Future Tesla EVs To Surpass Ford F-150 As Most American-Made Automobile


Tesla's Planned Giga Factory

Tesla’s Planned Giga Factory

The Ford F-150 is currently the #1 seller in the US.  Furthermore, it tops the list as the most American-made automobile on sale in the US.

Tesla Motors may soon knock the Ford-F150 off its pedestal though, not as a #1 seller, but in terms of how American-made Teslas could soon become.

With the planned giga factory, it’s believed that future Tesla EVs could have more than 90% of their content made in the US.  By comparison, the Ford F-150 is the most America-made today with 75% percent of its content coming from the US.

The giga factory will provided Tesla with America-made cells, which when added to Tesla’s America-made EVs, will shoot them past all other automobiles sold in the US in terms of American-made content.

Of course, Tesla has no chance of surpassing the American-ness of the Ford F-150 unless the giga factory becomes reality, but can you imagine how Ford will feel when/if its iconic F-150 is knocked out of its #1 spot by electric startup-turned-real-deal automaker Tesla?

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I always liked the F-150 but I sure would like to see Tesla blow their doors off.

That would be awesome if it happens. It would be great to see manufacturers battle it out to have the highest domestic content bragging rights.

It only counts if Tesla outsells them, and a Tesla pickup would be nice, too

Let’s get the tesla pickup going.

Yeah, a Tesla pick-up would be interesting. If they could put one together quickly with the existing platform, it would sure be nice to have on the market.

Naw, Elon’s already commented that the F-150 killer would require its own platform. 🙁

No reason why they couldn’t make an S-10 Pickup Clone, Convertible E, Estate E, Minivan, Rav4ish CUV, or another Roadster from BlueStar’s smaller design, though. Wide diversification might help sales and lower battery costs. *shrugs*

I want an aluminum F150 with the VIA EREV power system in it! Source the batteries from the giga factory and Ford regains the title!

+1 on this.

My 2000 F-150 has 184K miles and I’ll be needing something new in a couple of years. I would love to have EREV power. I’m even thinking hub motors and airless tires.

It would matter to the Chinese market, and the American full-size truck market. Besides that, American-made doesn’t carry much weight even in America.

So I see a Tesla/El Camino in the future?

Until the gigafactory, isn’t the N.A. parts content under 55%? Why write stories like this at all? The gigafactory will not be running until 2016+

Even if this prediction comes true, it is wholly ironic that the most American-made car is blocked from being sold to the public by the MOST number of disgusting American politicians.

Whatever happened to “by the people, for the people”?

Isn’t it true that everyone in all 50 states can buy a Tesla on the web? I don’t see any states blocking internet sales of cars. The problem would lie if you cannot register a Tesla for a state license plate.

BTW, Tesla should get Solar City to cover the Tesla factory with solar panels. It would be good PR.

I think that’s the plan. The factory might even be able to sell back power to the grid at night, from their local storage array.

What is the % based on? Cost of the component?

Component value in $ based on a formula that gives higher credit to content produced by the Detroit-Three (former Big-3) manufactures over domestic content produced by foreign based manufacture, with lowest for imported content from outside North America. (NAFTA related)

A summary of the rules to calculate domestic content:

An explanation:

Remember Ford F-150 is brand category with 18 distinct vehicle models. 2-door, 4-door … short, long bed … V8, V6 … gas, diesel, ethanol … etc.

A comparison of popular PEV models:

Tesla Model S (2013): 55% domestic parts content.

Nissan LEAF (2013)
15% US/Canada, 80% Japan, 5% Other Foreign
Nissan LEAF (2014)
35% US/Canada, 40% Japan, 25% Other Foreign

Other PEVs, in no particular order:
Volt is 45% (w/ Korean, Japanese content)
Toyota RAV4 EV 45% (vs 50% for ICE)
Toyota Prius (all PEVs) 0%
Ford Focus BEV 40%
Ford CMAX HEV 40% (25% Japan)
Ford Fusion HEV 30%
Chevy Spark EV 8% (same as ICE Spark)
Smart ForTwo ED is 1%.
Honda Fit EV 0% (95% Japan)
Fiat 500 (500e not listed, but ICE is 21-23%)
Mercedes-Benz B-Class Fuel Cell 0%


Yes, but how much

Tesla: 100% juice

There seems to be a significant problem with their calculations on how American made the vehicle is. Factor in the fuel source – over the course of 100k miles I would venture to guess that the Tesla beats out the F150 today -before- the GigaFactory is running…