Fully Charged Tests Electric Bikes In London – video

SEP 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Fully Charged Electric Bikes | Fully Charged

Fully Charged Electric Bikes | Fully Charged

The latest episode of Fully Charged covers electric bikes.

In total, four different models were tested in London, thanks to “Fully Charged‘s” electric bike shop.

One of the bikes is a Vintage Electric, which we earlier saw in Jay Leno’s Garage.

“Riding around London on the newly opened cycle routes through the city on 4 different electric bikes.”

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My favorite form of electric transportation.

For dense “megacities” .,.. you really can’t beat e-bikes and dedicated bike lanes for individual transportation.

Nice… BUT NOT THREE THOUSAND WHOLE ENGLISH POUNDS nice!!!!! You could (nearly) buy a used i-MiEV for that!

Can’t beat them for country roads either.
31,770 e-assist miles in under five years, as of today!

Correction: My log shows that Wednesday was five years since my first e-assist hit the road, so subtract 95 miles.

You get exercise on an e-bike, you pedal and get a workout with no sore muscles.

The car is marketed as a robotic exoskeleton that turns the owner into a superhuman. The reality is that, over decades, it turns the owner into a gelatinous blob, incapable of normal exertion.

The exercise from an e-bike is fun, so people do more of it more often.

The green retro model in the picture is the coolest looking E-Bike I’ve seen.

Electric bikes are awesome. Sadly the EU regs are so restrictive as to make it much less fun than it could have been. Glad to see the UK has bikes that can be derestricted on offer! 250 watts and 25 km/h is good, but 500 watts and 35 km/h is much better..!

Yes, but where is the responsibility going to lie when it all goes horribly wrong? This video demonstrates very clearly the apparent complete lack of common sense and general law-braking attitude of your typical cyclist and e-bike entrepreneur. Countless examples of going the wrong side of islands etc and no-one thinks to warn other cyclists that you are about to overtake despite the very restrictive nature of the cycleways or the fact that none of the cycles have mirrors or that hardly anyone (including Mr Jaconelli) wear any safety equipment whatsoever! It all looks like a recipe for disaster to me. Then you can bet all cycles will have to be registered and you’ll have to get a licence (and insurance, of course) etc etc… And to cap it all, no surprise that over a hundred cyclists were killed in the UK last year…

Yes. We would all be much safer if these incompetents were driving two ton urban tractors.