GM Announces Baojun E200 Will Launch In China This Month


SAIC-GM-Wuling sneaks a new all electric vehicle with a stylish interior into their Chinese lineup.

Earlier this year spy shots and early promo images had been floating around the web of a follow up the the popular Baojun E100 electric vehicle. Since the E100 was launched in late 2017 it has sold more than 22,000 units.

The E100 received a series of improvements to features and range earlier this year. Now the follow up vehicle, the Baojun E200 is set to launch this month. General Motors says that the E200:

Features more than 200 upgrades compared to the E100, including a longer range, a new exterior and interior design, and improvements for in-cabin quietness.

While the E100 and E200 will initially be sold along side one another, the E200 will eventually replace the E100 according to GM Authority.

The quietness of the electric drive and vehicle components seems to be a point of pride to the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture. According to the press release, when the vehicle is accelerating to 2600-3800 rmp, gearbox noise is 40-45 decibels and air conditioning noise levels can be as low as 42.9 decibels.

The Baojun E200 has a longer range than the E100

The vehicle has a “constant-speed” range of up to 270 km (~168 miles) according to GM. However, these are New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) numbers. Depending on driving conditions, a driving range of 160 km (110 miles) to – 210 km (130 miles) is probably more realistic.

A GM representative informed us that pricing has not been announced yet, but will be soon. Performance numbers have also not yet been provided, but it is likely similar to the E100 with a top driving speed of 100 km (62 miles) per hour.

The exterior styling might not be for everyone, but the small two-seat vehicle certainly is eye catching. Where the E200 really stands out is in the unique interior. It should appeal to young and tech minded commuters.

E200 Interior Is stylish

Sources: General Motors, GM Authority

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17 Comments on "GM Announces Baojun E200 Will Launch In China This Month"

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Is it weird that I love this design so much? If only there was much more investment in personal vehicles like this (Smart as well) where even REx systems can fit inside. A man can dream…

Yes, it’s weird. I hope they don’t waste too much of their resources on this.

I hope they sell them in the tens of thousands.

I love the interior a lot! It looks much cleaner than the Smart ED interior.

Because, everybody knows, the world really needs more electric SUVs.

I see it as the gas-auto industry plan to continue to design and sell cringe worthy ugly EV’s. There are a number of out of proportion design elements that purposely make it ugly. So, Not fooling for this one.

On the positive side, GMs competitors can wipe out GM sales with a better looking product. It only takes one competitor to hurt GM in this segment and destroy their investment.

Design tastes are different in Europe and Asia. This is not out of line with a lot of small cars I’ve seen while on business travel there.

At the right price, people will buy this EV.

Affordable urban EV.

The right price better be really darn cheap and well under 10k after incentives because BYD, BAIC, and now even Great Wall all have real looking cars with much better specs at the 10K and under price range…

Have to say I hate the “styling” but like the tire and rim size for city BEVs as the manufactures rims and tire sizes they put on most BEV and ICE are ridiculously large and destroying the BEVs efficiency…

The Baojun E100 I think is like $5,000 after incentives. So the E200 is likely a little more than that.

A GM ripoff of the Smart.

Does this count as one of their 2 new EVs in 18months? Or toward the 20 by 2023?

I would believe so. It’s tough to imagine most of 20 they quoted to be available in NA. I’d say less than half is likely

Probably. That claim of new EVs is all about China, not anywhere else. My guess is, here in North America, we will see one, possibly two new designs by 2023 available here if we’re lucky. I’m sure their plans are to import new BEVS to America from China after their release there if there is enough interest. We are now mostly a secondary market and we still love our pickups and SUVs, both which aren’t as favorable to BEVs as cars are.

With a battery of 19,4 kwh, this car with the right price would sell tens of thousands in Spain, particullary in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.I would buy one no matter what, even with a price of 10.000 eur.

That would be half the price of the Smart EQ.

Death cars