General Motors Cancels Opel Adam Electric Vehicle

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Opel Adam Coming January 2013 In Europe (sorry, gas only)

General Motors has decided to not produce the electric version of the Opel Adam according to reports from the Automotive News.

Opel Adam Interior

High costs have forced Opel  to shut down plans for the EV subcompact,  which was borrowing technology from the upcoming Chevrolet Spark EV (which is still on track for late 2013 in the US).

These higher than expected production costs would have made the price-tag on the mini EV too high for European customers to bear.

According to Opel’s chief engineer on the Adam, Dieter Metz, “It was a business decision,” he said. “We could not charge the customer the price needed to make it work on the cost side.”

Alfred Rieck, who would be the executive talked with selling the Adam EV as Opel’s head of sales and marketing, said sales of EVs are slow because customers are not willing to pay the premium for EV technology.

“If you look at the technology that’s available on the market today, it’s very expensive.  You end up with a certain price of the car and consumers are not interested in it.”

The standard (non-electric) Opel Adam goes on sale in Europe in January to do battle with the Fiat 500.  The standard Adam has a 1.2L or 1.4L  four cylinder engine, but a turbocharged unit (1.0L) will come later in 2013.

And no, GM has said you won’t see a version of the Adam (electric or otherwise) here in North America.

GM's Opel Adam Set To Take On The Fiat 500

Automotive News Europe (sub)

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That’s a pretty stylish little car. GM would sell tons of them in the US.

Why would GM not want to compete with the Fiat 500????? Just so sad.

I would be more likely to buy this as an electric BEV than a spark. Really like the red color.