Fully Charged Test Drives 2018 Nissan LEAF in Yokohama – Video

DEC 16 2017 BY MARK KANE 15

Nissan made available a fleet of LEAFs for test drives in its home city of Yokohama in Japan.

2018 Nissan LEAF in Japan

Fully Charged’s Jonny Smith took the opportunity to check out the new Nissan LEAF in Yokohama and shares his impressions

The main conclusions are that this is a mainstream electric car, with improved acceleration, range and and styling, as compared to the previous generation.

Fully Charged hints that more episodes on the new LEAF are coming.

“Nissan flew Jonny Smith and his yellow trainers to Yokohama to test drive the 2018 Nissan Leaf. He tries one pedal driving and soon I’ll be testing ‘pro pilot.’ This is the first of many episodes coming from Japan. Hope you enjoy them.”

You can read our 2018 Nissan LEAF test drive review here.

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Sweet. That guy is sharp indeed and a great communicator.

If there ever was a U.K. (real live) EV “Propilot”, then Jonny Smith is unquestionably, that quintessential British EV driver.

When the Japanese Nav system woke up during the test drive: “I don’t know what you mean, love. I’ll go where you want me to go”


Congratulations Nissan.
This is a solid 2.0 update.
Looks like a good copy of BMW i3 features, plus Apple Car Play.
1) A better rear suspension would be a real improvement.
2) Review the BMW i3 REX. There really isn’t any high speed charging breakout in the USA. A REX solution would be really helpful to use this car for trips.

Also, you NEED a 4-wheel-drive version for the northern states of the USA.

Another good review by Fully Charged.

Nissan will sell a bunch of Leaf2.

Both Nissan & GM have very good EV offerings but big advantage Nissan has over GM is that the Nissan franchise dealer network actively promotes the Leaf and their sales team are very knowledgeable about the product… Most GM dealers still sell against their own EV offerings. Just last week I went with a friend of mine to a local Chevy dealer because he is interested in the Bolt… the sales guy knew near nothing about the Bolt and said he would need to check to see if they had one in the back… they had two but both cars had no charge so no test drive.

Yes but the GM Bolt is only sold in a few counties where the Nissan Leaf is sold in most counties.

Mo one you ever talked too ever complained about the Leaf? Guess you did not talk to that many people.

England is this whole other country with a temperate climate and small distances between things.

That’s rich comming just before the Christmas driving season. With long round trips comming up. Queuing at the service station charger will give first generation Leaf drivers lots to complain about.

Your an English Man.

Uhh… why is he saying real world 200 miles of range? We know the car is 150 miles real world.

UK vs USA?

Perhaps it goes far when in traffic?

Mot enough range, only. 25 more km than my current vehicle, will wait for Model 3…

Rick, what is your current vehicle ??
I’m also keen on the Model 3.

Fully Charged is always worth a watch – I enjoyed this vid