Fully Charged Rides In Mercedes-Benz EQC Prototype – Video


Fully Charged recently tested another upcoming all-electric car – the Mercedes-Benz EQC – in prototype version that’s currently being used for road tests.

The EQC will be the first of the entire EQ lineup. Mercedes intends to begin sales in 2019, producing the car on the same production line with the conventional GLC in Bremen (Germany) and in Beijing (China).

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The final specs haven’t been announced, but the company hints at a 70 kWh battery with up to 500 km (310 miles) of range under very optimistic driving conditions. All-wheel drive is expected too. The production version could be equipped with a higher capacity battery, we assume.

Development of the car already took three years and with the exterior ready (but not presented yet), Mercedes-Benz is now on the final straight for market launch.

“Jonny Smith goes for a ride in the Mercedes-Benz EQC. This SUV is the first Mercedes EV to be built from the ground up and it will the first of the new range of electrified cars to be announced later this year. The EQC is still in testing so this is a very early look at what is to come in the near future.”

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Jonny does such a good job. Awesome.

Glad to see Mercedes and BMW using existing production lines and platforms that can accommodate ICE and BEV drivetrains.

Where the economics of building a ‘from the ground up’ EV (in large volumes) profitably have not been demonstrated, this approach is ideal because it allows for profitable ICEs to support BEV growth to the point where BEV economies of scale can be reached.

Don’t hate on the legacy auto manufacturers for thinking through the economics of BEV production in a sustainable way.

I wonder how close they can get to optimal BEV packaging with such production lines. There is no way they can get to 100% like this.

They can change the packaging over time. This is a transitional approach.

I like the opera window and running boards. Now that is old school. What’s the thing in the front where the grill was, some sort of sensor?

Yeah, usually they hide their radar in the Mercedes badge in the grill. Same in my E-Class.

I did not know that Mercedes Actually “Invented the Car” W0W ,This EV even Has a Grill !

Impressive that they allowed a journalist to ride in the prototype at all; that’s a pretty good indication that the prototype is stable & finalized, like they said.