Fully Charged: Tesla Model S Handover


Robert Llewellyn bought Tesla Model S

Robert Llewellyn bought Tesla Model S

Robert Llewellyn, maker of the Fully Charged series, recently got his Tesla Model S.

Robert had been driving a Nissan LEAF for a couple of years.

You know what that means right?  A lot of new Fully Charged episodes on the Tesla Model S are coming soon.

“The day I was handed the keys to a Tesla Model S 85.

What is it like to take possession of this iconic vehicle?

Watch a grown man behave like a child.”

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21 responses to "Fully Charged: Tesla Model S Handover"
  1. Lensman says:

    And to go into maximum geek mode, watch episodes of “Red Dwarf” on your wireless device while riding in the back seat of a Tesla Model S driven by Robert Llewellyn. 😀

  2. Scott Franco, the greedy republican says:

    How much of a discount did he get?

    If you say free, I am ready to end it now…

    1. Aaron says:

      Watch the video — he leased it for 3 years.

      1. jimjam says:

        @ Discount I hope . , For all The Promo he’s Doing For Tesla….I pretty Sure That Robert Does Not Work For Free….

        1. Aaron says:

          He’s pretty even in his EV coverage. Watch the rest of his videos and you’ll see him review everything from the i-MiEV to the LEAF (the latter has a LOT more screen time than the Tesla).

          1. Just_Chris says:

            Free i-miev as a trial – Check
            Nissan leaf, probably at a discount – Check
            Low cost lease for a Tesla – Check

            This mans as bad as big oil!

            I’m just kidding, I suspect the Robert would be quite open if he was asked where he gets his money from, I also suspect if he had got a low cost deal on the Tesla he would have mentioned it in the show. One of the things that I like about fully charged is that Robert is quite open when he is going to be biased – just look at the golf GTE episode or if people give him free stuff.

        2. Scott Franco, the greedy republican says:

          He plugged for the leasing company so clearly he got a discount.

          Frig, frig. Why can’t I do stuff like that…

        3. Grendal says:

          Tesla doesn’t give a discount to anyone. JB Straubel and Elon himself probably paid full price for theirs. However, Elon gets to drive test vehicles whenever he wants, I’m sure

    2. Stimpacker says:

      Well even Tesla employees don’t get discounts.

    3. Philip says:

      You’ seem to be blinded to the better things in life by your own irrational hatred, Scott.

      Do a little research (without blinkers) and you might realise how silly and unnecessary your comment is.

  3. Pete Repete says:


  4. Anon says:

    Cool. 🙂 Interesting he got it after the Ecotricity conflict was resolved. 😉

  5. ffbj says:

    New toys to play with in your second childhood!

  6. slipa says:

    Best Car In The World To Play With In your 2nd ChildHood…No Bad…l o l

  7. JR says:

    I am pretty sure, I will behave the same when I will get mine in 3 month.
    Difference between boys and men is price of there toys

  8. Grendal says:

    Congrats, Robert. It couldn’t have gone to a better EV advocate.

  9. Martin T says:

    Cool Nice Story, makes a good Narrator Robert!
    Look forward to more new on life with 4 wheeled Gavin 🙂

  10. Art Isbell says:

    I’ll be interested in reading about how driving the huge Model S on narrow U.K. lanes and parking in tight parking spaces is compared with his Leaf. Also, Robert might be more sensitive to the Model S’s electricity consumption, even while parked, than a typical Model S owner, so I wonder whether he’ll comment on that. I’d also be interested in whether he compared leasing an 85 with a 70D.

  11. Bonaire says:

    RHD with single motor. Wondering if the drivetrain will hold up?

    1. Anon says:

      …why wouldn’t it?

      1. Nix says:

        I think he’s referring to some early problems with some 2012’s. But since I seriously doubt he’s leasing a 2012, yea, he wouldn’t have to worry about problems solved long ago.

        Sort of like wondering if a 2012 Roadster buyer will have problems with their 2-speed transmission, even though they solved that problem four years earlier…..