Fully Charged Features The “Being ICE’d” Phenomenon – Video

AUG 3 2016 BY MARK KANE 30

ICE’d by roller (source: I've been #ICED)

ICE’d by roller (source: I’ve been #ICED)

Being ICE’d means that someone has parked a ICE vehicle (internal combustion engine) at a space reserved for plug-in vehicles for charging.

As a result, EV driver are unable to recharge their plug-in vehicles, sometimes leading to being put in some unfortunate situations (like what would happen if the local gas station had a bunch of EVs parked and surrounding the pumps).

Being ICE’d happens quite often, despite all the signage usually present.   Usually, the biggest reason is the value of the reserved EV spot to a particular establishment (usually one of the closest), or a general lack of parking in general.

Fully Charged features the topics with help from I’ve been #ICED.

“The depressingly common habit of parking a traditional car in an electric car charging space.
This episode is not about Ecotricity, their new charge for a charge system, that’s coming in a couple of weeks, just thought I’d mention that because I know someone will ask about it :-)”

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Sad thing is that this happens to me most of the time at the Nissan dealership where they park their own dealer cars in front of the chargers.

So what do you do? Please make sure to let them know what you think of this.

Being iced is not nice …I only like icing on my cakes………thank you !

Two ideas I’ve heard:
1. Put the EV charging spots in the least desirable parking spaces, ie at the back of the lot.
2. Place one of those orange construction cones in the space when not in use. Most drivers will respect a cone and, at the very least, they will have to get out of their car to remove it.

Biggest problem there is cost.
EV spots are usually closest to the buildings because, um, that’s where the power is.

Adding a charging station at the far corner will involve a long trench through the landscaping and parking lot and a whole mess of expensive heavy duty wiring.

Not gonna happen.

Number 1. works well.

There is a parking lot surrounded by various retail that I frequent a lot. There used to be 2 blink chargers in a fairly convenient spot that I would say almost 100% of the time had a least one spot ICE’d. Usually both.

Then when Blink went more or less under they tore them out and put 2 Chargepoint chargers in a different lot behind some of the retail with EV ONLY paint on the ground in the parking spots. Haven’t been ICE’d once that I’ve seen.

People Are plain & simple RUDE!!!!

I’ve been “ICE’d” only once by ICE car. All the other times were Tesla S (most frequent jerks), Volt / Ford PH, Prius Plugin, BMW i3, Fiat 500e, etc. They simply use the EV charging spot for parking, not charging.

Then there’s getting Leafracked where you’re waiting at 50 kW DCFC for Leaf charging at 2 kW at 95% with 25 minutes left to go, thanks to no charge to charge program. Fortunately, I haven’t been Leafracked lately.

I just stop it if they are over 90%. They will not have a clue, and the battery will happier anyway. Got places to go, and people to see. Life must go on.

A few more and you had everyone 🙂

Haha, the paving equipment in the charging spots is actually pretty hilarious. 🙂

Yes indeed.

Perfect pix for the story.

During a promotional video on municipal parking ramps pushing FREE EV Fuel for Customer Retention/Customer Loyalty, at a GM Ren Center parking ramp, sure as sure was a gas car blocking a FREE EV Filling Station!

Link Goes To YouTube-


Even the headquarters of FIA Formula E is not safe from the #ICETards blocking access!


Once becoming so annoyed at a Subaru blocking a Solar EV Filling Station, I came up with a new strategy and a Twitter Hash Tag to go along with it:



…Now let’s have lunch! lol


Thomas J. Thias




This is actually quite simple to fix. Have the authorities actually enforce these laws and start towing cars that do not belong. People will get the message real quick. Also, I think these spots should be reserved for pure BEVs and not PHEVs, and I am a Volt owner saying this. I never use them because I feel they better serve a BEV vehicle.

As a Volt owner I say F that. I got a Volt because I realized I would need to drive more at times than I could realistically charge. Someone that gets a BEV knows what they are getting in to…

What I want to know is what do we call it when a BEV/PHEV leaves their car plugged in all day when they only need it for a couple of hours. I see that a lot more than I see people getting ICE’d.

Most parking lots are private property

I do love to park at a gas pump in the shade when I stop at 7-11 for a slurpee. Never a line though, but I do hear that Daaaaad sound from my daughter…

I get ICE’d at the E85 pumps all the time. They are on a separate island at one of the gas stations I fill at, and smokers think it is a parking spot for “just running in for a pack of smokes”. Heck, I’ve even been ICE’d at regular gas pumps before, because everybody just left their cars at the pumps while they went inside (instead of pulling them in front of the store to park while they went inside). 8 pumps, 0 people actually pumping gas.

Sadly narcissism is an epidemic everywhere it seems.

I plug is a plug, if you need the charge you are entitled to use it. My BMW i3 REX can fast charged as well and you are telling me I shouldn’t use it? No, a plug is a plug.

Now someone plugged in at 100% or just parked in the reserved place without plugging in, that’s as bad as being ICEd.

Really, so a Prius PHEV with 6 miles of blended EV range should be able to use the stations? They are the worst offenders of being plugged in for hours too.

Yes. Who made you the charging station Nazi? (ala the soup nazi)

That said however they, just like everyone should move their car when it’s fully charged.

Actually, ESPECIALLY the Prius PHEV. But again, only while it is actually charging.

The only way a Prius PHEV can run mostly on electricity is if the driver opportunity charges everywhere they go, because the range is so short. So yea, they need to charge everywhere, and charge often.

But no, they shouldn’t plug it in at 9 AM, and leave it sitting there until 5 PM when they go home. Nobody should do that.

“Really, so a Prius PHEV with 6 miles of blended EV range should be able to use the stations? They are the worst offenders of being plugged in for hours too.”

I have no problem with PIP charging as long as it is charging.

If a PEV owner is trying to save gas/reduce pollution by charging, then I support that. But I hate hogging. If you are full, move your car.

And that doesn’t matter if it is BEV or PHEV.

If you are full, move your car!!!!

I have been blocked by Prius Plug in few times, but I have yet to see any actually charging in public. I have to wonder what percentage of them charge in public.

You’ll definitely ruffle a few feathers with that argument.. My opinion is that any car with a plug has a right to use the station as long as they are actually CHARGING.


Nissan LEAF fully charged hogging the space is just as bad as a Prius Plugin fulled charged hogging the space.

Hogging is hogging.

I once saw a Prius with a level 1 chord from a Charge point station shoved into the fuel port to simulate charging LOL, it was raining so I didn’t take a picture but it was at the Orange County convention center in Orlando Florida for the mega con event this year. People will do anything to game the system.

I’m also a Volt owner. And I agree with you. BEV’s have no choice at times, I do. Add the Volt’s slow rate of charge at a mere 3.3kw rate if it’s not a free as in no $$ to charge then at least with a Volt, you’ll be paying more than just burning gas. I knew you would be flamed for that thinking but I’m there with you.

At our company they put in 24 Charge Point charging stations installed last year. There is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50+ EV owners in our company.

All these chargers are over on the far side of the parking garage except for 2 in Handicap parking. You would think you can get a charge any time. Well on the average 2 or more parking slots are ICED’s each day. The rest of the slots have Leaf’s, Volts, Tesla and yes 1 plug in Prius. However not a single car is ever charging.

For some reason people that own EV cars thinks these parking slots are there personal spots. It’s bad enough when you get ICED out but it is just as bad when the EV cars block you out.

What a shame. Public charging infrastructure is improving, but I’m glad that the cheap sustainable electricity in my driveway has me covered.

I can think of a few obvious improvements to the ‘lack of charging ability’ situation.

THere have been times when I’ve finished charging in a public space and I want to move the charging cord onto the adjacent EV to charge. But when I plug in the cord, nothing happens as some button must be pushed inside the car to start charging, or, in the case of a LEAF, the connector is locked closed so I can’t plug it in anyway.

Of course, the owner in this case could simply leave his chargeport door unlocked so that I could plug it in.

Most of the ChargePoint signs around here say “EV’s Preferred”. If they said “Non-EV’s will be towed”, that would eliminate much of the problem.