Fully Charged Presents Powervault Energy Storage Systems

OCT 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 3

Powervault offers second-life EV battery energy storage.

Fully Charged, this time with a new co-host, visited British company Powervault, which develops battery energy storage systems, built from new or used EV batteries.

The products evolve and are getting more mature compared to the system introduced in 2017. The wallboxes are offered in versions from 4 to 20 kWh (power output is 5.5 kW, while charging is 3.6 kW).

2nd life batteries comes from theĀ Renault ZOE, after Powervault first checks their conditions on a sophisticated and expensive machine. Big part of the product is the software system that enables to integrate all those batteries and use in way to help maximize renewable energy production or reduce peak demand from the grid.

“Robert is joined by Maddie Moate (@maddiemoate) to visit the offices of an exciting startup, Powervault.

The company is already busy installing batteries in houses to help regulate and reduce peak demands on the UK grid.

Using both new and second life batteries from Renault electric vehicles, this is yet another example of the rapid changes taking place beneath the regular news radar.”

Powervault energy storage

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Stupid question: If I return an electric car to be scrapped, am I getting paid for the residual value of the battery? Where do I bring the car and who will pay me? Will I get a realistic price or just a token? Thanks

In the US it goes to the junk yard like any other car but junk yards are getting smart about batteries and I presume it’s very profitable for them to recover and resell. I see old cells on Ebay all the time.

Great questions. If I was taking the car out to scrap (for whatever reason) I’d be very tempted to drop the power train out and keep them for my housešŸ˜€