With Gas Prices Low, Now’s The Time To Buy A Plug-In Electric Car

2015 Ford Focus Electric


2015 Ford Focus Electric Got A Slight Refresh - But Indistinguishable To The Common Person

2015 Ford Focus Electric Got A Slight Refresh – But Indistinguishable To The Common Person

2015 Ford Focus Electric

2015 Ford Focus Electric

Recently, TrueCar issued a press release with this headline statement:

Gasoline price plunge = savings for consumers on alternative fuel vehicles

And that’s the truth. As gas prices drop, dealerships find it increasingly difficult to sell fuel efficient vehicles, including those of the plug-in variety.  In order to move those vehicle and maintain the current sales level, dealerships often resort to discounting the highly efficient cars, making now the time to buy that plug-in electric vehicle.

“Ford’s Focus Electric hatchback, which sells at an average of 16 percent off MSRP, tops January’s list of best savings on new vehicles, according to TrueCar, Inc., the negotiation-free car buying and selling platform. The “TrueSavings” monthly report analyzes current transaction prices and identifies opportunities for consumer savings.”

John Krafcik, president of TrueCar, explains the situation as follows:

“Fuel savings are not top of mind to many consumers right now, and that makes this a great time to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle.  With gasoline prices now averaging just $2.10 per gallon, and vehicle preferences tied so closely to short-term gasoline prices, automakers are heavily discounting their most fuel-efficient cars to clear inventories.”

“Gasoline prices and vehicle type preferences are strongly related, and this relationship is cyclical in nature.  Fuel is relatively inexpensive right now, but when the pendulum swings the other way it will make future alternative fuel vehicles more appealing.”

Basically, Krafcik is saying that you should be that efficient car now while discounts are available.  Once gas prices go back up, you’ll pay considerably more for the same car.  or, as our title states, “now’s the time to buy a plug-in electric car.”

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Definitely true for hybrids. Unclear if true for plug-ins.

David Murray

I hope gas prices stay low until June, when my lease is up. I plan to buy a used PHEV of some kind. Then, for all I care gas can shoot up to $5 per gallon. ahaha.


Like in Britain? 🙁

Mark Hovis

A local used dealer sold a 2012 Volt today in excellent condition 60K miles for $12,900.


I think the opposite side of the argument is strongest right now. If you buy a gas guzzler now you’ll get nailed on the price, gas will start to go up in 6 to 12 months after the high price producers drop off and then in 4 or 5 years time your car will be worth buttons as a used car as the effect of reduced investment in the oil and gas industry starts to bite and production drops leading to price spikes. If you r going to buy a new car today get the most fuel efficient model u can as anything else will be great fun for 6 months and then a money pit of misery going forward. My advice, for what it is worth, is to trade in you ice car and go phev or bev. That’s been my advice for a while for shear joy reasons but I think now there is actually a sniff of financial logic to it as well.

Alan Campbell

The Ford 2015 Focus Configurator has the 2015 Focus Electric at $236/mo for 36 months with Zero down. It has $8,000 in incentives on the lease.


I picked up a 14 Focus EV a couple months ago and love it. So zippy!