Game Of Thrones Author Shuns Technology, But Loves His Purple Tesla Model S – Video


Purple Tesla

Purple Tesla

Well it appears that Mr. George R.R. Martin (author of “Game Of Thrones”) is not a fan of technology, but who can resist the all mighty Tesla Model S?

Nope, not even him, as he owns a custom-painted purple Tesla Model S.

In this brief video he talks about some of the features like the auto presenting door handles and how he can play his favorite music.

Currently, he claims to have the only purple Tesla Model S in the world. So, we give him credit for being original!

Hat tip to Calvin Klesmith!!!

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He might want to pick up the P85D because . . . . wait for it . . . . Winter is Coming.


That is exactly what I thought when I see the article.

Suddenly he transforms into yet another rotund, bearded EV nerd. I love it.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Less driving more writing!


“You can have your Tesla back once you’ve finished another 6000 words.”

This is it. This is golden. Free publicity – and a respected guy who gushes over his Tesla on camera. You really can’t buy this kind of publicity. It’s people being passionate about something and the net spreads it like wildfire. Car execs everywhere are green with envy.

Ad budget? What ad budget?

That money went into building a nationwide network of super-fast chargers.

Agreed, but Tesla knows how to advertise and work the publicity in the 21st century, which is great to see for their product. It would be nice if the automaker responsible for the Volt knew how do the same, as it has highly satisfied and passionate owners as well.

Tesla has nothing to do with reporters asking GRRM about his Tesla and his waxing poetic about it.

More celebrities owns Teslas than Volts.

But nobody is stopping Jennifer Lawrence from talking about her Volt nor the press from asking her questions about it. I think that is the biggest star that drives one on a regular basis.

Jay Leno is off the air and drives so many things.

Olivia Munn has arrived at Hollywood events in her Volt. Just no one asked her about it.

“Tesla has nothing to do with reporters asking GRRM”

Right, that is why my comment started with “Agreed”. In addition, it is nice that they know how to advertise and work the media in the 21st century. See #4, #5 and #6 here:

… over on there is a thread with all the celebrities who drive Teslas. SciFi writer Alan Dean Foster drives a Model S too btw, he even wrote two entries in his blog where he gushes about the car.