Geely Aims To Electrify 90% Of Its Models By 2020

NOV 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

Geely cars

Geely cars

Geely Logo

Geely Logo

Geely Automobile announced a plan of switching to New Energy Cars.

By 2020, the Chinese company intends to equip more than 90% of models with alternative powertrains (like hybrid or plug-in hybrid or all-electric).

The bold move is a consequence of government’s requirement to improve average fuel economy to 5 liters/100 km by 2020, and also the current incentives to sell plug-ins.

About two-thirds of models will be HEV or PHEV, while the rest (90%-66% = 24%) are to be all-electric.

There could be also some hydrogen fuel cell cars in the mix, although we doubt any volume of significance.

Source: Bloomberg

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Geely has done a tremendous job with Volvo so far and they will keep pushing the envelope. I hope they take the BEV route with Volvo in the next five years like their Chinese side is doing. Great stock to buy too.

“Geely has done a tremendous job with Volvo so far”

Where is the S80 electric?
Sorry but Volvo has done close to almost nothing towards ev just like Toyota.

The S80 will be brand new and renamed to S90 next year and will then also come in a PHEV version as it is moved to the new SPA-platform.
Pictures of the new S90 will be shown on Wednesday and it will have its official debut on some car expo in January.

Soon after that we will see the new V90 (old V70) and V90 Cross Country (old XC70) which are also on the new platform and will come in electrified versions.

Volvo are moving all there models to this new platform and another new platform for smaller cars as fast as they can. Every model that comes on the new platform will be be available in an electrified version.

In what way is that comparable to Toyota? Volvo is one of the front runners.

They move to hybrids since they kind of have to, probably to plug-in hybrids as well, but their is no pure electric and no electric with rex neither. Not present, not coming.

The move was made before the EU mandates were set, so that’s hardly the case. Unlike Mercedes, Volkswagen etc. that started moving when the realized that they would have to do it.
Fully electric cars are coming but Volvo Cars is a fairly small company that can’t afford non-profitable halo cars that companies 5-20 times the size can do. In 2019 at the latest a BEV will be done, but it’s not set in stone which car will be the first but the bets are on the XC60 and will be a 300+ miles BEV.

And REx’s is only BMW doing so it’s not like it’s common practice. But they have developed a drive-train with a 3-cylinder engine paired with a higher capacity battery so we will see REx-ish versions when the 60-series and 40-series goes on the new platforms.

How many cars do they sell?

418 000 in 2014. Sales were down and they are supposed to have a production capacity of closer to 700 000 vehicles.

And about 540 000 in 2013.

Geeley is one auto maker which I can actually believe will convert most or all of its production to plug-in EVs in the near future. It’s a small enough company to be agile. Larger auto makers, with much more invested in the equipment and workers for making gasmobiles, will find it harder and slower to make the conversion, even when the time eventually comes that they have a motive to do so.

Yes they are more flexible but unfortunately they have Volvo on board which is a very conservative non daring over carefull company that has been sitting on electrics for decades. They already had the Volvo ECC back in the nineties and did absolutely nothing with it. They are going to have a very hard time changing over the mood over there.

Volvo Cars and Geely Automobile are two totally different companies, so what one company does will not affect the other company.
So there is no reason that Geely couldn’t go full speed ahead on BEVs and PHEVs if they want to.

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

“Geely has owned the Swedish passenger car maker Volvo Cars since 2010, when it acquired the company from Ford.”

With Audi saying they will have 25% plug-ins in 2025 – my money would be on the success of Geely with their 90% HEV, PHEV and BEV.