Fully Charged Tesla Model S 1,000-Mile Update – Video

JUL 30 2015 BY MARK KANE 19

Robert Llewellyn in about two weeks in early July clocked 1,007 miles in his brand new Tesla Model S 85.

Fully Charged is full of first insights about the car, like energy use and strong regenerative brakes.

Maybe the most bold statement is about the internal combustion engine luxury sedans from major brands – they are priced similarly, although Tesla energy costs are so low that it would be ridiculous to buy an ICE.

“A little rumination on the 1st 1,000 miles in my Tesla Model S, other electric cars and why are there so many big bloated gas guzzling equivalent price fossil cars driven by old blokes like me?

And a bit of amateur car washing.”

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George Bower

I like that guy.
You know he’s the real thing if he drove a Leaf for years.
Note he did not get the “P” version.

The regular one is fast enough.

Rick Danger

Always enjoy your shows Robert, keep on keepin it real.

Thanks to IEVs for posting them here!

Robb Stark

Robert is showing his solidarity with the proletariat by not getting the P the D nor the Pano Roof.

Only an S85 with upgraded battery for ~60k British pounds 🙂


But the D adds range and traction bad or showy


Me too, I enjoys his work, sens of humour and straight talk!


LOL. I love it. “Anyone who drives one of those big, stupid, fat cars is a bloody idiot.”


Teslas are replacing BMWs, Mercedes, and Audis at a really rapid pace here in Silicon Valley. When the Model X arrives, I assume a lot of Range Rovers, BMW SUVs, Mercedes SUVs, and Lexus SUVs will disappear too.

I can understand people’s reluctance to buy ~80 mile range economy EVs. But at the high-end, EVs really do beat the expensive ICEs cars with acceleration, fuel-up-at-home, no noise, no stinky gas, no oil changes, no smog checks, no lurching transmission, no vibration, etc.


Rhey beat those even at the low end. Most people don’t need even 80 miles very often and/or have a second car in the house anyway. Why put with two ICE with all those deficits when you could have one ICE and one lower range EV?

David Murray

I agree with what he said about the Model-S being too large. I have ridden in one and also decided it was too large of a car for me. Of course, obviously everyone has their own taste on that sort of thing. Personally, I like small cars. So the Volt is just about right for me as far as size goes.


I dont like big cars either (Volt and Smart ED) but the Tesla is the one exception


Yeah, this is actually something to look forward to with a Model 3. I really don’t need a car as big as the Model S.


For me also. I mean I don’t need ludicrous speed either, so why not just go 70D? Too big. The downside is it is supersized.
I think there are many in the same boat, and that the fabled Model III will certainly have years of anticipatory demand awaiting its arrival.
I suppose one reason Tsla’s stock is so high is that expectations for Tsla, far into the future, look fabulous, from perhaps a too rose colored glasses point of view. I promise to get a pair when I go tooling in my Model III. Tsla: Its what big boy dreams are made of.


Nice one! I agree with every word.
The only thing we missing in our Tesla is the ventilation/AC outlets for the rear-facing seats area. Now, I have to set the AC for the lowest temp. to make kids comfortable, but it’s too cold for us 🙂


Great video as usual frome Robert.
(except the one about foolcell) but I agree with everything in it.
True, Tesla is big and I like small car because they move around much easyer.
Still I do have to resist changing my Leaf to an S.


I always enjoy watching Robert Llewellyn expressing his enthusiasm for EVs.

I didn’t learn much about the Model S from this video that I didn’t already know, but I did “learn” two things:

1. It has no “wobbly bits”.

2. Jaguar is pronounced using three syllables: “jag-you-uh”


But seriously, I do take Mr. Llewellyn to task for one thing: His claim that the Model S uses an excessive amount of electricity. When tested on the EPA driving cycle using the same standards, the rear-wheel-drive Model S and the Nissan Leaf — his daily driver, which he praises for its efficiency — get almost precisely the same number of miles per kWh. (That was the 2012-2013 testing of the Leaf. Starting in 2014, the EPA used a different test cycle, eliminating the 80% charge, using only a 100% charge, which increased the EPA’s range rating without actually improving the car’s range at all.)


Robert. Don’t be so opaque. Tell us what you really thanque!


And EVERY TIME he says Extraordinary I hear the 3 Red Dwarf cast saying it as exxxxxxxxxxxxxtraodinary!


This is his 1st video I have seen. I wish more shows like his could be seen on discovery channels. All I see I do not watch are about these fools rebuilding older cars to be a bigger gas guzzler. I did record one show about how Tesla’s were built at the Fremont factory. I would recommend EV drivers to watch these Tesla’s being built. The best part I liked was the electric motor being built. Discovery used to have the green planet channel but took that off for some reason.

Trevor Larkum

They’re all available on Youtube: