General Motors: 9 Solar EV Charging Canopies, 395 Workplace Chargers and 4,300 Charging Stations at Dealers in US


It’s time for our fun facts post of the day.

Volt Charges at Ren Cen - One of GM's 395 Workplace Chargers

Volt Charges at Ren Cen – One of GM’s 395 Workplace Chargers

In the did you know category, we present some charger highlights from General Motors:

  •  9 General Motors’ facilities in the US have solar EV charging canopies, which can be used by both employees and visitors
  • To date, GM has installed 395 workplace chargers at its various US sites
  • General Motors has provided its dealerships with 4,300 charging stations

Seldom does General Motors mention any of these feats, so we thought we’d pass this useful charger knowledge along as our way of saying yes…GM is doing its fair share to support plug-in vehicles.  Unfortunately, the automaker almost never makes this EV-support info publicly known.


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I just wish GM dealerships would actually try to sell Volts and Spark EVs. We hear so many stories about GM salesmen trying to urge a buyer to go get a Cruze instead of a Volt and hundreds of small or rural dealerships opting out of the Volt program.

The reason they don’t mention the 4300 charging stations at dealers is because they don’t really own them.
The 395 chargers they do own are located at sites primarily used by GM employees.
GM really needs to think hard about how they are going to compete with the conveniently located free Tesla supercharging network. If the Tesla model E comes to market with the option to add use of supercharging network, how will the GM 200 mile EV compete? Tesla may not offer the option initially but after they fully cover the US with these supercharging stations they might consider it. Currently Tesla has 30 supercharging locations each with 4 to 8 superchargers and most are at convenient locations. GM needs to consider branching into the charging infrastructure business if they truly want to compete in the EV future.


It’s interesting to see that in 2010 GM had solar charging stations lined up with Sunlogics with the Chevy Volt Green

It appears the dealers did not participate.

The superchargers are not convenient for people in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, etc.

Your opinion of the tesla business model is taking for granted that what they are doing is going to work for years to come. It is still unproven at scale and at the true consumer level.

All Compliant, Certified Chevrolet Volt Dealers were required to have 2 L2 EVSE in place.
For the most part these were the garden variety, $499.00 version now available from Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, that acquired the late SPX.

Bosch has teamed up with Evatran to bring wireless/ Inductive Charging to the Chevy Volt EREV and the Nissan LEAF, as of June of this year!



Thomas J. Thias

OK GM . . . are you going to do the right thing and install SAE-Combo DC fast-chargers at your dealers? Get working on it.

Who might solve this? Bill Marriott. If he gets on the ball and installs fast J1772 at all his hotels across all chains, then widespread charging may be feasible. Some shopping mall owners own hundreds of malls under one corporation. They can also solve charging needs of the future. Charging should not be free, just as gasoline is not free. Tesla supercharging is not free at all. It is embedded as an incuded $2000 charge for each car whether you use the chargers or not. Many owners never will. GM should consider a $20 embedded cost in every vehicle they build and use that funding to install a public charger in every dealership for GM vehicles. Exclusive, similar to the Tesla model which is highly touted as “the way”.

my spark ev has the dummy plastic cap where the dc fast charger is….and the fast charging cannot be added to ev’s already delivered….we’ll see what happens in dec/january. my car will be obsolete within 6 months. the dealer did not make this disclosure when i purchaes the car

Great night at the Ren Cen. The 64th floor Marriott room was comfortable. Drinks and atmosphere at the Volt Bar- Outstanding!
Brunch at the Volt Lounge- Tasty!

Plugging in to the Chevy Volt Quick Charger, Parking – Comp, PRICELESS!
Parking and topping off the battery-

Ps- 210 round trip, full charge at both ends- 1 1/2 gallons of gas!


Thomas J. Thias

Thom, 210 round trip and only 1.5 gallon? You sure? That means you did more than 110 miles on 1.5 gallon of gas if you got 50 miles per charge. You say you drive fast, so how much gas did you really use? Or, is 210 a km count?

A Very Big Oops! Thanks Bonaire, this ole’ Fact Checker needs to be Fact Checked once in a while!

Actually it was 3 gallons. Left the local Free Solar Carport at 8:00 pm, that Saturday night-Topped off at the Ren Cen Mariott, run home next day- 3 gallons! Sorry all

Actually the gallon and a half was the Ann Arbor EV Show with multiple free L2 top offs.


Thomas J. Thias

What about PlugShare? All GM dealerships with EVSEs should publicize that they have charging stations available on Nissan and Ford do, why doesn’t GM?

So how upset would they get if I pulled into a Chevy dealer to charge my Energi for an hour or so…

Naw, would give me a chance to upsell ya into a Upscale Midsized Car that can run nonstop 42-55+ plus warm weather miles for bout a buck electric! lol


Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.