Fully Charged Reviews Kia Soul EV – Video

DEC 18 2014 BY MARK KANE 16

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

The Fully Charged series is back after a longer break with a Kia Soul EV review.

After a short spin and then 350 miles of test driving, Robert Llewellyn seems very pleased with the Soul EV’s smooth and very quiet ride.

Realistic winter range at speeds of 70 mph is valuated at some 90 miles, which indicates that in the summer range should be much higher.

Here is video with a lot of interesting impressions and observations.

“A 350 mile test drive in the all new Kia Soul EV.”

“Kia claim that their battery density of 200 watt hours per kilogram is the highest of any electric car on the road.”

“It has an 81.4 kilowatt motor producing 285 Newton meters of torque. Oh yes, and it’s very nice to drive.”

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The Kia soul ev has to be one of the ugliest looking cars on the road. Was aerodynamics even factored into the design? clearly not.

And yet, it’s only an EV conversion from their gas powered model, which sells really well.

So maybe that doesn’t matter much.

I agree that aerodynamics aren’t good at all. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t object to the looks at all. But I have friends that agree with you in the strongest terms.
I have driven one and it is very nice to drive. I am sure in a more streamlined design it would get MUCH better distance.

I think it the wheels that look cheap.

I don’t mind the looks at all — in fact, I like the appearance for its funky factor. The vampire color scheme (black with red trim) looks pretty good, to my eye.

But it’s academic, as I have to make a buying/leasing decision soon, and the nearest of the 70(!) Soul EVs on dealer lots in the US (says cars.com) is over 2,200 miles away. That makes it effectively vaporware.

Interior space and headroom is really good, even better than the Leaf, great visibility, best range for this price segment. Nissan better get next gen Leaf ready soon!

Is it quiet on the highway?
The video has a lot of road noise.

Would be nice to get some handling/braking info in these reviews.

We just got ours yesterday. Anecdotally it is definitely quieter than our Model S on the highway.

No anti-theft device/mechanism for the charging cable??

90 miles in winter should be considerably over 100 miles in the summer. Maybe even over 120. That is beginning to be some seriously useful range. And that at a price of less than half of that of the cheapest Model S.

That’s exactly how I’m looking at it. As a two car family I don’t necessarily NEED the Model S range, so comparing this to a base S with tech and taxes I could just go with the Soul and have almost 50k in my pocket. Sounds crazy to be cross shopping with a Tesla, but I’m due for a new car next year and we have a van for our family hauler already so I just need something for me day to day. Obviously the Model S is a far superior beast, but I’m not sure that I can justify the cost.

This car is very popular in Norway. I ordered mine (Exclusive, titanium silver) in November. I hope to get it in August 2015 (but I will not be surprised if I have to wait until September/October). The car looks better “live” than on pictures. I guess you have to see it and drive it to get the right impression of this car. The comments in the Fully Charged-review is pretty much the same thoughts I had while driving it.

I do like the instrument cluster design. both the layout of the plastics and the actual instruments themselves. Waaaay better than the VW layouts with their old-fashion analog gauges. And somewhat better than Ford’s.

Yes they are straightforward and easy to read. The small OLED screen make my geek senses tingle.

If the looks is ugly to you, it means one thing: you are OLD.

On the outside the car isn’t beautiful. Once inside it sparkels. It feels so solid and quiet as it blasts through traffic. It’s roomy and vison is great. The seats and trim look and feel rich. I get a real 100 miles in town, and about 92 miles averaging about 80mph on the freeway. This car gets better and better looking everytime I drive it!