GE To Drop Pledge Of 25,000 Plug-In Purchases By 2015

JAN 8 2013 BY JAY COLE 5

It was always going to be a tall order to fill; one company, 25,000 plug-in vehicles.

It was in 2010, that General Electric said that they were going to replace the bulk of their fleet with plug-in electric vehicles by 2015, and at the time the Chevrolet Volt was heralded as being a major piece of this revolution, and according to Deb Frodl, the division’s chief strategy officer, it still is.  Just not as big.

The problem stems from the people getting the vehicles simply do not all want small, one function, sedans, they want some utility – trucks, vans, SUVs.

“It’s the demand of our customers,” Ms. Frodl said. “There are so many technologies out there and our customers need a variety of technologies in their fleet today, not just one. We’re not picking winners and losers.”

So now, about 10,000 purchases into the program, GE has started to add other alternative fuel vehicles into their fleet mix of 30,000 corporate vehicles, like natural gas-powered pickups and propane-fueled vehicles.

A Deal To Exclusively Promote GE WattStations May Have Something To Do With General Electric's Continuing Commitment To Ford's Plug-In Products

GE does take time to herald the new C-Max Energi, a vehicle that is taking a step in the right direction for drivers that need more than 100 miles of range and a little more functionality on the way.

GE expects the bulk of their recent 2,000 C-Max Energi purchase to be put in place by February of this year.

However, the skeptic in us says that these confirmed purchases have more to do with an exculusivity deal between GE and Ford to promote their lineup of WattStation EV chargers than the C-Max Energi’s usefulness.

The new plan still involves 25,000 plug-ins at some point, but now GE hopes to move 10,000 units to its fleet customers (of about 65,000) and the balance for its own corporate needs.


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We’ve also heard of some GE Volt fleet drivers getting fuel cards and never plugging them in at-home or at work since they had fuel cards to charge gasoline with. Why pay for electricity yourself when you have a company fuel card? Only way to entice proper use of Volts is to pay the drivers’ electric usage for the re-charge.

Free gas is certainly a big problem to getting employees to plug in. Easy to see why those people might not plug in.

If they get free gas, do they also get free GE EVSEs at home and get paid for electricity? If they dont why would they make the effort to plug in?

I have a neighbor with a GE issued Volt and was told they implemented a system to compensate for the electricity used to charge it.

It is in GE’s interest to have them get plugged in, to save the company money.

There’s a GE building next to where I work, and I usually see a few Volts there. Sadly, they don’t seem to have the capability to plug in, even to a normal 120V outlet. The result is they’re burning gasoline when I see them running.

I hope GE is doing a better job taking advantage of their plug in vehicle purchases to reduce gasoline use at their other locations.

+1. This is one way to entice them to plug in – at work. maybe they won’t do it at home but at least let them plug in while at a GE office space.

I think Jay here should write up a story regarding this topic. “Businesses who buy their employees EREVs but don’t allow plugging in.” Or, how about a similar one of “Army bases who don’t cater to base employees to plug in, yet go off and fight oil wars.”