Fully Charged Video: Tesla Model S P85D

AUG 11 2015 BY MARK KANE 17

Fully Charged and Insane

Fully Charged and Insane

Robert Llewellyn recently tested the Tesla Model S P85D in the UK and compared it with his own S85.

And unlike most of the other reviews, finally someone says that Insane mode of acceleration is insane (not in a good way).

This is not a car for everybody, and we are not talking about price, but about the frightening and challenging (for some people) level of acceleration.

For most, when buying a Model S, the base version is more than quick enough.

We wonder whether Robert will survive a test drive of P90D Ludicrous Mode.

“When I flew in a Red Bull Aerobatic aeroplane I suffered from ‘airborne Tourettes.’

In the Tesla Model S P85D 4 wheel drive twin engined brute going from zero to 60 mph in a fraction over 3 seconds I suffered from ‘roadborne Tourettes’ but it’s been tactfully bleeped.

‘Insane mode engaged, start cussing.’ “

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Exactly, I would want the 70D motors with the 90 battery pack.


Yeah. He should really ease into the Insane mode rather than just experience it full on for the first time.

After a few dozen insane mode launches, he’ll probably think it’s not fast enough anymore.


Much as I admire Robert Llewellyn and appreciate his enthusiasm for EVs, and his long-term, ongoing “EVangelism”… he’s a wuss. I recently got a ride-along in a Tesla Model S P85D, and it was quite a rush to get that famous “Tesla grin” from the Insane™ acceleration!

His chest hurt? Seriously? What surprised me was that I could actually feel my cheeks being pulled back by the acceleration!

Now, I do agree about the “Tesla Turette Syndrome” bit. I found myself blurting out “Holy s#*t!” …without consciously intending to!


Now, that said, even if I did have the money to buy one, I wouldn’t spring for the Performance grade. I feel no need to engage in stoplight drag racing.


It’s not “stoplight drag racing”.

It’s “engaging in the ambassadorship of clean fun”.

For all the Youtube plays, and threads, there are an awful lot of people out there who think this isn’t possible.


Same here. I have no need or desire to go that fast. It’s cool that Tesla has done this, to show the acceleration possible, etc but as a practical matter it’s irrelevant. I think my Volt has pretty decent acceleration(OK, so that makes me a wuss!), that’s more along my speed and style. Different strokes for different folks I guess.



Its not the desire to go fast, its the feeling thats emitted from the torque. That adrenaline rush, the thrill.

Its addicting, it makes your hands shake, its an amazing feeling, i’d honestly say its better than sex


I probably would’t pay for it either, but if you are showcasing the most advanced vehicle as your daily driver, having it be the quickest vehicle might not be such a bad idea.

Roy LeMeur

Robert Llewellyn would definitely -not- make it as a fighter pilot or astronaut 🙂

Mister G

“if you ain’t first you’re last” Ricky Bobby


Dear Lord baby Jesus, please give me a P90D.


(To the tune of Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz”)

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a P90D?
My friends all drive Beemers, just as you decree.
I’m too poor for Teslas, so now hear my plea:
Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a P90D?


Someone please ludicrous launch the Volkswagen ladies.

Chris B

I test drove a P85D a while back and found it less violent than a some fast accelerating ICE cars with their often squirely acceleration. The interweb videos are a bit overblown as the lack of drama makes it….wait for it…a bit, dare I say, boring after a while. Flame suit on…

Brian Rose
I’ll bite, Chris B! The initial acceleration of a Tesla P85D is stronger. Torque, immutable physics, yatta yatta. Psychologically, according to peer reviewed studies very well covered in Daniel Kahnemann’s book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, our remembered experience is dependent mostly upon the end of any experience. Acceleration of an electric motor shines from 0mph, the beginning, and first half, of the experience. Acceleration of an ICE shines from 50mph, the last half of the experience. Basically, as we categorize whole memories we discount the beginning and emphasize the end. Yes, this is the opposite of instinctively “Judging a book by its cover”, and it is verified empirically. You’re experience accurately reflects our knowledge of memory formation and recall. On the other hand, any sensible economic purchase, ESPECIALLY if for pure entertainment – as opposed to economics – should primarily consider how often a thrill will be experienced. The instant max torque of a Tesla from 0 to 60 will be experienced legally at ever single stop sign or stop light you ever encounter, and a $120,000 7 seat Model S Sedan beats a $300,000 2 seater super car in this arena. In real life, daily scenarios (0 to 60)… Read more »

I dunno. I like Robert. But in this case, I think he’s just a bit of… How do you Americans say it? A wuss. Yes.


a Long acceleration road.. start with the heavy iron of the 60’s, if you went all-in you Doubled the price of a V8 Mustang/Chevelle to get into LS6/R-code territory. Many, if not Most were automatics and the acceleration was stunning.. however, unless you pre-loaded, the launch was Always preceded by that secondish of hitting full song and tranny/lock-diff before your breath got knocked out.
Next came computers and injectors, much improved boil-up and slowly everything seemed to move sub-8 second.
This recent bout going sub-6 second has been interesting, computers and trans helped a lot.
Jumping straight to 5ish, then add P for 3ish second even-Llewellyn-can-do-it 0-60 has destroyed the bar as far as the favorite stat goes.. “but.. your car Can’t carry five adults an’ a ton o’ luggage? nevermind then..”