The Future Car Show: VW e-Golf Review – Video

AUG 15 2014 BY JAY COLE 15

New BBC Focus Show "The Future Car" Walks Us Through The VW e-Golf

New BBC Focus Show “The Future Car Show” Walks Us Through The VW e-Golf

The BBC Focus Science and Technology magazine has a new series just underway called “The Future Car Show” – which is a review show on “the motors that will be driving you in the future”.

First up is an electric vehicle we don’t see or hear a heck of a lot of despite it having been sold since early May – and being the number one plug-in vehicle last month for sales in Norway (391), the Volkswagen e-Golf.

The show itself is professionally crafted, and we think leaves us with an accurate feel for what the all-electric Golf would be to own and drive.

The electric VW arrives in the US in about 3 months (expected to be priced in the low 30s) and throughout wider Europe shortly.

Basically, VW didn’t want to mess with the formula that made the ‘regular’ Golf so successful, so the e-Golf doesn’t stray far from its sister-car.

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If it’s L30,790 in the UK, would that come out to the mid $40’s in the US at best?

The U.K. price includes 20% V.A.T. So the price in dollars would be (£30,790 / 1.2) X $1.67/£ = $42,849, or low $40k’s. As seems to be fashionable these days, EV prices are frequently quoted after applying the $7,500 federal EV tax credit which would put the e-Golf at mid-$30k’s. Not the low $30k’s, but maybe VW prices its cars lower in the U.S. than in the U.K.

Thumbs down to analog gauges on the dash.

I like them, they have a much classier feel than digital gauges. Then again, I still hang analog clocks in my home. Do you know how to read those?

All thumbs up to the first major automaker, who’s taking a BEV version of their leading consumer model seriously – on the technical, production capacity and marketing side.

In Norway last month, the e-Golf accounted for over 1/3 total Golf sales. Golf was the annual overall sales leader there.

Any word on if this is a CARB states only vehicle in the US?

At some point (it is already happening) EV buyers will want more than just “its an EV”. They will want the same things they have ALWAYS wanted in car purchases. In the Golf camp, that includes sportiness…wish the e-golf’s performance were better than other EVs instead of worse. I mean, sheesh, Leaf, Volt, Focus Electric, etc, are all quicker than than this car…the i3 and model S are real rockets in comparison. VW definitely seems to be putting its “performance” EV hopes in the GTE camp…which, unfortunately, we won’t get in the U.S. (instead we get the A3 E-tron…nice, but likely much pricier).


I assume VW, as a traditional mass-market automaker of affordable cars, knows that to really sell in high numbers in its typical segments, sporty performance is *not* one of the top priorities, not by a long shot.

Anyway… even a not-so-sporty BEV is quicker off the stop line than fairly sporty ICE cars. It comes with the technology.

I’m rather happy driving our ’14 Leaf with the ‘ECO’ button permanently switched on. With the ’12 I kept switching between ‘D’ and ‘ECO’, thinking it gives me an edge in left turns etc. Instead, it made my city driving edgy, prone to unnecessary risk-taking, and less safe overall.

Assaf – I’ll note that the next time I see VW tout “…AND, it’s SLOWER TOO to keep all you folks out there safe!” in it ads…performance matters, even if only on paper, to sales and buyers.

Thumbs UP to analog gauges! Analog gauges are faster and easier to read.

Faster and easier to read? What universe are you living in? I can read the speedometer on our Volt or Leaf much faster and easier than on a gas car with an analog speedometer.

There academic papers on human factors in gauge design. The gauge is the fastest way to get a scale of a value (it doesn’t matter if you are going 34mph or 36mph) and to see accelerating or decelerating. Research also shows that the segment LED display is the slowest display for humans to read and understand.

Simple site explaining:

I hope that VW announces the US price soon, and keeps it to no more than the mid level Nissan LEAF. The range is something like a Nissan LEAF, although I know we have differences in driving style, etc here in the US whch will affect the range. If the LEAF is 84 miles and this car does another 10 or so, it might be worth a few thousand more than it would seem to be appropriately priced. The styling is nice, not fancy or extravagent, but I’d certainly not be uncomfortable driving around in one. Let’s hear more and see more, VW, on this car…

Electric Car Guest Drive

You get the best of both worlds in the Tesla dash. Simulated gauges with needles that are much easier to read than analogs because they have “tracers”

Also totally flexible and reconfigurable with software and in part of the dash, user config.

That, and potential cost savings (volume, price performance curve) are very powerful advantages.

When fRACKING stops and or subsidies to OIL stop electric vehicles will be the number one choice for everyone. IE In Europe gas is $8-10 a gallon because they don’t subsidies OIL, they even tax pollution.