Gen 2 Formula E Car Will Shock The World


Newly-crowned Formula E champion Jean-Eric Vergne believes people will be shocked by the progress the series will make when its Gen2 car is introduced for the 2018/19 season.

As well as adding the new car ā€“ which will remove the need for drivers to swap cars and let them run at 200kW as a standard power setting ā€“ races will feature an innovative attack mode format.

Nissan will take over from Renault at the e.dams squad, while BMW becomes a full FE manufacturer, and Mercedes affiliate HWA joins ahead of the German marque entering the series alongside Porsche for season sixth.

Vergne, who clinched the 2017/18 drivers’ championship in New York last month with one race to spare before taking a walk-off win in the season finale, reckons these developments demonstrate how FE’s standing can “increase massively”.

“I believe that the foundations of Formula E are [now] here,” Vergne said.

“It is like building up a very nice house with very strong foundations ā€“ there can be wind, thunderstorms or whatever [but] it is going to stay there because it is what it is now.

“We got many manufacturers in the championship and I think from next season onward, the level of Formula E is going to increase massively and everybody will be shocked.

“Like the same way people were shocked in the first few seasons when people believed Formula E would crash, would never go where it is today.

“And now people [might] start saying that Formula E cannot increase or cannot improve because it’s impossible, because it’s already very high.

“But I think the step Formula E will make next year with Gen2 and a better organisation and bigger things will be absolutely impressive.

“Formula E still has a lot of surprise for the world and I’m very proud and very happy to be part of the championship.”

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JEV has a non-zero chance to be in F1 in 2019.
Might sound absurd, but I see him as #1 driver at Toro Rosso.
(And yes, I know what has happened and what he said about Red Bull.)
But with the new rules in 2019 and the budget cap the times of the “Juniorteam” are gone. Red Bull will need 2 strong teams with 4 world class drivers to compete againsr Ferrari/Haas/AlfaRomeo-Sauber and Mercedes/ForceIndia/Williams Superteams.

So, we will see soonish.

Sorry, of course new rules in 2021.

And the budget cap is far from being a done deal.

Not done, yes, but not that far.
Farrari seems to be ok with it, will spend the money on The Alfa Romeo Team (now Sauber).

If we take seriously his sentiments that “Iā€™m very proud and very happy to be part of the championship.” and also “the level of Formula E is going to increase massively and everybody will be shocked,” it seems to me that he feels that Formula E has by far the most exciting future of any race series and wants to stick with it.

The questions is why he would downgrade to a series slowly on its way out when he can be part of the history of the new era of motorsport.

2020 version will shoot turtles out of the front! šŸ˜‰

Seriously though, the rate of improvement in EV race cars is crazy fast.

I read in an article that this gen 2 should last 3 seasons (but I never find confirmation). This generation is already great but at this rate the gen 3 will be awesome.

What about Fernando Alonso in Formula E. Could be the first F1 abd F E champion.
FE needs good pilots and Alonso needs a car equal competitive to the rest to win. He will make the diference.

Alonso is going for endurance world championship, maybe Indycar. Formula E is still minor championship. He wants the triple crown and won 2 of the 3, Montecarlo F1 GP and Le Mans 24 hours, and he wants to win the Indy 500. And I will not be surprised if next year or maybe in two years, drives a F1 again.

Still bummed that the red bull rallycross series died, becuase they were planning to add an EV class. That would have been fun.

I watched a bit of the Germany Rally in WRC an hour ago. This part of the rally corresponded to no more than 8 min of race. I instantly thought the WRC cars could be full EV cars. I have no doubt than within 10 years they will be, pushed by the traditional carmakers.

I think rally fans are a bit traditional, they like the engines noise too. For me is a nice part of the show. And they race for a minutes or not. There are stages with dozens of km in WRC, even more than 100 km, and they must to drive to other stage, and race, and then go for another stage……. For example, the famous Tour de Corse this year, had 12 stages (one with more than 55 km), and the pilots had to drive the cars for more than 1100 km, 333 of them were timed. I don’t know if a EV rally car will be capable to do this.

Now, if only InsideEVs would stop putting the results in the title of the race report all would be well with the world. Just announce results inside and make the title spoiler alert.