General Motors Donates 12 Chevy Volts For Good Cause


MBAs Across America

MBAs Across America

According to the Detroit Free Press, “a nonprofit called MBAs Across America, which has 32 MBA students from six different universities criss-crossing the nation this summer, working with young companies in 25 cities” has received a dozen Chevrolet Volts, which were donated by General Motors.

GM CEO Mary Barra was contacted by the non-profit.  As it turned out, the non-profit wasn’t seeking money, but rather more reliable transportation.

In stepped General Motors with 12 Volts.

Quoting Barra:

“And as it turned out,they weren’t asking for money. They were asking for help with transportation, which was a huge opportunity for us to do something that’s not only great for the communities involved, but also we’re able to showcase some technology, so we’ve provided Volts.”

Michael Baker, a co-founders of MBAs Across America, commented:

“One of the most exciting moments so far in the program was receiving the call from Detroit a few months ago that GM was donating the Volts.”

So, if you see a group of Volts crossing the country, they might well belong to MBAs Across America.  For more on this non-profit, click here.

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Very cool. I hope they’re not always just “crossing the country” though, but doing local routes as well.

The Volt is best suited for those 40-60 mile daily driving patterns.

I can just imagine MBA’s arriving in more than a few states, in a Volt, saying “we’ve got just the plan”.

This is sure to be a learning experience ;).

Maybe GM should’ve sent ELRs instead. (I hear they’ve got a few extra.)

Look at those grins!

Speaking of students and Volts a used Volt makes the perfect car gift for the perennially cash-strapped college student. It allows them to come home to have their laundry done and to go on Spring Break. 🙂

Odd choice of a nonprofit to donate too. There are many struggling nonprofits in the US that are doing actual charitable work.

Actually a smart move. Let the MBA’s test drive a Volt and once they’re done with the program they’ll likely land a high paying job where they can afford to buy their own Volt or ELR. Apple used a similar hook in the past by donating Macs to high schools and colleges.