT.

“I just hope they increase the charging speed a bit with the BOLT.”

Bolt will most likely come with CCS fast charging. Do you mean you want faster than CCS or faster L2?

Rather than wasting on faster L2, Chevy would do better to install CCS chargers in all their dealers and other places, but NOT FREE!!!

Well, now LG is in charge of the battery and charging on the Bolt, I wouldn’t be surprised that it is better than the current 3.3/3.6kW system that GM got.

The Bolt will look better than the Volt (Australians helped with this) and yes charging will be faster.
Now RHD – Will GM spend a few dimes to make a proper world car to be sold everywhere?
Competitors can get their foot & brand in the door if the market segment (no matter how small is left vacant for too long).

I stopped considering GM products long time ago they build junk and I will never buy one again. The should not even be in business GM stand for Government Motors now.

Craig, The GM of today is not the same company of yesteryears. Anyone you meet on the street driving a Chevy Volt, ask them how they like the car. The proof is in the pudding. Give GM a second chance. They might have killed the electric car, but boy, are there pumping life back into it now!

“Tim Mahoney (Chief Marketing Officer Global Chevrolet and Global GM Marketing Operations Leader) notes that the 2016 Volt will attract new consumers to the Chevrolet brand (70% new faces) as Chevrolet delivers what they were looking for (more all-electric range, more technology and better design)”

…and those new faces will turn around and walk away as they approach the phalanx of chain-smoking, fast-talking Chevy dealer sales reps trying to move them to a Tahoe, Silverado, Malibu, or Impala with better sales commissions…

You say you listened to Gen 1 Volt owners in developing the Gen 2, GM, but did you, really? Hear our collective roar – Give the Volt the ground-breaking sales and marketing model it deserves, GM!