The Future Of Racing – Electric Porsche At Le Mans – Video


Gilsung Park envisions what Porsche’s racing future may look like in these renderings.

According to Park, increasing environmental pressures are influencing automakers to go electric, even in racing.  Therefore, Porsche will will establish its electric identity with a Le Mans racer.

For more details and additional images, click here.

Electric Porsche

Electric Porsche

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Should be interesting.
A couple of points though.
1) I don’t think there is a class for electric vehicles.
2) They’ll have to design it so that the entire battery pack can be changed, unless they can charge it in a couple of minutes as regulations wouldn’t allow using two cars like in Formula E.
3) If they were VERY crafty and sneaky, and laid cables beneath the track and then used them to power the car as it raced around, I think they could be onto a winner :@)