Fully Charged’s Test Ride of Jaguar iPace Prototype – Video

JAN 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

The latest episode of Fully Charged focuses on Jaguar iPace test rides at NAIAS in Detroit… at CES in Las Vegas… at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November.

Jaguar iPace test ride – Fully Charged

It seems that Fully Charged has becomes a little overwhelmed with the electric car scene, and notes significant delay in sharing its Jaguar iPace test ride episode from LA.

This is a good sign we believe as plug-in cars are now popping up everywhere, so covering all of the events has become difficult.

Anyways, we welcome some more insights into the new all-electric SUV from Europe that is just months away from market launch.

“Robert gets a ride around Hollywood in the slightly disguised 2018 Jaguar iPace, Jaguars first 100% electric compact SUV.”

*See more videosĀ about JaguarĀ iPace here and here.

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Still no shots of the real interior yet?

Don’t even look at this car it’s Top Secret.. lol.. I wonder if it’s Simply Brilliant? rotf LMAO

I didn’t take a photo of the interior, but the iPace was at the LA Auto Show. Maybe the interior on the concept wasn’t any different than shown last year. Here:

Bifurcated response here:

On the one hand, people watch ‘fully charged’ due to the perenially giggly host.

On the other hand – it would be nice if he stuck to more specifics since we’re obviously not going to see any of the car.

NVH (noise, vibration, harshness), interesting that they are putting the electric whine increasing with speed/power. I think that is a mistake, one of the great aspects of EV over ICE is the serene quiet. Isn’t it odd that traditionally they have been working hard to eliminate the engine noise, and now they are actively trying to introduce our?
One other video really made this whine obvious, it was not as obvious in this video, and I thought it was very unrefined when I first heard it. I hope they come to their senses and go with the silent option.