General Motors Confirms Death Of Opel Ampera


Opel Ampera To Die Off Soon

Opel Ampera

Okay…maybe it’s not the most detailed of confirmations, but when it comes from General Motors Europe President Karl-Thomas Neumann, then it’s at least official.

Per Karl-Thomas Neumann:

“After the eventual run-out of the current generation Ampera, we’ll introduce a successor product in the electric vehicle segment.”

A successor does not mean that a second-generation Opel Ampera will be sold, but rather that a replacement product makes its way into Opel’s lineup.

There’s ample speculation as to what this replacement plug-in vehicle will be, including an un-rebadged Chevrolet Volt, a rebadged Spark EV, something based on the Opel Astra or possibly even something entirely new.  We don’t know for sure what’s coming, as Neumann was purposely vague, but what’s not coming is a second-generation Opel Ampera.

So, consider the Opel Ampera now to be dead.

Here’s the series of 3 Tweets from Neumann:

GM Europe Boss Tweets

GM Europe Boss Tweets

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Phew, I was going to get a bit hot headed but it’s nice to know now that there will be a faithful successor.

Even with the best possible outcome GM’s messaging is atrocious. It has done a great disservice to the current and any future plugins. I remain rather hotheaded (ok, and maybe quite a bit knuckleheaded).

It’s worlds away from Tesla’s method of advertising, which is Musk tweeting on twitter.

But what diservice is there? Other than giving the impression to plenty of people that a plug-in has failed after only a few years on sale.

A bunch of folks forwarded me this story and basically said they told me so when I got my Volt, GM and EVs suck. And for over 2.5 years I have been trying to convince them otherwise.

Thanks GM!

I’ll keep my Chevy Volt and Think City…..Thank You. $1.60 on electricity rather then $7.00 at 30MPG on gas is fine with me on a round trip to work. The Wife drives the Volt round trip daily to work with no gas as well. I’ll keep the electrics and the Volt for gas backup on long trips. Your welcome to the gas hogs…..

What did I say? “..trying to convince them otherwise” I love my Volt too. I am afraid GM doesn’t.

European authorities and companies still think there are ways to avoid the death of the combustion engine.

Exxon thanks you Europe,
doing nothing, not buying hybrids, means Exxon can set up it’s Belgium refinery to crack Canadian Tar Sands.

Enjoy the increased global warming and pollution.

Just Google the CO2 emmission per capita in the US compared to Europe before you give a reaction like this…

Even better, look at the man behind the curtain for the gutting of the EU’s Fuel Quality Directive:

EU buckles under US, Canada pressure in TTIP talks

Don’t worry, we will do our part. Car manufacturers need to reduce the average emission of all their new cars sold by 27% during the next 5,5 years (from average 130 g/km (48mpg) in 2015 to average 95 g/km (66mpg).
Hopefully the WLTC will soon (2017?) replace the NEDC to make those numbers realistic in the real world too.
There will be plenty of electrified vehicles in Europe.
The hardest parts will be to get Germany and Poland on the green train and close their coal mines.

Perhaps the upgraded 2016 model will replace it.

My guess would be a 200 mile (European Cycle) BEV which will also be the replacement for the Spark EV, only sold nationwide.

Couldn’t they offer a better price if they manufactured in Europe?

That’s what Nissan does. and Tesla will manufacture in China so they can offer a better price.

I agree with the above comments about GM. I’m pretty PO’d about this as well….and I have a Volt.

It could be something as simple as bringing over the new Volt.

Honestly, I never much saw the point of the Ampera. It’s a Volt. Everybody who bought one or looked at one knew it was a Volt. Why spend money and design resources pretending that it isn’t?

Most people in Europe do not associate Opel with more expensive premium vehicles available in the EU.

The same is true of the Chevy Volt. Chevrolet does not have the reputation as a manufacturer of premium automobiles.

And so. for Opel…Volt…Vauxhall…and Holden to come out with a vehicle that basically costs twice as much as a run of the mill Chevy or European Opel is a bridge too far for many people.

Chevy and Opel simply do not have the reputation to carry the big, sudden, shocking price difference.

And then, there is the huge “transmission” hump running the length of the vehicle.

The Voltec power train is nevertheless fantastic. No quarrel there.

Battery hump, and it only runs the length of the passenger cabin to keep the center of gravity low and centered, to keep the battery safe, and to leave the trunk open for use.


will replace with a new ICE vehicle.

Maybe the new Ampera would be the rebadged 200 miles BEV that GM is planning to offer with LG batteries.

Since EU favors BEV over PHEV with their heavy incentives, so it would make more sense to offer the 200 miles BEV instead of the 380 miles PHEV.

Our Inside the Global Electric Fueled Vehicle Industry, seriously cutting edge Journalist, Eric Loveday beats me to the Opel CEO Twitter Tweets! Good Shot ERIC! : ) “[…]We see #eMobility as important part of the mobility of tomorrow and we will continue to drive down costs & deliver affordability. 1/3 /KNT – Our next electric vehicle will be part of our massive product offensive – with 27 new vehicles in the 2014-2018 time frame. 2/3 /KNT After the eventual run-out of the current generation Ampera, we’ll introduce a successor product in the electric vehicle segment. 3/3 /KTN[…]” Hmmm, lets dissect the last statement. About the 1st Gen Chevy Volt EREV, now in its 5th and last year of production… ‘After the eventual run-out of the current generation Chevy Volt EREV, we’ll introduce a successor product in the electric vehicle segment.’ So, we know for almost fact that Chevy Volt EREV Gen 2 is headed for the NAIAS 2015. We know for a fact that the Chevy Volt in its current form has run its natural course for the Gen 1 platform. We know that, thus, the Gen 1 Voltec platform is being discontinued as Voltec Gen 2 arrives. Therefore we… Read more »