Geely Unveils GE11 Compact Electric Car: Will Be Sold Globally

MAR 1 2019 BY GASGOO 11

New all-electric sedan launches.

Geely unveiled the all-new GE11 compact all-electric sedan on February 26. The new model is a “globally developed product” and will spearhead Geely’s foray into overseas markets, the automaker said.

From the official photos, we can see that the GE11 adopts a “closed-off” front face, which features a new logo officially named “quantum silver shield”. The lack of a grille suggests that the GE11 is a pure electric vehicle that has no internal combustion engine under the hood.

As to the side profile, smarter aerodynamics is characterized by sharp body lines and “hidden” door handles that helps reduce the air resistance—drag coefficient for the car is 0.2375Cd.

The new vehicle measures 4,736mm long, 1,804mm wide and 1,503mm tall with a wheelbase that spans 2,700mm.

Featuring a fastback design, the rear end adopts flat taillights that are connected by a chrome trim. Besides, there are two charging ports at the right-front wheel eyebrow and the left-rear wheel eyebrow respectively.

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With a minimalist design, the interior largely covered by gray materials. The dual-spoke flat bottom accentuates a sense of sports. In addition, many key presses are integrated in the auxiliary instrument panel and the center console that carries a large-sized touch screen.

The GE11 is able to run at a top speed of 150km/h powered by a 177hp (130kW) electric motor and a lithium-ion power battery pack.

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“and a lithium-ion power battery pack.”

So much details 😉

150 km/h? That’s barely fast enough to initiate a flux capacitor.

Price. Range. Availability. Please, Geely, we need these details.

Oh, and I dare you to make a comparison to the Model 3.

150kmh (93mph), 177 hp, no stated range….. The price better be around $25k before any credits. It’s hard not to notice the Tesla Model 3 dash copy.

Might do OK – at $25k it would be the lower level EV many might be looking for. Range matters though, and would certainly need to be over 200 miles, better at minimum 250 miles. Then it could be a good choice for those who cannot quite reach a SR Model 3.

No capacity details, battery chemistry, no warranty information, no range, no price, availability date, production/year.

What is actually unveiled here? Two images?

Range is ‘likely’ 353 km, set to hit the market in first quarter of 2019… so like, any day?!

That would be comparable to a SR Tesla Model 3 in range – price would need to be max $25k before credits to capture the market that cannot quite reach a 3.
Higher power levels at comparable prices to the $25k standard model would start to get Geely into territory to be considered competition for Tesla, so the price of this model is key.

The lady in front of the car must be really small if the car is considered a ´compact car´.

A car that is 4.73 meters long is considered an “upper-mid-size” for brazilian standards.

These are some sexy looks (the car, not the lady – not that she is bad looking)
When are we going to see chinese cars in Europe?
Now with the EVs its now or never, european car makers are stuck into legacy and they have already lost
their well known advantage – they dont even have battery capacity while the chinese with catl and byd have plenty of.
Just bring this beauty or Byd Tang ev600 here 🙂

Where is the compact car? You must have mixed up the picture with one of a huge car.