Funky Mia U Electric Van to Launch in UK This Summer With Starting Price of $26,436


It's funky, but practical too.

It’s funky, but practical too.  This is the limited Blue Star edition of the Mia U.

The funky Mia U electric van is currently available across most of Europe, but not in the UK.

Mia U Blue Star

Mia U Blue Star

That’ll change this summer when Venture Automotive Holding begins importing the Mia U into the UK

In the UK, the Mia U will mainly be pitched to commercial fleet operators, who will immediately see the economic benefits of going electric.  Mia U will eventually be sold to the public in the UK, but it’s not expected to be a sales superstar outside of the fleet operator segment.

As Venture Automotive Holdings, Paul Evans, explains:

“There is a very real and practical place for EVs in the UK, but we are realistic in the best place for them. Urban environments, short journeys and regular return-to-base delivery fleets are ideal for electric vehicles. That’s where the cost per mile and benefits are greatest and what Mia is designed for.”

Standard Mia U

Standard Mia U

All Mia Us are manufactured in France and are ground-up designs.  Mia U features a pair of battery options, with the top-level 12-kWh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) boasting a range of up to 74 miles.  The Mia U is quick-charge capable.

Why funky?  Well, the Mia U features a centrally located driving position, which isn’t unheard of, but is certainly unexpected.  Additionally, the Mia U’s exterior is made up of ABS plastic panels and the vehicle itself can be configured in hundreds of different ways.  Mia calls it bespoke or what we’d call made to order.

The Mia U will launch in the UK in Jule, just in time to line up with London’s revised Congestion Charge.  The electric Mia will, of course, be exempt from those charges.

As for pricing, the Mia U will start £16,995 ($26, 436 US) + VAT and on-the-road fees.  This price includes the UK Government’s Plug-In Car Grant.  All Mias comes with a five year/70,000-mile warranty for vehicle, battery, electric drivetrain and anti-corrosion (it seems highly unlikely those ABS panels will ever corrode though). Roadside assistance is included.

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I don’t know how we can read the same info and Eric consistently get things wrong. According to the brochure, it has 2 battery options, either 8 or 12 kwh, not 2 – 12 kwh as he stated….

There is a fairly detailed brochure for those interested. Apparently, charger is 4 kw, j1772 compatible, but I dont know for sure since they just showed the jack plugged up. Unless they meant it is for a 16 amp British Ring circuit standard and the thing is really something less, such as 3.3. But anyway, here’s the link for those wanting more information:

@ Bill…Thanks for the correction…Sentence wording was an issue for sure…Corrected now