Fully Charged Tests Tesla Model S Autopilot – Video

NOV 2 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

Fully Charged Test Tesla Model S Autopilot

Fully Charged Test Tesla Model S Autopilot

Fully Charged’s Robert Llewellyn eagerly wanted to test Tesla’s Autopilot, although it wasn’t possible due to the software update not being ready prior to the filming of this video (Autopilot firmware is now available in the UK and all of Europe).

But with the help of Tesla Motors, a demonstration took place so we can finally hear Autopilot insights from another source. The Tesla representative also kept his hands on the steering wheel showing the proper way to use the system.

Not much news for the Autopilot savvy, but still a quality video with a slightly different take on Autopilot from the dozens we’ve already seen.

“First experience of Tesla’s newly released version 7 software which includes the autopilot feature.”

“The update for my Model S won’t arrive in time so we went for a ride in a Model S that has the full featured update.”

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If you have to keep your hands on the wheel, I fail to really see the point of it.

So do I, but I guess people like to get excited about stuff.

I see the point, this is training time. Fleet learning improves the quality of algorithms and mapping data. For now it already means less stress on known roads especially when in stop and go where you don’t need to worry about rear ending somebody, or those long uneventful trips down to LA on the i5. And when you have the opportunity to have fun you don’t want autopilot on anyways. I would love love love to have that.

You must keep your hands on the wheel for liability.

You don’t actually have to keep your hands there for the system to function. On the other hand, where else were you planning on putting them? Might as well leave at least one hand on the wheel most of the time.

European point of view

it’s not a “fully charged” test . It’s a Tesla test .

All this ‘autopilot’ hype is just that: hype. Other cars have this tech already in a little different implementation.

My ELR has ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) as do many other cars out there (some 10 years old!). The car is aligned, so, it tracks straight on a straight road as demo’d. Very little driver input needed to keep in lane and the go+stop pedals are automated. It also has lane departure alert.

This Tesla system is an incremental change to ACC. It is NOT AUTOPILOT!


Please do post a video comparing your ELR’s automated driving features to the Model S’s. I would love to have a good laugh as your car wildly jitters around the road and fails to detect other cars or the lane it is supposed to be driving in

Well Loboc, unlike the GM (or any other legacy OEM’s system) Tesla’s system is constantly improving itself as the astute poster Michael Will noted above.

So Tesla’s system is rapidly evolving (just like Tesla I suppose) into a full-blown autopilot.

So its Auto Pilot in progress!