Fully Charged Talks With Richard Bruce – Head Of UK’s Low Emission Office (OLEV)


Here is special Car Pool episode of Fully Charged with Richard Bruce; who is in charge of UK’s Office of Low Emission Vehicles.

Go Ultra Low vehicles in UK

Go Ultra Low vehicles in UK

OLEV is one of the forces that shapes today’s plug-in electric vehicle market in Europe, so it’s good to hear Mr. Bruce’s take on┬ávarious topics – ranging from charging infrastructure, through incentives, investments, car sharing, automotive driving and more…

And as it turns out, one of the major obstacles to EV ownership in the UK, is an age-old problem in Europe – the lack of private parking spaces to charge vehicles overnight.

Richard Bruce – OLEV – Carpool | Fully Charged
Recorded before the recent #EUref in the UK, a fascinating Carpool discussion with Richard Bruce, the EV driving head of the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (who usually cycles to work).
We talk about future transport and contrary to many expectation, the fact that encouraging the uptake of electric cars, taxis, busses etc receives cross party support.
Also, and I checked, OLEV has survived the recent political upheavals in the UK and still exists.”

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I see a red Leaf out the window at 9:34.

Wow! What a change from ‘the previous incumbent’ (no names, no pack-drill). He really does seem to have a handle on the whole thing. The fact that he actually owns a LEAF is a huge advance on its own.

The only bit missing was his thoughts on renewables, particularly PV and, of course, storage…