Fully Charged Test Drives The Mahindra e2o – Video

JUN 25 2016 BY MARK KANE 18

The Mahindra e2o, launched earlier this year in UK, was recently tested by the Fully Charged.

Mahindra e2o

Mahindra e2o

Fully Charge finds it to be quirky and nippy EV, the ultimate all-around city runner with great maneuverability and seating for four.

With a range of some ~75 miles (120 km) and price starting at £12,995 ($18,400), the e2o is the ‘go to’ entry level electric car in the UK.

Mahindra seeks to promote the e2o heavily, and put as many consumers behind the wheel as possible, so it will be interesting to see the sales results next year.

e20 Details:

There are two trim levels (prices includes £4,500 plug-in car grant):

  • City – £12,995
  • TechX – £15,995 (Currently available with the launch offer of free health check and home delivery, and including a £1,000 discount – £14,995)

The Mahindra  e20 has a 15.46 kWh lithium-ion battery (69 cells) and an offical range (NEDC) of 79 miles – plus up to 8-10 miles of “Revive® emergency remote refueling“, which sounds like an on-demand discharge of the battery below the default use (ala the original 2014 edition of the Mercedes B-Class). Top speed is 63 mph.

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Great car for the non-insecure. Love it.

I commented on the video to get a i-Miev instead, it’s much more car and the logo’s are atleast put on straight.

It’s hard to argue that the Mahindra is uglier then the i-Miev, although both have an aquired taste.

I can’t see driving one.. I wonder if that 75 miles is EPA? I doubt it, that’s probably the NEDC. So were talking about a car that probably does 50 miles. And my impressions from the video is that it accelerates slower than an i-Miev. You could probably out-run it in a C-Max Energi using EV-Now mode. So I’m just looking at it from a standpoint of what I could buy in the same price range. A used Leaf? a used C-max energi?

I did noticed it has Chademo. So in an area with a lot of Chademo chargers, at least the range isn’t quite as big of a deal.

I’m sure Robert there meant 75 miles as a real world estimate, as his driving reflects that.

There is a reason they are marketing it in the London metropolitan area and not the US.

Just a quick comment on range, NEDC is a terrible cycle for powerful/modern cars, it was designed for cars from the 60’s and 70’s. For the e2o with a top speed of 63 mph, NEDC might not be so unrealistic.

Good for errands maybe. Huge improvement over the original Reva with lead acid batteries.

Good to see a sub-$20k BEV offered; even better that it’s a 4-seater.

Of course microcars don’t have much of a market in the USA, where there is an ongoing “arms race” of ever bigger and heavier cars and light trucks, but hopefully this will do well in Europe.

It is still eyewateringly ugly. Normally I don’t care about the looks of my car (I drive a Fiat Panda) because I tell myself I won’t see it when I’m inside, but I have to draw the line at THAT.

This is not a car, it’s a golf cart.

Side profile of this car looks similar to a BMW i3, front and back sides look really bad. They might have good engineers at Mahindra, but they need better designers. The Smart is a small car that does not look so bad.

The car should have been just a little bit wider, if only to add a sense of proportion to the vehicle even if they had managed to get 70 miles, it would have been perfectly acceptable.

If it would have cost, 10.000 eur it could have been a real hit. 18.000 for a toy it too much.

If you compare it to the 50 km/h 2-person microcars that you can drive without driver’s license), it’s not so bad. They can go over € 15,000 if you want some creature comforts.

I am in 2 minds with this car, in some ways it is the cheapest EV that is actually a car and it doesn’t have the silly high priced battery rental option but 13,000 pounds, really? I don’t think I could do it. I honestly believe this is what Londoners should be driving but surely it didn’t have to look like that! Maybe Renault will take the twizy to the next level. if the twizy cost the same, had proper doors, radio, AC and a one star crash test rating it would wipe the floor with this.

If you compare it to the 50 km/h 2-person microcars that you can drive without driver’s license), it’s not so bad. They can go over € 15,000 if you want some creature comforts.

This is an ugly golf cart..not a BEV in my book.

I suppose besides safety considerations in the states, that the reason Mahindra doesn’t sell it here is that Mercedes makes so compelling offers for the Smart 4 2 ED EV that are actually cheaper than this car, and it can go a bit further besides.

But I always love to see a new company try to come out with a new EV.

Since they are the world’s largest tractor manufacturer supposedly, you’d think they’d come out with some EV products along those lines.