Funny Photo Friday – Nissan LEAF Tries to Supercharge





We’re not entirely sure why this Nissan LEAF owner pulled into the Hawthorne Tesla Supercharger, but we’d be willing to bet big bucks that there’s no way that plug will fit.

If it could be jammed in there to get the juice flowing, then the Nissan LEAF would likely go up in flames.

Surely it’s funny to see a LEAF owner at a Tesla Supercharger though.

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Kind of like the Volt I saw parked at the EVGo Chademo only charger parking spot. Why??

It’s actually a very symbolic picture. She wants to play too 🙂
And she should be able to.
DOE and DOT and douchebama all effed up a usual. Nissan too for that matter.

The owner of that Model S had a leaf body installed because he thought it looked better

But isn’t the LEAF body less aerodynamic, and has less interior space?

Yes, and yes. It also has a shorter wheelbase.

But some people prefer to sit higher, and like that about the Leaf (the driver’s seat is almost as high as my father’s Honda Odyssey minivan). I personally dislike that about the Leaf, although it makes getting the kids in/out of their car seats much easier!

I like how high it sits also.

Smart ED seat is better than the leafs

Not the back ones 😉

I love the height and overall driver position. That’s one big mark it has above the Volt for me.

I’m certain it’s much easier to get my infant and his car seat in and out of our Leaf than a Model S. The Leaf is a great family car.

The owner was also under the influence of heavy drugs when he thought the leaf looked good

Well, Tesla’s stated goal is not only to sell EVs, but to kick-start a rEVolution. If they were really serious about that, why wouldn’t their fast charger network support the most popular EV on the planet?

Yeah.. I’m a little miffed that Tesla didn’t at least make a J1772 station available at their supercharger stations. It wouldn’t have cost that much extra and would have certainly been a good gesture to other vehicles. I can understand why the lack of Chademo, that is a much more expensive proposition.


Not only would J1772 throw a bone to other EVs, it would reach out to Tesla Roadster owners, you know, the original folks whose dollars created the Tesla company!!

Really? I would find it nearly inconceivable they would allow L2 charging on their super chargers. They don’t want random EV’s spending 4-8 hours hogging their stations.

This about it, Sam. Without any real effort they could install the L2 such that it is in a space that does not block any supercharger stalls. L2 simply takes 240V (or frequently 208V) and pipes it straight to the car’s on-board charger. The supercharger takes that power and converts in to DC through a series of parallel off-board 10kW chargers.

You find it inconceivable that Model S owners could tolerate being in a presence of Roadsters or other EVs. Really???

Today is Valentine’s day and the message you send is ???

What happened to the Samaritans in ??

Like Brian writes, the idea is that L2 is in addition, not instead, and would not prevent somebody from supercharging.

Good point, though I’d be surprised if they were getting that busy.

Tesla said they’ve supercharged 8 million miles so far, which would equate to roughly three stalls supercharging continuously for a year. Given that there were probably an average of 40 active stations over the past year with several stalls each, it’s probably quite rare that they don’t have empty stalls.

In any case, I’m sure there’s a price that Tesla would be willing to accept to use their superchargers.

ggpa, the only thing the tesla roadster buyers’ dollars did was create debt for tesla 🙂

What about the reverse of their CHAdeMO adapter? i.e. something you plug into the supercharger and converts it to CHAdeMO. You could sell these at a premium just for the access to the supercharger network, much like the premium for the 60kWh Model S. The catch is preventing sharing of one adapter between multiple Leaf/MiEV owners.

It would be theft though. It’s a private network.

But letting other EVs use the network for pay will likely be an increasingly obvious issue.
The power it outputs is very compatible with chademo

No it wouldn’t. What I’m suggesting is that Tesla develop the adaptor and sell it to me. I would be buying access to their network just like a 60kWh owner who opts for the $2000 option. I bet lots of Leaf owners would buy in, especially if/when the 150 mile Leaf arrives. This would be 100% feasible, and prove that Tesla cares about the greater cause of electrified transportation.

The cost is actually not as low as one might think.

The SuperChargers are set up with 480V 3-phase AC fed directly to them.

An additional transformer would be required to down convert to 208/240 VAC.

I do agree that it would be a good idea, though as it would not only bring other EV owners into close proximity with Teslas with a high potential of selling more cars, but also enable Roadster owners to use them for long trips as well.

Yeah, and Nissan should give away free Leaf’s to anyone how wants one. You know, if they really cared…….

Well you clearly didn’t read the conversation with any hint of comprehension. You just came to troll. Now that you got that out of your way, move along…

No its not funny. Having the only serious EV fast charge networks divided and at war with each other is seriously stupid.


I think which quick charge port should be a buyer option, and not subject to company politics. These things are already modular, and like many other automobile options, in the factory they simply install one or the other.

No thanks I would go with Tesla proprietary charger which is 5 years ahead in technology of any other company. Tesla and Nissan are the only one serious about EVs.

Ya Nissans EV is serious…. seriously retarded looking.

I don’t find this picture funny either. I’m sure this person genuinely just wanted to charge, hopefully didn’t need it too bad. “Hey, I have this DC quick-charge port, Tesla does too, so…”
Confusion and disappointment follow.

The concept of plugging in a car is, amazingly, already hard enough a concept for most people to grasp. Even among those who do, good luck having everyone understand the differences between the various connectors.
Those manufacturers now pushing for a 3rd type of quick-chargers (but unwilling to install any themselves) are IMHO either clueless about the confusion it will bring, or, more likely, very well aware, and do so to discredit and delay electrics.

PS: Eric, no, the Leaf certainly wouldn’t go up in flames even if the SC connector was somehow made to fit. First, neither the charger nor the vehicle inlet are energized until both confirm that everything is ok. Then the current is always set by the vehicle, which at all times can disconnect from the charger if it doesn’t comply.

Yeah, we should just nationalize Nissan and take over their operation and tell them what to do. I mean, it’s our right!!!! Their profits are stealing from out pockets, too, right? We could distribute their profits, their evil, evil profits to poor people.

It is a Tesla Model E……..

You are probably right…typical protype disguise.

And less likely to attract attention like those zebra patterns covering most prototypes.

This would actually be genius camouflage for them, lol.

Freud may have captioned this photo as “Charger Envy.”

We have the ChaDeMo to Tesla adapter in Europe, now we need the Tesla to ChaDeMo adapter… 🙂

Is it available now?


That woman set back the female driver stereotype another 1,000 years Lol


He’s wearing flip-flops to drive. What do you expect?

I noticed that too.. but I thought it was a woman.

Why don’t you guys just Leaf him/her alone?

An even funnier photo would be a Tesla owner waiting at that station for a battery quick swap.

Of course the owner might look like a skeleton with birds picking at his bones while he waits for Tesla to deliver on the promise of quick swap. LOL

Meanwhile, Tesla gets to sell ZEV credits earned from the State of California for a capability that doesn’t exist. Gotta love it!

That WAS you in the picture, wasn’t it!?!?

This post makes no sense.

This is pretty sad.
It basically sets EV’s back a decade for would be customers.


Something tells me that is you in the picture.

Meanwhile, you set the Female species back 500 years.

What’s wrong qwerty? Can’t you come up with an intelligent response as to why Tesla earns ZEV credits for a quick swap battery system that is not available?

You seem more adept at kindergarten quality name calling than you are with any kind of meaningful response.

Your pathetic argument is against the Politicians that accepted it and implemented that program.
Tesla got to the Kool-Aid bowl line first and your whining about it?
Sounds more like a Pre-K issue for you.

Consider putting your efforts to voice your opinion and rectify by contacting your local congressman if you think your claims have merit “Beyond a shadow of a doubt”.
Otherwise, stay here with me and wallow in our playground in the interweb.

Happy Valentines Day CherylG!

That is probably b/c she used the App for “DC Fast charging” and it showed up as “DC fast charging” for her and she went for it…

That sums up the “owner’s intelligent” level… But that is also a reflection of the issues that plugin owners are facing…

I guess it’s a live and learn thing. She learned from that, I assume. I think we’ve all done things that we found a bit embarrassing after we found out we had it wrong.

The adapter hit the market in 2017. Tesla made it and it works for Nissan, BMW, any vehicle that uses a universal jack instead of a proprietary one.