Garage EVE.RYN Presents BMW i3 EVO

NOV 10 2014 BY MARK KANE 8

i3 EVO

i3 EVO

Japanese tuner Garage EVE.RYN recently unveiled a modified version of  theBMW i3, called now i3 EVO.

The main change lies in the new futuristic shape of the front end, made from carbon fiber. There different wheels too.

We don’t believe that EVE.RYN did any other tweaks to increase the performances.

More photos in galleries:

Source: AutoBlogGreen

i3 EVO

i3 EVO

i3 EVO

i3 EVO

i3 EVO

i3 EVO

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Luke . . . I am your father.

Yes, the pedestrian alert sound on this thing should be a slow, mechanical breathing noise.

And, if the pedestrian doesn’t get out of the way, just press the “Tele-kinetic Neck Pinch” button (standard option on the EVO) on the center console.

Wow, they made it even uglier.

Isn’t this just a repost with more pictures?

I’ve already been shocked by this A couple of weeks ago – it hasn’t grown on me.. Underneath there’s a really nice i3 trying to get out

It is hideous.

can’t wait to see it in Fasterer and Furioserer part 11

i want to purchase my son an i3 in Seattle Washington. Is there someone in Seattle who could install the i3 kit and how much would it cost…this would be a great way to advertise your product in the US?