Fully-Electric On / Off Road Sport Utility Truck Foundation Revealed By Bollinger Motors


New York-based Bollinger Motors is set to debut its upcoming all-electric, on and off road, sport utility truck to the media this summer, in its home state. The company aims to be the first to market with a fully-electric pickup truck, and to lead the segment in regards to off-road and utility vehicles.

At the truck’s initial reveal, the company’s founder and CEO, Robert Bollinger, shared:

“When I designed this truck, I wanted it to have rugged good looks with a very bold presence. I envisioned the vehicle as the ultimate truck for work and play which would be the perfect truck for ranchers, builders, DIYers and off-roaders but without the environmental effects and carbon footprint of a traditional gas-powered SUV.”

Now we have our first look at the chassis itself (photo above)

The 295-pound all-aluminum chassis boasts a high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel rollover structure to maximize off road prowess. Its wheelbase measures 105 inches, with a front and rear track of 68 inches. The approach angle is 56 degrees, with a departure angle of 33 degrees. Base ride height gives way to 15.5 inches of ground clearance, but it can be adjusted by way of a four-wheel independent, self-leveling, hydro-pneumatic suspension.

Bollinger Motors’ Chief Engineer, Karl Hacken, explained:

“We utilized the area between the chassis rails, below the driver and passenger, to house our battery storage system and located the high voltage electronics in the center of the chassis below the floor level. This gives the vehicle a very low center of gravity which makes for unmatched on and off-road stability. We also designed the hydraulically-assisted steering rack in-house to allow us to fine tune the driving dynamics to our exact specifications.”

High offset aluminum wheels fitted with Mud Terrain LT285/70/R17 tires will reportedly provide commendable performance and traction over most any terrain. The wheels offer the ability to be raised on the chassis, via eight lugs to knuckle housed, geared axle hubs. Four-piston calipers, and 11.75-inch vented inboard discs comprise the vehicle’s regenerative braking system.

Robert Bollinger concluded:

“This chassis will be the foundation for our advanced all-wheel-drive system and our all-electric powertrain which will combine to produce best in class horsepower, torque and ground clearance. We are pushing the truck category forward and have improved on what is currently available in the marketplace today to make a world-class vehicle that can go anywhere and do anything.”

Bollinger Motors began its efforts in 2014, in Hobart, NY, based out of a repurposed auto repair shop. The American company is currently in the prototype stage of an all-electric, medium-duty pickup truck. Bollinger claims that the vehicle will provide “revolutionary storage and hauling capabilities,” along with “second-to-none on and off road capabilities,” and “best-in-class ground clearance, torque and traction.”

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Essentially an electric Hummer?

Because everyone needs a electric Land Rover really, basic utility

I was thinking more like a Jeep.

All this sounds very promising, and good luck to the company.

However, at the risk of throwing cold water on these plans, I note a distinct lack of any claims for funding beyond the prototype stage, and no indication that anything this company makes will ever enter even limited production. So even if this company does become the first to make a BEV pickup, that’s not going to do anyone else any good because they won’t be able to buy one.

Well if they’re in a race with Tesla, they won’t have to move very fast.
Via and Workhorse seem to be restricting themselves to fleets for now so the opportunity is there for the picking.

I’d much rather have a heavier duty version of the Volt drivetrain in a traditional large SUV. Maybe with GM’s excellent 2.8l diesel as the range extender pwering the rear wheels with an electric motor powering the front wheels.

Just no where near enough charging infrastructure where I play. Many destinations don’t even have access to the grid, but plenty of diesel around.

Please, no PHEV DIEsel. That is not what The Doctor Ordered!

automotive engineer 8675309

why? low cost, high torque diesel as a split system with idle off and DoD capabilities. the more you sap torque/current from the electric motor the lower your EV efficiency is. Drinking the tesla kool-aide doesn’t work on everyone. a diesel electric plug in hybrid is a very understated and undersold solution for larger vehicles like trucks, SUV, crossovers.

The only people that will be able to afford one is people with money. So once again, something is being built for the money. Not the common folks, unless they get Wages to 2017 standards.

Really…”Trucks haven’t changed in 100 years”. BS, Trucks are better in every single way then some tiny 100 year old jalopy. That said, I agree that electric is the right path forward, and wish them the best of luck. Most automakers are focusing on electrified cars and compact SUV’s, so if they push hard enough, they might be able to establish themselves, before a big guy comes along to squish em’.

Same basic format:

– Separate cab and box on frame rails
– leaf springs in the rear with live axle
– longitudinal gas/diesel engine primarily powering rear wheels

What has really changed is refinement and luxury and safety.

This looks like a much bigger change than has happened in “100 years” and I think that is his point. Clearly the EV aspect but also the confluence of pickup and utility, including the idea that cargo can go the full length of the truck.

i agree with you, look at the gauges on the dash, LOL!

I get the feeling that the leap to electrification is going to launch a cottage industry of craft electric vehicle manufacturers. There is a vacuum in many many segments of vehicles that are there for the taking for the first mover EV entry. If you launch quickly you wont be competing head on against any major manufacturer.

You know craft EV manufacturing is in, when you read stories like the german post office building their own EVs and peeving off VW.

Yeah, disparaging 100 years of pickup-truck advances is not so great – but maybe it provides the machismo to make something else – too bad they don’t provide any but the most generic details.

He could just sell chassis for the hobbyist market. Print some body parts and sell kits.

The truck makers need to make them more fuel efficient, less than 10% are actually used for work, we import a LOT of oil for that waste.

Why bother it doesn’t make any difference to the environment.untill China India USA Russia and the rest of us keep living we won’t make a iota of difference.remember That​ nature all ways has a way of giving us a good was kicking whenever​ it wants so bring back the best and only off roader defender all the way I’m off to turn up some dust

I get a distinct “very rural upstate NYS” vibe… The market for such vehicles is going to be very small, esp. if they don’t have some serious investment source to subsidize production setup, and the vehicles very expensive.
A fully road-legal, truck-size version of the Polaris Ranger EV UTV (which goes for ~$12K)… It’ll probably cost $35K+