GE Energy And Paypal Join Forces For The Future Charging Needs Of EVs (VIDEO)

JUL 14 2012 BY MIKE

On July 12th, GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions division announced details about an agreement with Paypal to lauch the ecomagination-approved WattStation and WattStation Connect, a completely designed electric vehicle charging solution.


The WattStation from GE is a compact, updated charging system that incorporates everything an EV owner desires in a station.  The modern, sleek design with a fully retractable cord makes the GE WattStation the perfect solution for an at home, work, or as a retail based charger.


The sleek, compact GE Wattstation has a clear, user friendly design including a retractable power cord

To allow for ease of use with the most technology available today, GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions is using cloud-based technologies to offer the WattStation Connect. This virtual world has all the information either an EV owner would want or a retail supplier would need including the ability to find and reserve the closest available charger and total output of all units at a retail location. This software is available through a PC or mobile app, depending on your specific needs.


For an EV owner, PayPal has set up the ability to pay for such charging using just your PayPal account. For example, if you reserve the charging station through your phone’s application, when the status of your vehicle reads complete or you’re ready to go, just check out the pricing details and pay using your PayPal account.


The GE WattStation could be easily installed anywhere and be used for personal, commercial, or retail use.

Michael Mahan, production general manager for EV infrastructure of GE Energy’s Industrial Solution said, “our full line of EV charging solutions is designed with the end user top of mind.” He added,  “this collaborative agreement with PayPal enables us to offer drivers a convenient way to charge their vehicles, which is essential to nurturing the mass adoption of EVs in the future”


For more information on GE Energy’s EV solutions including the WattStation and WattStation Connect, check out their website. To learn more about the agreement between GE and PayPal, read the article from Financial Post.


Check out the press release video from GE about the WattStation:


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